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Re: Starting A New Life (Aka Leaving The Burrow)

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  • mew_is_so_cute
    Lara: okay *as she yawnded a little* ... began ... closer
    Message 1 of 1446 , Oct 1, 2004
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      Lara: okay *as she yawnded a little*
      --- In Realm_light@yahoogroups.com, "Ace" <rol_studios@p...> wrote:
      > Laro nuzzled up into her hug. He squeaked a happy little sound.
      > "I'll go up and see what they want pidge." He nuzzled Lara and
      > up the run.
      > > Lara: yah sounds like them *as she pulled lara towards them
      > > and nuzzled him*
    • Typh
      ... Trip was deep asleep.
      Message 1446 of 1446 , Aug 29, 2005
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        --- In Realm_light@yahoogroups.com, "modernday_desperado"
        <king_brahma@y...> wrote:
        > "Yeah you should get some rest." Helios agreed.

        Trip was deep asleep.
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