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Return of Destiny - Legends United

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  • lil_lady_mew
    It was a cool evening as the wind rustled through the leaves of the trees. Several of the leaves lifting into the air to swirl around the forest. And in the
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      It was a cool evening as the wind rustled through the leaves of the trees. Several of the leaves lifting into the air to swirl around the forest. And in the moonlight it continued to pierce the canopy of the trees. It shimmered as the dew drops from the earlier rain coated the leaves that had clung to the branches. All of the forest silent as the hour of midnight drifted into the eerie clutches of a mysterious twilight. And nested around a circular lake at the center of these woods the scenery was one to send a chill down most spines.

      This was a sacred part of the woods that few had the intense courage to venture. It was a lake that sat a couple of miles to the north of the Pokemon City that was Riversong. Once the proud home of an ancient civilization that had constructed temples near the lake. Now there was nothing except stone ruins. Silence consumed this section of the woods as the wind swept across the surface of the water. There was nothing audible other than the howling of the wind that rustled the trees and swept across the surface of the lake.

      An elegant figure sat atop one of the more rounded stones overlooking the lake. It had a smaller physique that had rounded ears and longer than normal padded paws. This figure also had a beautiful tail that she traced across the surface of the lake. Every single touch of her tail to the surface conjured up ripples that danced outwards. All of the ripples collided amidst each other to distort the reflection of the feline. This beautiful female who sat with her paws folded over her lap watching the ripples take shape on the water.


      Destiny was a young female Mew that had fur of the purest white snow. It was a fur of the silkiest texture that made her a beautiful specimen of her species. It also complimented the beauty of her eyes that were the most luminous crystal blue. Delicate from the shoulders the sloped downward to her beautiful tail as she produced the series of ripples upon the surface of the lake. She was a kitten who would celebrate her first birthday in a few days. And during that short lifespan so much had transpired to affect her own fate.

      From the moment that she had been born to her father Falcon, and mother Shyreen, there had been talk of her fulfilment of prophecy. She had been given the name of Harmony by her father who had her raised far from her mother to ensure that she did not learn weakness. This action however sealed her fate for it led to an encounter with a spirit of the lake. It was a Manaphy that had switched the soul of Harmony into her father and her father into her form shortly before their adult form was betrayed and then murdered.

      Fated to watch an empire that had been established crumble around the younger kitten. She was raised by her birth mother who challenged herself to show the kitten some different path. This life continued for a couple of months before fate had intervened in her life once more. She was separated from Shyreen to fend for herself in a world crueler than she remembered. She after weeks of suffering she abandoned her home to voyage to the east where she encountered a corruption of the endless forests and local wildlife.


      Forests that had fallen victim to a plague that had ravished the lands. It transformed the inhabitants who came into contact with the virus into hideous deformities. No longer able to recognize friend from foe the victims had went insane from hallucinations. This plague that had been there for years since it had been brought to the east by a traveller who had encountered the insect swarm from her homelands. Mindless and deformed those who encountered the disease had become a part of the swarm and slaves to a hive.

      This was the place where Harmony as she had been known then learned to value life. It was the point that her perspective on justice had altered after she watched the horrors. And through her ability to purify the aura of those that she encountered after intense practice. She was able to quell the disease and restore all of those who had been afflicted by its touch. Until the plague had been a bad memory for the Pokemon who lived in those forests who soon hailed the young feline as a Goddess that delivered them from death.

      Worshipped as a Goddess of Light, the young feline heroine was named Destiny by those of the forest. It was a name that echoed the divine purpose that her life could play in the world. She lived there for most of the cold winter that had visited the surrounding regions. And when the spring had begun to come she bid farewell to those that she had saved to return home where a plague had come from at first. This time on a mission to determine the source of the disease and place an end to their hive minds once and for all.


      Reflections from the pond echoed all of the memories back to the beautiful feline. It reminded her of her past as well as the future that she had chosen to undertake. She watched the bands of water as the ripples collided with each other on the surface. Using a trace of psychic power attached to her tail to lure all the bands how she desired. And in the process soothing her spirit as she watched the calmer water. It helped to provide confidence to the young female who had had less of it these days since returning to her home.

      “I do not even know where to find the source of the Anorith Plague…” she thought to herself aloud in that most angelic voice that she had developed. It was a voice that complimented those natural contours and physique that made her desirable as a female of her species. And like most females of her species she had also learned to appreciate compliments on her natural beauty from the others. She had simply never been able to relate to her friends from the eastern forest who were not members of her own privileged species.

       “If only life could be as predictable as these ripples, to flow in the direction that I desire…” she mewled to herself with a softer smile on her face. For the moment she also folded her beautiful ears down. It was a peaceful sight to watch the ripples upon the surface of the lake. To combine those ripples with the softer pink hue of her psychic that caused the ripples to change direction according to her design. She had been so distracted by the ripples in fact she had failed to notice another feline aura approaching from her rear.

    • ace_dark_artist
      Calu had curled up under a rock outcropping when the fight had began. He had grown tired of Destiny and Hawk s bitching at one another. He slept through it and
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        Calu had curled up under a rock outcropping when the fight had began. He had grown tired of Destiny and Hawk's bitching at one another. He slept through it and just let time pass as Hawk was gone for hours. Calu woke as he sensed Hawk's return. He uncurled and shook his quills. He looked about and sniffed. Hawk had been to Riversong he could tell. He shook his head and yawned.

        Hawk sat near him under the shade of the rocks. He was wore out and the smells of the fermented fruits the smeargles traded was on him. He grinned slightly at Calu for a second before he flopped down in the dirt resting his weary mind and head.

        Calu began to wonder just what they were doing anymore. The path before was clear and what they needed to do but now things were changing. He had become flexible with the changing plan but he began to wonder if this was wise.
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