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Re: The Love Sick Mawile - Enter Ciana

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  • wynnyelle
    ... she ... the ... That d be Weiss s pack, or Tayak s pack...both their pack, said Erevan. They both belong to the same pack. Tayak s mother apparently
    Message 1 of 1750 , Apr 4, 2008
      > the forest with her and it was not like he was clingy or something
      > thought with a quiet little laugh while she waited for him to lead
      > way to wherever he wanted to hunt today. Clingy males were the worst!

      "That'd be Weiss's pack, or Tayak's pack...both their pack," said
      Erevan. "They both belong to the same pack. Tayak's mother apparently
      stayed behind, doing who knows what...I dunno really. Her and Tayak's
      sister I think. Anyways, we're gonna all go meet up with'em."
    • alyssa
      ... ooc: Yeah let s do it! I miss my sentrets and furrets. I just don t know where to begin... I ll hop on Yahoo so we can chat!
      Message 1750 of 1750 , Sep 3, 2008
        --- In Realm_light@yahoogroups.com, "Stephen" <ancalagon700@...> wrote:
        > ooc: I know its been awhile with this thread, but I thought we could
        > pick it up again. I don't have any idea of where we could have the
        > characters, I just feel like getting back into this thing. Just throw
        > something at me to get my attention if you want to talk ideas.

        ooc: Yeah let's do it! I miss my sentrets and furrets. I just don't
        know where to begin...

        I'll hop on Yahoo so we can chat!
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