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Re: {RoL} Re: Echoes of the past

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  • ~*chaotic neutral*~
    Just be careful, if you want to try to find my dad, said Jiggy. He s probably either dead or locked up in that temple. At least Ruffy tried to help. He s on
    Message 1 of 33 , Jul 11, 2013
      "Just be careful, if you want to try to find my dad," said Jiggy. "He's probably either dead or locked up in that temple. At least Ruffy tried to help. He's on our side, I think. But he's not the one in charge there. Charade is. She's been ruling there since she arrived there some time ago. She took over after the original watcher of the temple left, and she's been acting like it's hers ever since. I guess it is hers." It was a bad situation and in his opinion, Charade was the worst person to be put in charge of a place like that. "Ruffy told me all this. He told me that it's really that nobody wants to stand up to her. She found out about it when she was brought there to be healed after being possessed by a Darkrai, named Drail. She was brought there by a mewtwo named Sylon. Nobody knows where Sylon is now, she scared him off too. Once she was healthy she joined their council and from there the original head mew left and put her in charge. That's when Charade just changed.. Ruffy's never liked this because the original watcher was his grandmother, and she left because she didn't like how things were going. Ruffy only stayed because he didn't want to see things get any worse for those in his family who live there. I think the mews there are all or mostly related to each other. Charade has three children there too--by Sylon."

      ooc: I'm totally winging this whole thing so let me know if I make up something that doesn't match with what I wrote earlier ^_^

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      Subject: {RoL} Re: Echoes of the past

      Anger crossed the black Mew's face and it sparked in his aura as well, though it was not directed at the multi colored Ampharos. Glaurung dropped his red eyes to the floor as some guilt gathered in him. He knew when Rex was once in the exact same position as Jiggy, at the mercy of emotionally unstable Mew who could alter time and space, yet had questionable sanity and evil motives. He knew it also did not help that Rex was the most terrifying thing Jiggy had seen, and Glaurung, though in Aerodactyl form, was not a Pokémon but a spirit, and his black otherworldly demonic appearance was even more frightening than Rex's.

      "Forgive me Jiggy, I did not mean to frighten you. And no one is going to hurt you, or throw you back into the ocean. I was attempting to be funny since we have just recently overcome great trials that involved various Mew and legendary coming after us. Though if I were in your position I would not find it humorous either. Your not causing any trouble, so there is nothing to apologize for" said the black Aerodactyl as folded his hands and bowed in head in a gesture of apology and humility.

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      Jiggy's horror at the dark aerodactyl's words wasn't much tempered by the black mew's look. But he forced himself to, well, not drop a pile of dung and piss below himself at the moment. His lights however further betrayed his fear. Once again he was at the abject mercy of pokemon who could not only kill him, but erase him, in all likelihood, at a moment's whim.

      "Why couldn't they have just told us no?" He shook his head. This was where asking legendary pokemon questions got you. All those warnings and stories that the temples were places best avoided unless you were called there. That if you visited them uninvited, you were courting the worst kinds of trouble. He hadn't listened, neither had his dad, they had wanted Magnolia back too badly. They had tried to defy her death, and reverse something that was sacrosanct and final. Now they were separate and both effectively imprisoned, at best, likely with foreshortened lifespans.

      "I'm sorry about all this trouble. We thought it'd be okay, or that we could have a shot at this because we supposedly have Mews in our family. Or--so my dad said."

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      All eyes in the room fell upon the rainbow colored Ampharos as he spoke. The children became nervous and confused while the adults exchanged glances with each other. Though he appeared perfectly calm and confident, Rex was most nervous of all. His apprehension did not show in his aura, as he was a master at concealing his emotions when he willed it, so not even his mate knew how he was feeling at the moment. But Glaurung shared half his soul and so it was impossible for them to keep any thoughts or secrets from each other.

      Rex glanced at his children, it occurred to him that he should have them leave the room so as not to upset or frighten them further, but then they would be nervous anyways since they would not see just how their Father would handle the situation. He hovered over to Glaurung to seek his advice, when the black Aerodactyl spoke up "Is it too late to throw him back into the ocean?" said the black Aerodactyl with a sly grin.

      The black Mew hissed and smacked the black Aerodactyl in the nose with the end of his metallic tail, then turned towards the ram as the slits in his red eyes narrowed. "Well then, we will just have to get your Father back now won't we?" he said with confidence and without blinking.

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      Cool. Yeah it might be. This time, though, it was me waiting because I have been very busy. I have another account I keep logging in and out of, and I do the
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        Cool. Yeah it might be. This time, though, it was me waiting because I have been very busy. I have another account I keep logging in and out of, and I do the rest of my RPing {3 other pokemon threads} on my own site.

        So, these 3 mews would be adults now, but still young enough that not a whole lot would've happened to them yet in general. I've decided on this so far: the three of them are very close, having been raised together, but sometimes they might bicker. There is one, Jenna, I might play her. Not sure how she will be until I start to play her other than she has a strong tie to her family and she has no mate, at least not at this time. No offspring. Jenna has light blue colouring--shiny Mew colours I believe--with darker pink accents on her face and ears. A very short tail.

        The second one, a brother, named Narry. I'll play him too at this time, he may turn out to be the more easygoing of the trio. Again not sure until I play him. He's taller than a regular mew, and can more easily sit up on and sometimes stand up on his back feet, the Mewtwo heritage from their father coming through a bit. A light violet-grey colour with faintly darker markings, and taller ears than a regular mew.

        Yours looks good to me! If you like, she can be pure white with a slight pink hue, classic Mew appearance, like her mother. Do you have any preference for a name?

        ic:  "Okay, but it's not that easy. Charade might not be big but she's the leader of a strong family there and they can do all kinds of crazy stuff, psychic kind of things and that kind of stuff," said Jiggy. "Charade--she's pretty batshit. I don't know what she'll do if she finds out about us going down there.  She's not just going to give Dad up. And we'll be outnumbered once we get there. I think we need to find Ruffy first."

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        Subject: Re: {RoL} Re: Echoes of the past

        ooc: I don't think my emails are getting through to you. My account has been acting up lately. She's going to be feminine, lady like and proper but will have sharp edges and calculating in thought. She's logical but lets her emotions influence her decisions and I haven't decided yet if she'll be a force for good or bad, that partially depends upon her age I guess...Fun size haha XD
        ic: Glaurung established a link between himself and Jiggy and he could see the small clearing in the forest Jiggy had in mind. He teleported them there with a flash and the black Aerodactyl found himself standing up inside the limbs of the trees. Glaurung snorted as he pushed some branches away from his frill on the back of his head, it was apparent he was too tall for where they were at. He began to shape shift and his hole filled wings and arms melted into his sides as his body grew in length, his snout shortened and his legs withdrew as he became a great black viper, thick as a tree with horns and a frill though half his left horn was missing and his fangs were as long as daggers. He opened his red eyes to inspect himself for a moment and gathered himself into coils so he was at head level with the colorful Ampharos, who was only twice the size of the serpent's head.
        Despite his appearance, there was a sense of gentle cheerfulness in Glaurung's aura. He felt opposite as he looked, easy going and happy to have company with a small underlining of mischievousness as if he were always looking to make a wise crack, though any psychic or person he established a link with could sense the goodness in him. "So why don't we go see Charade now? I don't think anyone will trouble thee with me around, and I don't see why we can't have thy Father back within the hour. I can be most persuasive" he said with a smile and a wink, his words sometimes common, sometimes noble of speech, and most of the time mixed. He figured there was probably more to the situation, but did not see why they had to wait and could simply make a grand entrance.

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        Subject: Re: {RoL} Re: Echoes of the past
        ooc: You can email me, sure. I'll see what I can do about making up this trio. If you want a female I'll take a male, if there is anyone else still RPing on this game, then maybe they would want one too. Otherwise I can play both the others. What kind of personality do you have in mind for her? So I can form the other two to best effect. ic: Jiggy wasn't sure if he would ever get used to that dramatic size transformation. Why was it that every group of pokemon he bumped into seemed so much more powerful than himself? His exotic rainbow colours and his bangs were about his only unusual traits. Other than that and a strange talent for poison attacks, he was a typical Ampharos.

        "Sure...go right ahead." Jiggy had dealt with plenty of telepathy already from the mews back at the temple. It had become second nature. He opened his mind with a routine ease. He could not initiate a telepathic link even with a psychic, but once it was made he could use it to communicate without a problem. He began to envision what he imagined would be a good spot for them to arrive and set up a camp. It was a hollow in the forest, not comfortably large enough for the aerodactyl in his fully sized appearance, but easily adequate for them all if Rex/glaurung stuck to a more fun-sized form. 

        They would need a camp. This was going to take a while.

        From: Steve <ancalagon700@...>
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        Subject: {RoL} Re: Echoes of the past
        ooc: Sorries about the absence! I'm still here! Send me an email or an IM so we can brainstorm :) The little grey Aerodactyl blinked his red eyes, their snake like slits narrowing as he hopped back with a chirp. The black Mew chuckled in amusement before he closed his red eyes and transformed into giant 18 foot grey Aerodactyl before opening his red eyes that had the same snake like slits as his son. Both the Jiggy and Michael's images reflected on Rex's eyes as he picked up his son, his exact image and likeness, in one of his hands and his twin daughters in the other. Shyreen hovered up to his head level as he turned and walked back to the end of the room and rested on the floor as his children and their mother rested on his side as his tail and body curled around them all. Glaurung smiled and lowered his head down so he was at Jiggy's level. "Oh but I'm a trouble maker. I would be getting into messes regardless" he said with a soft chuckle. "Now then, I can read your mind and teleport us to wherever you would like to go. Perhaps to where your Charade and Ruff are. However, despite all my abilities, reading minds without your permission is something not even I can do. So if your comfortable?" he asked politely. ooc: Yes I'd love to have one ^_^ I'll take a girl, I have a personality in mind for her, but I want you to tell me what her fur and eye color is. And I want you to pick a name for her, I could do these easily enough but when Jenn's character Sirena named her son Michael after his Father (Rex), I found having my character's named by others to be a lot of fun!
        --- In mailto:Realm_light%40yahoogroups.com, ~*chaotic neutral*~ <wynnyelle@...> wrote: ooc: Welcome back! I thought you'd gone... The tail light fizzed with a faint electricity, not harmful to the touch. Jiggy smiled, a little nervously. "I guess I'm up for it if you are. Uh...thanks. Really. I mean you might really be getting into a mess." But he had known from the beginning he wasn't going to leave his father there. Going back had always been a matter of when. ooc: Do you want to adopt one of the 3 children of Charade and Sylon? I didn't make them up yet. We can brainstorm how they'd be. They'd be mews, with average powers but some quirks, and maybe a few Mewtwo traits since their father was half Mewtwo and looked mostly Mewtwo. There's some weirdness in Charade's background too but she looks mostly run of the mill in terms of how Mews look.

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