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{RoL} Re: Re Chirin seeking the light + Approach of Legends

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  • wynnyelle
    ... taking ... Sorry Ketori, said Chirin. I just got a little upset to learn the dark temple or those from it are so close by. Or do you mean Caluduska and
    Message 1 of 330 , Feb 2, 2008
      --- In Realm_light@yahoogroups.com, "Ace" <rol_studios@...> wrote:
      > "What flock? Everyone went off tuh fuck wid deh local girls and from
      > deh looks that includes you Chirin." Ketori folded his arms feeling a
      > bit insulted. "I have been left trying to keep deh few rams from
      > off on us. And Dreama has done what she can to try and find deh rest."
      > "The place is a real find though. Shit CHirin you get a chance to
      > barter with this one girl Maddie? Damn! The things that quilava can
      > do!" Denoc laughed. He noticed Ketori looking disapproving at him.
      > "And... I sorta ummm... hell everyone went off so I felt a little
      > entitled to some fun. I didn't get too carried away like the rest..."
      > Denoc fussed a bit trying to justify himself.

      "Sorry Ketori," said Chirin. "I just got a little upset to learn the
      dark temple or those from it are so close by. Or do you mean Caluduska
      and Far-run are in cahoots now? As for the ewes...well, I kind of
      wandered off in the other direction." He was about to say, the wrong
      direction, but didn't want to insult Courtney. it was looking like he
      would have no ramly fulfillment this season, though. She seemed to be
      in heat but rejecting him. Chirin knew he had shown a lot of physical
      promise a couple years ago, but had that just been precocious growth?
      Was he failing to develop into a great ram like his father and uncle
      had been?
    • Ace
      She wasn t so sure about this now. It was something they could talk about but when it came to doing it there was more doubt when on the task itself. She knew
      Message 330 of 330 , Sep 16, 2008
        She wasn't so sure about this now. It was something they could talk
        about but when it came to doing it there was more doubt when on the
        task itself. She knew Ketori was right that eventually Calu was going
        to lead the dark betaka's people into something they would not be
        prepared for. Despite all attempts things had gone to hell here. They
        lost control of the flock and the situation. And Calu was making
        matters worse.

        Ketori was set on his plan. He knew what he was thinking of could get
        him punished by the powers that be in this city but right now he gave
        not a single shit about that. Eventaully Calu could defy the rules
        just as the same as Ketori was planning to do right now. He held one
        of the few weapons they had left that the flock hadn't traded off in
        the city.

        Dreama was behind him with her scyther blades ready to strike. She
        glanced about looking for the other with them. She wasn't sure about
        him... he was the most unstable of the flock now and having to rely
        on him was the bottom low. But...o stop Calu when they had the
        chance... they needed all those willing to help. And in the darkness
        of the alley before them she saw him. The massive spines twisting in
        the wind as he walked. He was growing in strength as time went by.
        They had to deal with him now before he was beyond their combined

        Ketori paused feeling unsure for a moment. But only a moment he
        thought prehaps Calu knew they were following him. The beast had
        seemed to pause for a second. But then he turned toward a building
        and appeared he was trying to enter it. It was time... he was
        distracted and that was what they needed! Ketori slipped along the
        buildings trying to get in as close as he could before dashing for
        the beast.

        The pit in her stomach curled and coiled as Ketori sprang into the
        alley and raced for the dark gengar. She was right behind with her
        blades drawn. Before she even knew it something crashed into her. And
        it wasn't until she was laying sprawled on the cold street that she
        realized it was Ketori. She tried to gain her bearings but her head
        was spinning and the smell of blood was in the air.

        She saw lights spinning about her. And slowly they took shape. Silver
        slashes in the darkness. Set in a face darker than the night. His
        fangs glimmered in rage as they drew near.

        "Well....well... so some of the pussy side of the battle do have...
        fight in them!" He snarled as his hand caressed her cheek. "You came
        all this way to come and hav another good time with me? Now haven't

        He shrieked and flayed his arms wildly suddenly. Dreama was confused
        as the demon backed away. He grasped at the spike driven in his side
        as he glared at Ketori.

        "Dink i'd make it dat easy for you eh?" The ram growled as he got to
        his feet. Blood was flowing from the corner of his mouth and some
        dripped from his nose as he stood to face the demon once again.

        "Well it's a lot more fun this way!" Calu grasped him by the throat
        and slammed Ketori into a wall. "You stupid creatures! Always
        interferring with me! You are going to lose this battle! None of you
        seem able to concentrate at the real tasks except a handful of you!
        Not enough to win! Give in and serve the Dark one!"

        "Tempting offer...but no!" Ketori grinned despite the danger he was
        in he realized this was more than just a fight over territory for
        these creatures.

        It had been ages since he had thought he would ever have to deal with
        the Neo Destiny drivel his father once spewed. But... now here it was
        at hand.

        "Ketori!" Denoc sprang from the shadows slashing Calu across his back.

        He had that deranged murdering look upon his face again. Dreama
        didn't even know the ram anymore. He was far removed from what he had
        been outside this city and the killing of the rith that brought out
        this other side to him.

        "This was the best you could come up with!" Calu lashed out his tail
        throwing Denoc away from him. "I expected more. Especially after that
        bloody show you put on outside with the Rith Denoc. Or you Dreama
        after how you handle Heero." Caluduska laughed. "If defeated you all
        is this is... The Neo Destiny is going to be rather dull for me."

        "Whatever you have in mind... we won't let you do it. Not one of us."
        Ketori groaned as he tried to force himself up.

        "What I have in mind is to end all that I was meant to accomplish! My
        goals must be met! And no one will stand before me and block my way!"
        Caluduska shoved Denoc back against the ground as he thundered his
        way toward the older ram. Snorting Calu reached behind his back for
        something as his other paw lashed out and grasped Ketori by the
        throat and pulling him near. "Not you! Not your brothers! Not Noc! No
        one! will be my equal by the time this is over!"

        He plunged a quill deep into Ketori's shoulder. He could hear someone
        charging up behind him. He snarled as he reeled about and slammed
        Ketori into Dreama. Laughing he watched them tumble and tangle up
        with one another. It was almost a rumbling growl that spilled from
        his lips. Hateful and burning his eyes searched for Denoc as the
        laughter trailed off. He was limping toward him with the spike again.
        Calu smirked as he produced another quill.

        "There will be someone always standing up to you... If not us... then
        others!" Denoc snorted. He was hardly that insane innocent ram now.
        He was the murderer he had been back in his father's army. Blood
        fascinated him. He even now could not stop flaring his nostrils to
        take in as much of the scent as he could.

        "Let them. And let them die as well!" Caluduska leapt before the
        island ram could react. His massive weight pinned Denoc down. the
        demon turned to Dreama with a grin filled with gnarled and twisted
        teeth. His forked tongue lashing out as he stabbed the quill into
        Denoc as well.

        Dreama desperately tried to push Ketori off herself as Calu thundered
        his way toward her. His paw came out and caressed her cheek. Eyes
        focused on her fear furrowed on her face.

        "Oh...I'm not going to do that to you again...just not yet. That fun
        happens later my dear. For now... I'll let you watch them die
        together!" Calu laughed softly. "Oh... the brother's Ke will shorten
        their family tonight. Only if I could watch too! Shame... I have a
        prior meeting to attend that you have delayed me from."

        Dreama shivered and tears dripped upon her skin as she watched Calu
        walk away. She hardly could remember anything beyond that. She
        screamed a curse as she found herself pulling out from under Ketori.
        She stood there bewildered looking from both brothers as she pressed
        her hands to the sides of her head. She couldn't think of what to do.

        "FUCK!" She shouted as she crumbled next to Ketori. She held back
        herself from vomitting. She threw her face in her hands as she sat
        there trying to think of who could help. Kanga was far away. And
        there wasn't any other healers with them.

        She grasped Ketori and with what strength she had left in her quaking
        arms she pulled him into one of th buildings. He was slick with sweat
        and she had to keep grasping him in her slippery grip. She focused
        herself on Denoc next. He was the lighter of them. She slumped
        herself between them and shook. She wrapped her arms about herself
        and rocked as she kept trying to come up with some answer. She began
        crying softly as she felt so lost. She felt she had gotten the rams
        killed for nothing. they hadn't even planned anything out they just
        took off after the demon. they got sloppy and now there was a price
        to pay for it.

        > ic: "Not sure other than our neighbor with deh fangs is trying to
        > incite something." Ketori snorted as he watched Calu. He looked
        > his shoulder. "I think he is trying to turn others on deh city
        > protectors."
        > "Whatever it is...its never a good cause." Dreama looked away from
        > beast.
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