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Re: Jungle pride, Dawning of Uncertanty

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  • Ace
    Haveing been feeling extreamly tired for the entire day Faith decided to go to sleep eariler than she normally did once the group had stopped for the night to
    Message 1 of 1330 , Jul 10, 2006
      Haveing been feeling extreamly tired for the entire day Faith
      decided to
      go to sleep eariler than she normally did once the group had stopped
      the night to rest. Her sleep was very restless throughout the night
      she suddenly awoke in surprisement late in the night to find an that
      had an unfamilure warmth spreading across her body and that she was
      out of breath and breathing heavily. In addition to the spreading
      warmth she
      also noticed there was an unmistakble sweet smelling scent
      eminateing from her into the air around her. Frantically looking
      around the area in
      confusion searching for answers about what was happening to her and
      why she was feeling like this, although even at this point it was
      obvious that the young mew was beginning to enter her very first

      Sergio was getting the others moving on when he realised he had
      forgot that Faith was sleeping. He stopped in his tracks and took a
      few steps back until he spotted her waking from her rest.

      "Faith we are leaving I'm sorry everyone seem to be a little
      restless. And we do need to move on." He caught the scent of
      something...something familar yet it was weak, just the hints of
      what was settling into Faith.

      He said nothing for the time being, he had been rejected by her once
      already and expected the same now. He had his own reasons to not
      pursue her as well for his feelings for her had faded with his
      pairing with Heather. He however felt the sexual desires her scent
      was creating.

      Faith looked up to him in a partly dazed state while she did her
      best to make any kind of sense from what was happening to her, the
      warmth beginning to spread completely across her entire body now and
      settleing in while her new faint scent filled the air to her dismay
      and confusion. Gently nodding her head after a long pause she
      lightly picked herself up "Alright Sergio..." she replied slowly
      walking over to where he and the rest of the group was. She did not
      know what this was though she was already beginning to feel
      extreamly awkward because of it.

      As she got closer it sent old sensations through him. It had been
      awhile since he had mated...willingly. He tried to fight back the
      lust...thesame he felt when he first met her. It hadn't been love he
      felt back then and it took meeting the plain looking Heather to make
      him understand the differences between lust and love. She was
      beautiful yet...it was Lauren he kept thinking of lately. Though
      there was the question as to why she left. She didn't stay to see
      why he disappeared...if he was hurt or even alive for that matter.
      It hurt to think about her yet there was still deep feelings about
      her alongside the hurt.

      Pauseing when she noticed the way that he was looking at her she
      blushed deeply and looked down at the ground completely embairsed by
      whatever this was, holding her tail closely beside her in her paws
      nervously she made a little arc and joined the rest of the group a
      little away from where Sergio was. All of these strange feelings
      were coming to her so quickly that she did not even know how to
      respond to them, feeling as though she could not even remain still
      at this point while she nervously paced holding her tail while the
      warmth creeping over her slowly was growing to an intensity that was
      starting to extreamly bother her.

      Sergio tried to stop looking back at her. He tried to focus on the
      mission at hand. He felt a little at ease when she had stepped away
      a little from him. He no idea how to handle his urges. It was hard
      to think of else when his mind was filled with his times with
      Heather, his fanatsies of Lauren, and his old dreams of Faith
      rushing back.

      He tried to shove those down. There just was no hope for it
      happening. He asked her once to accept him and he was turned away
      gently by her. No, it just wasn't going to happen he told himself as
      he began to think of what he would say when he found Lauren again.
      He knew he wanted to ask why she left. He wanted to know how she
      really felt about him. She had been there comforting him after he
      lost his Heather...yet so had Faith.

      Focusing on the ground below he she had managed to gain control of
      her breathing though the warmth and her strange new scent were
      already beginning to extreamly bother her not only because of how
      uncomfortable they were makeing her feel she also was not sure why
      Sergio had been looking at her like that and still was a little.
      Sqeezeing her tail lightly with both of her paws while it rested
      close at her side she tried her best to ignore it all though she was
      finding the more that she tried that the more intense that it was
      growing on her, tears forming in her eyes from the confusion that
      she was feeling.

      ~She rejected you get it off your mind.~ He told himself as he
      looked ahead. A couple stray thoughts lingered in his mind and he
      tried to fight them away.

      The memory of Heather first admitting to him how she felt played in
      his mind. Faith's scent brought back memories of what Heather had
      smelled like, the feel of her, her voice, her...he looked toward the
      sky feeling the anger with Hawk blaze in his heart again.

      His anger with the Light Goddess as well flared once more. And he
      felt like this was another in a long strong of cosmic jokes created
      to merely amuse the betaka.

      And what he began to miss was Heather, and the feelings he shared
      with her. All of that stolen from him. His life had become
      vengenance. His heart longed for a mate again, one he could trust so
      openly as he had with Heather. To have children, to feel love once
      more. He was afraid his heart had gone too cold for any of it once
      more. Not when he felt his greatest desire was to break Hawk, and
      force him to feel the same excruciating stabs he was dealt. He
      wanted to see the same despair on the brown mew's face before he
      killed him. Yes...that was what he wanted...he had been fooling
      himself before! It wasn't justice he burned for....it was revenge.

      Walking along at a slow pace with the rest of the group a little
      away from Sergio still since haveing him stare at her in the way
      that he had been had been makeing her feel extreamly uncomforable
      for several reasons, feeling cramped and enclosed she had no idea
      why she was feeling like this untill a thought dawned on her and in
      an instant she stopped dead in her tracks with a look of complete
      fear on her face while she looked down at the ground to avoid
      catching Sergio's gaze anymore than she had already. Trembleing
      slightly she sqeezed onto her long tail a little harder than she had
      been while she tried to wrestle with ideas about why her thought
      were completely impossible and could never happen to her, atleast,
      she hoped that was the case while she stood frozen and trembleing.

      Though the way that Sergio had been stareing at her continualy
      flashed in the back of her mind while she keened in on the weak
      sweet smelling scent again that she had first noticed when she had
      awoken from her restless sleep in this terrible condition. "Oh
      no...." she thought to herself while she desperately tried to come
      up with reasons why a thing like this could never happen to her
      though was haveing troubles even coming up with anything which might
      explain this.

      "Faith?" Sergio noticed she was falling behind. "Come on. Or...are
      you feeling fine enough to travel?"

      He knew why or most likely why she was falling behind. He made sure
      he forced any desire from his facial expressions and tried to skim
      it off his body language as well. He desired another more strongly
      even though he was unsure of her feelings toward him. And that was
      part of the paradox of love. For the pleasure it brought there was
      pain waiting with it. A hell of uncertainty, a hell waiting for some
      reply. He knew how Faith felt toward him so he tried his best to
      ignore her scent. ~FOr how long?~ One of those stinging questioned
      reared it's head in his mind.

      Looking up faintly to only about his feet to be certian that she was
      looking in his direction she nodded her head slowly "I'm.... I'm
      alright..." she said finally after a deep pause and did her best to
      walk a little faster than she had been while she thought about the
      possibilities that this might hold and actually found herself
      shuddering even at the thought unaware that her what had been light
      hold on her tail was firm and tight by now. Trotting along holding
      her legs slightly closer togther than she normally did while walking
      since it appeared to help with the uncomfortableness a little,
      unsure even of how long a thing like this would last for her and was
      unsure about if she should try to get away from the group untill it
      had passed for her. Already well aware of what being in heat would
      do to the males in the group and if that was what this was than she
      did not know what to do about it or even where to begin, haveing a
      litter was definatly one of her larger fears in the world and being
      in heat did not help her worries while tears began to run down her
      pure white cheeks soaking the fur a little.

      Sergio nodded slowly his head turning from her at last he tried to
      just keep from taking in her scent. They had a mission, he had his
      vendetta and it was time they began the journey that would bring
      them closer to achieving those goals. So why was it that he kept
      losing himself to a temptation? He was a male under all the pain he
      wore, and he was drawn to her scent. Even if he knew he had no
      chance with her the thoughts still floated in his mind.

      Ace & Mew RP.
      We got tired of waiting for Yahoo to fix its damn self.
    • wynnyelle
      ... forever, especially with Justice~ he sent as he took on the appearance of a purple mew with purple eyes, ~We will have allies though, the other Aruseus
      Message 1330 of 1330 , Nov 28, 2007
        --- In Realm_light@yahoogroups.com, Ancalagon Ancalagon
        <ancalagon700@...> wrote:
        > ~Then that is good~ sent Morgrin, ~But one can not rund and hide
        forever, especially with Justice~ he sent as he took on the appearance
        of a purple mew with purple eyes, ~We will have allies though, the
        other Aruseus doubtless should know more about what it going on. In
        time everything will probably become clearer~

        ~It could be that they know already,~ said Sylon, with more calm than
        he was feeling. He kept any fears well-veiled. ~If they can be any
        element, they can be psychic, and that generally means they can
        probably sense these things, especially if she is of their kind, they
        may have some connection to her.~
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