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  • Ancalagon Ancalagon
    “you will” said Rex, he took another minute to calm himself, he still felt in a daze like state, drained and fragile, and he hade to try hard to gather his
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      “you will” said Rex, he took another minute to calm himself, he still felt in a daze like state, drained and fragile, and he hade to try hard to gather his thoughts even though it was about himself, a story he knew well. The aerodactyl rubbed its eyes again, “I already told you how it started with my creation. My creator and master Drakoski was a man who…placed power…second to rarity and art. He was wealthy enough and strong enough amongst humans to have any pokemon he wanted. Anyone. And any number of them…he was obsessed with the irreplaceable and rare though. It was rumored the large desk in his home was not made of false looking wood…but of the tooth of a giant pokemon, only rumored to exist at the bottom of the sea. Yet…somehow he had come to possess this…this trophy. Just another thing for his exotic collection, and so that is why he made me. He could easily have gotten a Lugia or Mewtwo to dispatch of his enemies, but he felt that would have been as easy as dropping a large stone on them. Not good enough, not Rare enough, no. So he created me, not as strong as most rare pokemon, but far rarer, one of a kind. I was to be his rare and exotic weapon, something no one else had and he destroyed the stone from whence I was forged, and named me Rex, meaning…King.” Rex sniffed in repulsion at his own name, “King indeed, I never was a leader…and then, he wanted me trained, in every art of fighting possible even thought I could not possibly do them, it was not my type or element, simply so I would know how they are done.  So he gave me to his servant Drake when I was still a child…Drake,” Rex swallowed dryly at the name, “Drake abused me, tortured me often if I failed at his assigned task but slightly. For 17 years I endured that man. He got away with any unmentionable things he wanted to do to me. Anything. It didn’t matter that I was Drakoski’s special slave. No. For Drake…he was Drakoski’s bastard son, born in secret before the wedlock of Drakoski’s wife...he could kill me if he wanted too. And so they used me to kill whoever and whatever, mostly humans. Until one day, despite his weapons, despite his safeguards against me…I killed him.  I killed Drake and then I fled into the wild. Through it all I developed a split personality that named himself Glaurung. I originally created him myself so I could do whatever I wanted, without guilt or remorse. He is me, I am him. But now…he has developed his own will, he is beyond my control now and always in my head. Listening, plotting…waiting. I do not know what he will do anymore other than try to harm me, try to take control. One of us is not smarter than the other, but what makes him so dangerous is that he is evil, and perfectly comfortable and sound with himself, so he does not get confused in his thoughts. Does not hesitate or second guess himself. Even now he waits.” Rex ran a hand down his face and sighed, “After I went into the wild, I made some friends, and then I lost them. I was so…arrogant and selfish. So prideful that no one could even bear to be in my presence…then one day I met up with a charizard named Philip. It just so happened that while I was owned by Drakoski, I killed Philip’s mother and brother when he was a charmeleon. They were humans, but they raised and adopted him from the day that he hatched. Philip came after me for revenge, but when we met he tried to forgive me…in my pride I would not have it. He was the largest and strongest charizard I had ever seen, but it did not matter to me. I am many times his size and strength and so I was completely confident and prideful. We fought, at first I toyed with him, mocked him. I could have killed him anytime I wanted…and then he made me lose my temper. After that he fought with skill, beautifully even…we tore each other to pieces and in the end he defeated me. The only reason he did not kill me was because of half Rayquaza half Charizard friend Chardra I had there to stop him. But eventually I deserted him as well. And now I have this to remember my shame by, what Philip gave me” said Rex as he held up his torn left wing. “I left my friends and went out on my own to find human help, I went up into the mountains and began to starve to death. I eventually made it to this town injured and weak where I was captured by Chaz. But while he captured me I hurt one of his pokemon after I promised I would not, so the others despised me…Slash tried to help, tried to help me fit in, and then I met you Ellwin. So in my arrogance I turned on Slash and insulted him, lied about him as well. And now I am here…Many times I tried to change myself, tried to be humble or help others, but I always fell back into my old sins. I hoped to travel the world, maybe find a mate…I so love children…But Fate it seems, is happy and content to leave me as I am...something I have earned ten fold” Rex finished and was quite, starring at the ground as he wringed the end of his tail in his hands. He felt a bit better after telling the truth, he was not looking for sympathy or pity, just someone to talk too.

      wynnyelle <wynnyelle@...> wrote:

      > "Long," he paused to swallow, "long story." Rex was quiet and he
      spoke as if he were in a daze, "I…could tell you…I could tell you…
      anything" he slowly looked at her, she could be a confidante, but
      there was fear on him that partially drained the color from his
      face, "you won't leave me…will you?"

      " No," Ellwin wouldn't leave him when he needed her the most. The
      sight of him made her want to cry. " What's a long story? I don't

      She glanced around behind them, not sure if she was afraid people were
      watching or that no one was there. As it turned out, no one was there.

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    • Stephen
      Rex flew through the air above a great Lake Claru at the foot of the mountains pass, feeling as if he were putting distance between himself and his past with
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        Rex flew through the air above a great Lake Claru at the foot of the
        mountains' pass, feeling as if he were putting distance between
        himself and his past with every motion of his grey wings. He could
        feel the warmth of the charmander's tail in his mouth, though she had
        remained quite still for him, she was beginning to fidget.

        Folding his great wings, the giant aerodactyl descended towards the
        mountain side next to the quickly making the pichu behind his horn
        squeak in fear. Slowing down as he approached, the aero kept his 35
        foot wings spread for balance as he touched down on the lip of a cave
        in the mountain's side a good hundred yards above the lake.

        "What's wrong Riley?" asked Rex after he let the small charmander out
        of his mouth and into his hand.

        "Philip, didn't fly that high" said Riley as he hopped down Rex's
        long back, onto his 15 foot tail, then the ground. He brushed off his
        fur then looked back up to see Rex smiling as he tended to the char
        he held. "What's her name?" asked Riley.

        Rex stopped smiling as he looked at the small creature in his huge
        hand. "Ellwin" he said at last. The slits in his blood red eyes
        narrowed as he used his long and sharp vision to spot three small
        Mews appear out of seemingly nowhere on a rock a mile away on the
        other side of the lake, the red light of the setting sun illuminating

        --- In Realm_light@yahoogroups.com, "Stephen" <ancalagon700@...>
        > "Heh, just hand on" said Rex as he set Riley up behind one of his
        > three foot horns. He then bent down and picked up the sleeping
        > charmander carefully and held her in his mouth behind his large
        > fangs. There wasn't a safer place in the world for her. The massive
        > aerodactyl spread his 35 foot wings and took off with strong flap
        > flying strait up into the sky to gain altitude quickly. He circled
        > Chaz's house once and then turned away heading north east.
        > +++
        > "Damn…there he goes" said the man in the trench coat taking off his
        > sunglasses as he was getting back into the SUV watching the aero go.
        > "It doesn't matter anyways" said the driver with the half burned
        > face. "I went into the house, and found this. Now we'll always know
        > Rex's location, just like before" he said as he held up a cell
        > sized device. On its screen was a blinking dot, moving north
        > east. "Now all we have to do is get the right equipment, and he's
        > done for"
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