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2102Archive audio dowload problems

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  • Greg Graham
    Jan 2, 2006
      I love the archive, but have not been able to listen to any of
      the .ram files in many months. I thought perhaps it was a problem
      with a new version of RealPlayer, but I just spent an hour installing
      the latest version, checking all my settings, running the examples on
      the RealAudio pages.

      What am I doing wrong? I click on a song title and, after a minute or
      two of "Connecting..." , the song title will show up, then I get
      the "Connection to server could not be established. You may be
      experiencing network problems." error. I have a cable modem, no
      problem with other media formats (non-Real, that is).

      It's gotta be something simple, yes?

      Greg Graham
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