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Re: Shadow Fates - Hide & Seek.

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  • Jennifer Jones
    Stumbleing forward as a result of the sudden lunging motion, the young lightly colored blue and white Mew landed face first in the grass, and skidded the rest
    Message 1 of 356 , Jun 21, 2008
      Stumbleing forward as a result of the sudden lunging motion, the young
      lightly colored blue and white Mew landed face first in the grass, and
      skidded the rest of the ways until he came to a full stop. Rubbing his
      head with one paw with an almost ill expression and his face he turned
      to glare up at the pigeot who was making a second pass to dive-bomb at
      the exposed Pichu darting for the bushes. "Why you wretched traitor, I
      would have thought you would have been smart enough then to try such a
      dirty attempt to attack one such as myself..." he hissed while all his
      facial expressions shifted into malice filled hatrid as a darkend blue
      aura engulped the Pigeot mid-air while it stretched at her wing's with
      enough force to nearly tear them off as evident by her pained screech.

      --- In Realm_light@yahoogroups.com, "Stephen" <ancalagon700@...> wrote:

      ~Run!~ was the only thought that could flash through Dodger's mind as
      the bird came bearing down on him, until he realized he knew a new
      move. Using agility the pichu darted to the left into some bushes and
      out of the way of the razor claws seeking him, but as he did he
      accidentaly threw his small companion whose paw he was holding
      forward. He skid to a halt under the bush just long enough to
      shout, "Falynx, are you alright?" but he did not wait long, for the
      winged terror was going to circle around in a couple seconds for
      another pass.
    • Jennifer Jones
      ooc: Collaborative post for Stephen and myself for the battle between Felix and Rex. The giant Aerodactyl let the flames consume it for a moment, and just
      Message 356 of 356 , Jan 4, 2009
        ooc: Collaborative post for Stephen and myself for the battle
        between Felix and Rex.

        The giant Aerodactyl let the flames consume it for a moment, and just
        when it felt its grey hide start to burn it wrapped its 40 foot wings
        around itself and used Steel Wing to protect itself from the heat.
        Rex smiled to himself, as a result of the burn he then used Façade to
        raise his attack, and Ancient Power to raise himself further
        still. "Enlighten me? You just did exactly what I wanted fool" said
        Rex from within the flames before flapping is wings to make a
        Whirlwind and send the torrent of flames up at the Dark Mew. He
        grinned and flexed his muscles, his new found power boost giving him
        confidence. "Minimal intelligence? I am well versed on what a Mew is,
        and I heard your kind was nearly whipped out by a swarm of insects.
        Maybe due to…weakness?" he replied coyly.

        Blinking with mild surprise and interest the dark mew teleported a
        few dozen meters to the left to avoid the whirlwind of flames. He
        retaliated a second later with a Hyropump aimed towards the dragon's
        feet aware that any hit would be painful and if the dragon chose to
        dodge then the molten ground below would produce burning steam which
        would be far harder to avoid. "We shall soon see shall we not?" he
        replied without a flinch while generating a low psychic barrier in
        front of himself to shield the heat of the flames and direct it back
        towards the dragon.

        Curious how much heat the monster could tolerate before he was
        reduced to tears or the heat began to take a toll on his muscular
        structure. Few fire types could withstand that heat generated by the
        two wind attacks and he knew it would only be a matter of time before
        Rex felt the crunch of the heat. The towering trees of the forest
        would make flying difficult and he doubted the giant would be capable
        of high mobility on land. Time would be the deciding factor now he
        felt and until then he could play with his next meal.

        "Yes. We shall." said Rex. He frowned when the water attack barrelled
        toward him. Clearly this Mew wasn't taking him seriously. Rex used
        Agility and seemingly disappeared from view while the Hydropump
        struck the ground where he used to be blowing steam everywhere, he
        then reappeared right in front of Felix in the air with a flap of his
        wings. "You're not trying. Fight me" he growled. A blue ball of
        energy appeared between his jaws and he fired a Dragon Pulse at the
        Mew in mild frustration.

        Sensing the dragon before his eyes had caught the movement from the
        agility the dark mew teleported forward a hundred feet barely in time
        to avoid the blast though had his tail scorched in the process. The
        faint sensation of pain sent a mixed signal of delight and anger
        through the dark mew while he inwardly battled the dark-typing toxins
        which coursed through his veins. His eyes began to glow blood red for
        a moment while he used his Confusion in an effort to deliver a
        painful bolt of pain to the dragon's right wing where he observed a
        previous injury and maybe cause a pleasant side-effect as a
        result. "You are not worth my time, although, the anger in your
        presence shall provide the perfect bait for another who will serve
        far more use to my plans..." he mewled quietly in delight hoping to
        agitate Rex one way or another emotionally to stir his aura up enough
        for that other mew in the distance to be lured in from curiosity. He
        was quite aware that his own aura might provide a fear to approach
        although this dragon would be another story and might prove the
        perfect bait.

        Rex growled to himself when he felt the attack sting in his right
        shoulder, not so much from the pain but from the fact that Felix was
        trying to confuse him by the attack. ~Michael, remain calm. Do not
        let him get the best of you~ said Glaurung in their shared mind. He
        was worried about the way his counterpart was reacting knowing Rex
        never got angry in his countless battles in life and always taunted
        his opponent, but Glaurung felt that Ellwin's death had Rex acting
        much more out of emotion then reason.

        The Aerodactyl roared and began to charge a white ball of energy
        between its jaws; his aura grew in rage and power while the energy
        from the ball sucked in burnt leaves floating in the air and
        incinerated them before they could touch its surface. Rex realized
        Glaurung was right, and rather than let loose a full force beam he
        concen€trated on trying to hit the Mew from this range, his jet slit
        red eyes shone brightly as he released the Hyper Beam not in a huge
        blast, but a narrow concentrated beam that shot towards his target in
        a flash of light.

        Expecting the wide ray typical of a Hyper Beam the dark mew paused
        for a second too long in flying to the side when Rex concentrated the
        blast into a narrow single shot. The blast striking him chest-level
        and sending him plummeting into the ground below, he caught himself
        with his psychic a second before crashing into the moist ground. He
        winced both eyes in pain slightly he hissed quietly as he studied the
        dragon, and the wound on his chest for a moment. His paws tensing up
        while his form vanished from sight only to reappear a half inch in
        front of the caught motionless dragon while he recharged.

        "You will pay for that..." the dark mew hissed angrily while his tail
        swished sharply to the side and he let loose a full-power Hydro-Pump
        at close range directly into Rex's chest in an effort to send him
        flying backwards in pain due to his rock hard skin. The blast of
        water exited his mouth a second before he winced again in pain and he
        examined the burn on his chest in irritation. His aura grew ominous
        with darkness as the dark-typing in his veins began to take hold of
        his body and thrust him into a blood-thirsty state. The edges of his
        mouth began to brim with an Ice Beam which he intended to combine
        with the water soaking Rex's skin and dislocate skin and flesh from

        A very small smile crept up one side of Rex's mouth when he watched
        Felix tumbled towards the ground, but the slits in his eyes grew wide
        with surprise when he appeared a moment later in front of him. Rex
        grunted as the attack threw him towards the ground, and he crashed in
        a clearing amongst the trees. He could feel himself weaken
        significantly from the type advantage it held against him, but he
        stood up quickly and looked up to see Felix getting ready to fire
        another attack and a grin spread over his face. "Is that the best you
        can do? Come on pussy. Hit me!" he shouted up at the mew.

        Pausing for a moment the ice surrounding his mouth dissipated for a
        short moment before he flew down to eye the dragon eye to eye. A
        location for his next teleport pre-selected in-case Rex decided to do
        anything brave while he studied the colossal dragon for a moment. "I
        wonder what that water covering your skin will do when it
        freezes...?" asked the dark mew dryly while his eyes began to glow a
        pale blue a second before an awful blizzard began to form over the
        area. The sharp ice shards only a mild concern as the temperature of
        the tropical woods began dropping to sub-zero temperatures and
        threatening the lives of the local wild-life due to the shear radius
        of the chilling blizzards. "Living or dying is a fallacy worthy of
        extinction... Tell me, do you care if they all perish for your
        insolence?" he asked coldly while he observed a nidoran mother being
        forced from her burrow by the chilling winds which threatened to
        burry not only her but her newborn litter in a mound of deathly snow.
        Rex didn't blink, but his eyes narrowed as he listed to Felix. The
        water began to freeze on his skin and felt very similar to burning.

        His gaze slowly turned to the lives being affected around him and he
        remained quiet as he shifted his gaze back to Felix. He closed his
        eyes as memories of his past began to come back. He could almost feel
        again what it was like to feel the bones of his enemies being crushed
        in his jaws. He could hear screams of people being burned alive in
        cages that had owed grievous debts to his master Drakoski. He
        remembered weeping over what he did so many times to others, and how
        he made another being, an alter ego that had eventually came to call
        itself Glaurung so he could bury his sins and guilt in half of his
        mind and soul.

        And now he could feel Glaurung, not tempting him to let everyone
        around him suffer, but offering to take over again so the deed would
        not be his. So he would not have to endure the guilt again. ~For
        isn't that why I am here my brother? Let me have control and I will
        do what you should have done~ said The jet black Aerodactyl with the
        exact same voice as Rex in their shared mind with a flick of his
        forked tongue. Rex could see him manifest himself again, his black
        wings were full of holes, a frill ran down Glaurung's neck, spikes
        down his back, and the frill to the tip of his devil like tail.

        ~Michael, its alright~ he said as he moved closer to the grey
        Aerodactyl, they each had the exact same blood red slit eyes.
        Rex opened his eyes but did not answer Felix. He stood still as the
        water droplets on his skin began to freeze. His body began to shiver
        and he clenched his fangs to stop chattering, but he remained silent.

        The dark blue mew simply purred at the moment of hesitation from the
        dragon while his blizzard rained down misery on the lives of the
        forest that were unfamiliar or ill-prepared to deal with the sudden
        chill. The local plants beginning to ice over with frost threatening
        the sustenance of thousands in the area. "Beg for your life worm,
        submit to my authority by saying master and I shall end their
        suffering... Or do you wish to have that burden added to your own
        Michael, or should I say Glaurung? I have heard of your deeds in the
        past, there are zero mistakes by your appearance that you are the one
        I have heard about in stories. You are indeed as resilient as those
        travelers claim, although be warned that if you continue to resist
        than I may have to find delight in pursuing that one of whom you have
        taken interest..." he spoke darkly while his psychic silently probed
        the surface of Rex's mind for ways to add to his suffering.

        The thought of being honoured by a creature as infamous as the dragon
        brought a thrill to the dark mew. However, he intended to punish Rex
        for the two strikes he had landed; the burns on his chest a constant
        fuel for his wrath and fury. The faint outline where he had been
        injected by the humans into his circulatory system along ago began to
        burn with an ominous blood-red color forming streaks against his dark
        blue fur. A Dark Pulse formed between his paws which he launched at
        Rex from a faint distance while maintaining focus for any sudden
        signs of life.

        Surprise showed on Rex's face when he realized that Felix had been
        reading his mind. He felt himself weaken further from the blizzard
        attack, but it did not hurt him as much as realizing that Felix was
        breaking his iron will, not by his attacks, but by using his weakness
        against him. His weakness that he was consumed by guilt, it amazed
        him that Felix knew how to attack it and he realized that the Dark
        Mew was a lot smarter then he originally thought. The 18 foot tall
        Aerodactyl watched the attack streak towards him and he took it
        square in the chest, making him collapse and catch himself with his
        hands. Rex stood back up,

        "Leave Sarayu out of this. Only those I love can call me Michael. You
        read my mind to understand me, but I think I am beginning to
        understand you. You are just like what I once was. But I will never
        call you master, I am going to crush you and throw you into the
        wind"' snarled Rex. He blew flamethrower into the ground to warm
        himself up and flexed his arms and folded his wings, waiting for
        Felix to move.

        A low purr began to build in the dark mew's throat while he listened
        to how the dragon refused to relinquish and grant his whims. The
        thought that he was similar to Theolin caused the dark mew to glare
        angrily for only a moment before his paw began to glow a pitch
        black. "We shall soon see..." he said a moment before his aura
        exploded outward in a black void with his Secret Power, obliterating
        trees and foliage which crossed the path of the lightless void
        generated by the mew's dark-typing gifts. The sphere rapidly expanded
        in size outward until it encompassed nearly fifty cubic feet while
        the heat generated within on par with a Magmar's flamethrower capable
        of melting the moss-covered stones caught within. The dark blue mew
        having teleported out a second before the blast consumed him,
        although inside he could hear the pained screams of the smaller
        Pokémon who had been caught within as the heat and pressure began to
        crush the life out of them entirely and without mercy.

        Rex shielded himself with his Steel Wing attack, but the attack
        proved too much and sent his burning body flying backwards into a
        tree making it snap at the trunk was he crashed into it. He lay still
        for a few moments, the sensation of freezing then burning was
        overwhelming his mind with pain. His vision was blurred and he tried
        to force himself to his feet by lifting up with his hands, but pain
        in his left wrist would not allow it. Looking down he could see that
        his wrist was bent at an angle and he knew then that it was broken
        from the crash. He put his right hand to his knee and stood up
        shakily as smoke rose slowly from his skin and he looked over at

        He opened his mouth and an orb of white light appeared as he began to
        charge another hyper beam, but it flickered and went out since he did
        not have the energy to follow through with it. He stood still
        panting, "What…was that? Do you call that an attack?!" he said with
        half a roar as his eye twitched in pain. "It's laughable, you're so
        pathetically weak for a Mew. I've had worse from my trainer" he said
        with a grin as blood trickled from the left side of his mouth.

        Chuckling quietly while he curled his tail around his body, primarily
        in an effort to appear intimidating though also to conceal the mild
        burns across his body from the previous direct hit the dragon had
        landed. "In that case, I shall show you a real attack which you
        clearly are too weak to perform now..." he purred quietly and without
        any further warning he launched a Hyper Beam at Rex's numb body, his
        deadly accuracy was aimed for the dragon's heart intended to provide
        a swift end to the clear monstrosities nonsense.

        Aware that the darkness of his Secret Power had likely alerted the
        other mew to his presence he smiled darkly as he eyed Galadrith
        beginning to rise after his earlier encounter with Rex which had
        knocked him out cold. ~You are to finish off this insolent worm, and
        distribute his corpse among the camp with his head placed above my
        cave as a warning for those who dare to challenge my authority.... If
        you fail my will once more time than I shall ensure that you will
        never see another sunrise Galadrith is that understood...?!~ he sent
        darkly wishing to separate himself from the area before that other
        mew arrived as he had much to do and prepare before the arrival of
        his second pure-bred mate. His attention lasted long enough to
        ensure Galadrith understood before he teleported off to a nearby cave
        where he intended to begin preparations for the arrival of the other
        mew he had sensed a short while ago.

        Rex starred emotionless as he watched the beam fly towards him, the
        light of the incoming attack cast irregular shadows on his face
        before it struck him in the chest and sent him back hard a few yards
        into a cliff behind him. His back struck and knocked the wind out of
        him, and he fell forward landing on his chest. He could hear the
        hundred foot onix slithering over to him and he dug his 9 inch talons
        into the dirt and began to stand back up, but as he was standing his
        right leg suddenly gave out and snapped at the middle of his shin and
        the end of his bone stabbed out of his leg. Rex gasped in pain and
        fell forward, though was caught by Galadrith before he hit the ground.

        Galadrith narrowed his eyes and slowly began to wrap the Aerodactyl
        in his coils, he made a ring around Rex's entire body leaving only
        his neck, head and tail free. "You should have left when you had the
        chance" he said and began to squeeze him. Rex clenched his eyes and
        fangs in pain but did not reply. "I wish it did not have to be like
        this, but you had to fly off your handle and attack me" said
        Galadrith and as he increased the pressure.

        Rex grunted in pain as he felt a snap in his chest and he sputtered a
        cough sending blood flying from his mouth. "You lied…to me" Rex
        whispered hoarsely. He felt the onix increase the pressure again and
        he let out a gasp as he felt another rib break. "I did not want to
        kill you. You do not understand how Felix thinks, what I said about
        your daughter was an effort to please him, but you were not smart
        enough to leave when you had the chance." The onix clamped his mouth
        over the Aerodactyl's 4 foot snout and lifted him into the air so his
        talons were dangling just inches off the ground, then he threw his
        weight forward so he used his head like a hammer to drive the
        dragon's 3 foot horns into the side of the cliff so he hung there
        like a trophy.

        Galadrith let go and looked Rex over for a moment, his body was
        burnt, he had two bones stuck out of the skin at his leg and from the
        side of his chest. A large gash above his left eye was streaming
        blood that combined with the blood flowing from both sides of his
        mouth before going down his body. Blood dripped from the tips of his
        talons on his right leg coming from the protruding bone as Rex
        shivered from the pain. Galadrith felt some pity for him, but
        realizing that it was possible that Felix was still sensing what was
        happening, he slammed his tail on his Rex's left arm hanging at his
        side. Rex finally broke and screeched in pain.

        Galadrith stared for a few moments more then turned and began to
        slither away. "What the hell…are you…waiting for…kill me" said Rex
        with a pained whisper. Galadrith turned and looked at him, "You're
        the last of your kind and said you were created by humans. I don't
        like to destroy a rare work of art" he grumbled. "I have nothing to
        live for. Kill me" snarled Rex. Galadrith looked away for a moment,
        then continued to slither away. Rex watched him in disbelief. "Kill
        me!" he shouted, but coughed up blood again. He clenched his right
        fist hard enough to make his 4 inch talons draw blood from his hand
        as watched the onix disappear into the forest, before passing out


        ooc: This part is a collaborative between Ace and I for Felix and the
        Dark Betaka.

        It had been ages since he last agreed to directly help the light one.
        His ancient mind sought out for the one that was altering the wishes
        of the light betaka. The Dark One sent out the ethereal fingers
        searching for him and beckoning him to the temple. He was curious of
        this one regardless of the deals set in motion already.

        Felix stirred from his preparations to a darkened aura echoing out
        from the core of Riversong city. He knew by now the evils which lived
        deep within one of the temples located on those ground although the
        movement of the aura intrigued him faintly. Extending his psychic
        aura outwards in an effort to make contact with the entity he was
        curious whether the being was finally on the verge of acting against
        the Anorith threat, or whether this was a personal note of interest
        for the creature. Either way, he was not about to let such an
        opportunity to speak with the one being in the entire world who might
        present a potential solution to his ordeals.

        Feeling psychic powers answer his calling. Grasping outward and
        stretching his powers toward the dark mew the dark one began to try
        and discover what the mew most desired. The Dark God began to plot.
        It was agreed upon that he must give in order to take what he desired
        and for what the Goddess had already allowed him to take he must
        repay to her the same favor.

        ~Long have we all suffered....and for now the threats to us remain.
        Long have I suffered this wretched battle with foul beasts.~ It sent.
        Sensing the dark betaka's calling, the mew sat up and flexed his dark
        blue paw faintly with a darkened smile. He knew the dark creature in
        its vile lair was seeking something although as was he so he felt the
        desire to indulge the creature for the time being. ~It is you have
        the power to rid my mind and body the sympathy and compassion that
        has limited my success, you have done so for one other in the past,
        what is it that you desire...?~ he sent with curiosity radiating in
        his aura. He knew he could not threaten this creature like he had
        done with countless others in the past though on the other hand it
        amused him that a near deity would desire to speak with him or any
        other mortal Pokémon without a reason to suit the creature's own
        devilish whims and desires.

        ~This which you desire is in our power....~ It sent streams of power
        slithering about stretching the grasp of it's tentacles.

        ~Bit....that...as always....comes at a cost...~ The betaka rose from
        it's seat within it's palace. His fang's quivering at the chance to
        gain more favors from mortal beings. ~A heavy price as always.~

        Perking his ears back with intrigue he extended his senses further as
        he silently worked to pin-point the exact location of the creature
        and remain undetected with his dark typing clouding his psychic scans
        of the areas surrounding Riversong. ~Does not everything come at a
        cost including happiness? Then say what it is you desire and waste
        not anymore of my time should it be too great for such an exchange to
        be equal.~ he sent in return while teleporting to the roof of the
        cave and studied the moon cautiously in a state of pure anticipation.
        The concept of eliminating his kindness was beyond his hopes since it
        had held back his project for months, yet he would not sacrifice the
        things he had worked so hard to achieve already in his troubled and
        difficult lifetime.

        Fangs quivering as the great silver eye opened and the creature's
        powers began to awaken fully. Saliva dripped from the massive
        mandibles as the beast considered the possibilities.

        ~Yes....all desires do have a price in the end.~ The dark one grew
        hungry as it thought about things to come. ~And it is slavery that
        often suits our needs... Souls are such a desirable item. To bend
        them to our whims until we have what we desire most. Power...~

        Felix chuckled to himself quietly at the mention of the betaka's cost
        although he hid his amusement from his aura which he had stretched
        out to the betaka to facilitate the long-distance communication. ~My
        whole life has been dedicated to maintaining and spreading my rare
        species throughout the earth...~ he sent with a pause while his paw
        clenched faintly in anger at the thought of the possibility that one
        day mews might become extinct due to the extortion of other weaker
        life forms. ~As long as my mission is permitted to succeed than I
        care not what you bid of my time or of my body, however with this
        cursed kindness my mission has been restricted and will remain so in
        the future...~ he sent after a pause while his telepathy locked in on
        the location of the betaka.

        Using his teleport a second time he vanished from the cave roof and
        appeared half an inch from the betaka with traces of darkness which
        radiated from his aura in a darkened purple haze. "Banish my weaker
        half and grant my body the power to complete my mission and then I
        shall spend the rest of my life fulfilling my debt... My kind has
        served the betakas in one way or another for centuries and if it is
        my destiny to follow in my ancestor's paths to ensure the survival of
        my species than I shall accept..." he spoke without the slightest
        hint of fear while he swished his tail from side to side before the
        betaka with curiosity. It would take generations to weed out the
        undesired non-mew traits from his hybrid children, although in time
        the end result of careful selection would be a new age of pure-bred
        mews who would dominant the world as they had in the past.

        ~I see your desires make you open to our prices.~ The dark one's
        fangs spread out to the sides for a moment before settling back into
        place. ~It is true your kind has served us. And well. And it shall be
        that they serve us once more. But it is not you that we desire to
        serve us... For you are one and why ask for one....when we can have
        and ask for many.~ The fangs quivered once more. ~We ask for one soul
        to serve us when it is your children that we could and do desire to
        serve our purposes.~

        Felix cracked a dark smile at the betakas request and he sharply
        flicked his tail to one side while his aura flared up in irritation.
        Aware that his time with this creature had been short and whether or
        not he obtained what he desired it would never change his goals.

        ~Very well then, I shall give you this lifetime for however long it
        may last, and if only by your graces should I be granted rebirth into
        a new life, then you may have that as well… Then you shall have one
        of my kind each generation and I shall have an eternity to see my
        desires come to fruit by your graces…!~ he sent with a tone of zero
        desire to back down even an inch from his stance of offering only his
        own body, mind, and soul.

        All of his life he had desired to obtain the safety and security of
        his kind following the slaughter of his family, and if this would be
        the only option to ensuring his dreams met with futility than he was
        more than prepared to offer his body and soul up to this creature
        provided it left his offspring the option to decide for themselves.
        His desire to ensure the healthy future of his children far out-
        weighed his personal desire to remove the thorn of goodness which had
        been in his side for virtually his entire life. Although, the
        possibility of an increased lifespan tempted him further into
        awaiting a response since it provided to opportunity to be certain
        his desires would come to fruit before his soul, mind, and body
        rejoined the earth. The blessing of a deity would ensure his desires
        met with success, as the result of his desires would mutually benefit
        the mew species, but also the betaka.

        The creature sent the tendril wrapping about the mew. And the spear
        tip stabbed hold into flesh. Fangs pierced into the mew's shoulders
        as it's venom flowed and the beast sought out the things Felix
        desired to be rid of most. Like the others before Felix the poison
        was forcing changes making it easier for the Dark One to remove
        Felix's light spark. At last the dagger tip withdrew from Felix as
        well as the fangs. The powers the creature removed rested within it's
        mind now and would be given to his light sister as agreed upon.

        ~You have what you desire most now flesh and blood.~

        Felix winced in pain as the needle drove into his flesh and he felt
        the dark energies begin to pulsate throughout his body. His tail
        swished swiftly from left to right while he used his psychic
        abilities to suppress the pain. His mind clouding over with darkness
        and the evil intentions he had only thought possible in nightmares
        while the particles of his light side drifted away into a small globe
        to his side. Gradually, the globe grew in size until it equaled his
        size and statue before shifting into a living form, physically
        distinct and yet similar enough to Felix to be unmistakable as the
        mew beyond the color of fur and color of stripes which match inch for
        inch on each other indicating where the strands of good and evil had
        been drawn out of each other to form the purest forms of the mew.

        The side containing the essence of his darkness a blackened shade of
        blue, with vibrant blood-red stripes down his fur where the fragments
        of the essence of his good had been driven out by the betaka into his
        other half standing eye to eye with him and the betaka. However, the
        essence of light differed with a pristine light-blue colored coat
        with light-pink stripes while identically matching the dark side's
        patterns. "Free of you at last…" the two mews said in unison while
        they turned to the betaka and bowed faintly as a sign of their
        respect for the creature. The dark mew lashed his tail at the other
        with disgust only to have his tail parried with an identical non-
        threatening motion from the other who silently bowed one final time
        for the betaka. The two mews instinctively extended their telepathy
        in opposite directions as if by an innate connection, targeting a
        location for a teleport following the conclusion of the ceremony of
        servitude to the betaka.

        "Speak what you will and it shall be done of us, my master, though
        for now there is much to be corrected in the world and I shall take
        my leave…" the lightly colored mew spoke in a tone of reverence. The
        darkly colored side glaring with hatred for a moment before turning
        to the betaka, "Yes, I could not have said it any other way, there is
        much to be corrected… Let your word by my guidance my lord…" he spoke
        with a hint of delight while he swished his tail one final time. The
        two mews glancing at each other for only one second while they
        studied each other for what felt like an eternity before each of them
        bowed their head in adoring farewell before turning back to the
        betaka with their grateful bows and then in the next second both
        teleported out of the temple to the direct north and southern sides
        of Riversong city to begin working towards their idealized form of
        resurrecting and revitalizing the ancient and powerful species.

        ooc: The lightly colored side will be named Falynx and the darkly
        colored side will be named Falcon for future referance(s).

        --- In Realm_light@yahoogroups.com, "Jennifer Jones"
        <lil_lady_mew@...> wrote:

        Purring quietly in delight while he listened to the foolish giant say
        insolent comments without a clue to who or what he was encountering a
        couple inches in front of his face. "Think what you please. Although,
        know that before your end comes you will beg for your life and praise
        this 'rodent' as your master..." he mewled quietly with a darkness in
        his tone while he vanished from sight with his Teleport a few feet in
        the air above the collosal dragon. Whiping his tail downwards he sent
        a powerful Gust directly into the ground surrounding Rex at the focal
        point of the vortex which caused the intense flames to spread inwards
        and envelop the aerodactyle. The heat of the flames from his height a
        mild discomfort at worst not that he minded the warmth on his fur and
        he knew it would be far worse inside the cyclone for the dragon.

        ~Your kind was believed to be long-since extinct due to your minimal
        intelligance, so permit this 'rodent'to enlighten your simple mind a
        bit further... Water suppresses flame and flames spread on wind...!~
        he sent coyly while flying a bit harder to avoid the clouds of black
        smoke pouring out from the top of the violent fiery cyclone. He felt
        zero desire to end this quickly, and silently hoped the flames would
        not burn Rex to a crisp before he had the delight to torment such an
        insolent and pathetic creature. He intended to vent his frustrations
        with Theolin on this poor creature and was far beyond the point of a
        simple anger by now after being refused the things he desired. A low
        psychic pulse off in the distance echoed in his mind and brought him
        an entirely new sense of delight at the thought of aquiring a lovely
        new mate of his kind in addition to the insolent wench Theolin.

        > --- In Realm_light@yahoogroups.com, "Stephen" <ancalagon700@>
        > wrote:
        > Rex only screeched for a second, expecting the mew to teleport, he
        > spun around the moment the psychic feline disappeared thinking it
        > would appear behind him only to see an Iron Tail about to hit him
        > the face. Rex frowned and used Iron Head and took the attack
        > making it bounce off with a clang. "And you will have to do better
        > then that, rodent" he said with a growl as his 15 foot tail whipped
        > back and forth in anticipation, figuring if he could make the Dark
        > Mew mad enough then it would make a mistake. He knew the mew was
        > stronger than him, but not by the margin that it believed itself to
        > be. Rex blew a powerful flame thrower into the ground between his
        > feet to engulf himself and the surrounding area in flames hoping
        > the heat would keep the mew from trying more point blank sneak
        > attacks. His eyes glowed to match the color of the flames as he
        > waited for it to make the next move.
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