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1256New Orleans/French Quarter

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  • Chris Tyle
    Sep 1, 2005
      Just wanted to let everyone know that from all accounts I have read
      from New Orleans news sources (WWL TV, nola. com), the French Quarter
      is/has been dry (it's one of the highest points in the city).

      Unfortunately one wouldn't know this by watching national news...no
      water equals no story. A very brief view down Bourbon Street on the
      ABC special last night showed the water on Canal stopping before
      Iberville Street, yet the report was that the French Quarter was
      flooded. I haven't seen ANY footage from the Quarter.

      So, this being said, Bourbon Street is NOT flooded.

      Yet the situation there is very, very bad.

      For those who want accurate info from the Crescent City, I heartily
      recommend www.wwltv.com and nola.com as mentioned above. WWL-tv is
      available live over the 'net.

      Chris Tyle
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