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  • Patrice Champarou
    Sep 23, 2004
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      Dear list-members

      This group is just starting, some of its features are still experimental
      (even my flashing html description) so the only thing I can safely say
      for the time being is "thank you for coming!" ;)

      I thought such a group was really needed, but I suppose I have less
      knowledge of the topic than most of the present subscribers, only a
      long-time taste for jazz in general and some pre-war greats in particular.

      In case anyone would be insterested, I'm an "almost retired" teacher of
      French and English who discovered blues and jazz in the 60's (through
      Son House and Sidney Bechet, to be precise), I play various things on
      guitar - mainly country blues styles - and I try my best on upright
      bass in a local combo called Django's Dream...

      I hope this group will become an enjoyable and helpful place, and I wish
      to mainly rely on everyone's self-discipline. Usual stuff : please stay
      on-topic, send a private reply whenever you feel the group is no longer
      concerned, think of changing the subject line when
      needed, avoid useless quotes and "never-never" attempt to send chain
      letters, petitions or virus-alerts to the group. Not imitating anyone here,
      these are the basic rules that should apply to all mailing-lists.

      I suppose everyone knows that no virus can reach a group as long as attached
      files are not permitted. I would suggest to avoid the "convert to html"
      feature as well - the only one that moderators cannot alter!

      Never hesitate to send me any kind of comment or question concerning
      the group, your subscription or help with the web features - even if I stay
      in the background, I'll be here.
      And to finish with, a group always needs a team of moderators... my first
      concern will be to find a reliable person across the Ocean, who might
      interfere while my part of the world is asleep!

      Welcome again,