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Re: Nokotta's flock {with Nokotta} *tag Amy*

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  • Amy
    ... Clefana wrinkled her nose in confusion. But if we already find the kingdom, then the journey s over!
    Message 1 of 671 , Jan 1, 2006
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      > Änd the kingdom found!" Haigor/Crusher came blundering in, abandoning
      > the chase of the eweling. Ï found it. The kingdom's right here and I
      > took over the king, I crushed him. So I'm the king."

      Clefana wrinkled her nose in confusion. "But if we already find the kingdom, then the
      journey's over!"
    • wynnyelle
      ... Phebes, we re moving on soon, called Nokotta, not wanting to leave her and Haigor behind. Okay I just want to see what bird it is that s crying, said
      Message 671 of 671 , May 27, 2006
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        > "Hello? Um, Mr. Bird?" Phebes poked around in the snow heading
        > towards the meeping sound. It sounded like something in distress,
        > weak and dying.

        "Phebes, we're moving on soon," called Nokotta, not wanting to leave
        her and Haigor behind.

        "Okay I just want to see what bird it is that's crying," said Phebes.

        "Whoa, mama, what'd you find?" said Haigor as Phebes crouched by the
        small brownish bird. It was a rather ugly creature, thought Haigor,
        but it was small and helpless and in need of rescue and he knew his
        mama would take to it.

        "Hi little guy." Phebes reached out to pet the bird. The creature had
        no wings that she could see, it looked like a piece of downy fluff
        with eyes and a beak and feet. Phebes looked at her son. "I think
        it's a doduo. With one head..."

        The bird didn't answer, only looked hazily up at them and closed its
        eyes. Phebes lifted the bird from where it lay in some shrivelled up
        grasses and looked carefully. "It's still breathing. Let's go take it
        with us."

        "Yeah!" Haigor danced along ahead of his mother. "We found a birdie!
        We found a birdie!"

        "What is that you've got there Phebes?" Nokotta had a look. It looked
        nothing like any pokemon she had ever seen.

        "A doduo with one head," said Phebes. "I think..."

        Nokotta had never seen a doduo before. But she had heard something
        vague of what they looked like. "I've heard they usually have two
        heads. I guess not this one, though. That one looks like it's dying,

        "I hope it lives. I think it's just shivering to death in the cold.
        Maybe if I warm it up," said Phebes.

        "You'll have to feed it the right food. Birds...they eat various
        things depending on the species. As I don't know what doduos eat you
        might be on your own with this one. Start with things like worms, I
        believe baby birds thrive on them."

        "Thanks. Yeah I gotta feed it and everything," said Phebes. "You'll
        help hunt for worms right Haigor?"

        "Yeah!" said Haigor. That sounded kind of fun.
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