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  • la_boheme1
    Mar 3, 2006
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      They want me to introduce myself, so here goes nuthin'! I am nearly
      sixty, a talented amateur singer and I am FINALLY gonna sing what I've
      always wanted to...the blues! (My first husband claimed the blues made
      him sooooo depressed and my second one is too tone-deaf to care.) I
      will say that my musical interests are fairly wide, but it's trad jazz
      that really floats my boat...basically everything from Joe "King"
      Oliver's Creole Jazz Band to ragtime to second line brass band music
      to early swing and beyond. As my parents were older that most, the
      swing music of the late twenties, thirties and forties was what was
      played in our home and what I grew up hearing. Despite my age, I still
      have a fairly good set of pipes. I can (and do) sing everything from
      jazz to broadway show tunes to light opera. I love to take a good
      song, embellish it and make it my own.

      The Bohunk Queen of Everything