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2430Re: [RedHotJazz] Bolden Cylinder continued

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  • Howard Rye
    Apr 1, 2006
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      Actually the whole story is considered in Tim Brooks's Lost Sounds on pages
      514/5. I did remember correctly that the original claim was made by Willy
      Cornish (to Charles Edward Smith) in 1939, and this would indicate a date
      before 1898 when Cornish left Bolden's band. However, citation is of an
      account by Smith as late as 1957.

      Apparently George Baquet, Alphonse Picou and Bob Lyons also claimed to have
      recorded with Bolden in about 1906, so we have actually claims for two
      Bolden cylinders, not one. However, the source for this is Al Rose's I
      Remember Jazz, p.126/7. This one comes even with a claim about the tunes
      recorded (Make Me A Pallet On The Floor & Turkey In the Straw). Oddly enough
      Tom Brooks only mentions the second title and I wonder why.

      Brooks concludes, "If Bolden did record it was probably a custom recording
      for a local dealer using one of the omnipresent cylinder machines of the
      day, most of which could record as well as play back."

      According to Tim, the Louisiana Phonograph Company only operated from 1891
      to 1893 so cannot have been involved.

      It's anybody's guess how much prompting generated by wishful thinking may
      have gone into the gathering of any of these claims!

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