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Re: Babysitting - Mew Island

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  • Steve
    The great black Aerodactyl sighed as he stood alone in the empty temple, knowing that the children were near, but playing by their rules left him handicap. A
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      The great black Aerodactyl sighed as he stood alone in the empty temple, knowing that the children were near, but playing by their rules left him handicap. A grin slowly spread over the Aerodactyl's face and he closed his eyes. His body suddenly began to shift and began fall apart before bursting into a great cloud of black flies with red compound eyes. The swarm spread out in all directions, flying over pillars and under arches, crawling in and out of various holes and crevices where a small Mew could have been hidden.

      Their buzzing filled the temple and it was not long before a loud squeak could be heard "Eeeeek!" Came from one of the holes and a small white Mew suddenly appeared "Uncle Glauruuuuuung!" yelled Luthien, "I hate that more than your snake form!" she cried. "Yeah no fair!" said the tiny 2 foot tall grey Aerodactyl as he leapt from his hiding place behind a broken altar, slashing at the flies. "How do you do that anyways? We can't transform like that!" he protested.

      "Or be in two places at once!" added Luthien. The children knew their Uncle was not a normal Pokémon, and at times wondered if he even was a Pokémon. The flies gathered together and melded together until the giant black Aerodactyl was formed again. "I'll tell you when your older. For now, all you need to know is that I truly am your Uncle, and that I love you, and that we had all better get home before Aunt Shyreen kills me and spanks you" he said with a chuckle as he picked them each up in his large hands.

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      A pitch black 18 foot tall Aerodactyl stood in the center of wide ornate temple that suffered from a century of decay. His wings had many holes in them and a large black frill ran down his neck, back and to the end of his spaded devil like tail. Half of his left horn was missing and if one could pay close attention to the terrifying beast, they would notice that his clawed, tri fingered left hand was slightly larger than his right. A forked tongue flicked from his fanged mouth as a small white Mew was reflected on the surface of his blood red eyes that had snake like slits.

      "Enough hide and seek, Uncle Glaurung grows weary and wishes to go home. Where art thy brother?" he asked her as he gave his talons a click. The little white Mew giggled, "You talk so funny Uncle Glaurung! And no! I'm not tell'n" she teased.

      Glaurung groaned, "Just like your mother..." he muttered. He had been playing with his nephew and niece all day long and really wanted to get some rest, but they were a dynamic pair of mischief and gave him no end of trouble. And he loved them dearly. "Fine...but once I find him we are going home!" said the black Aerodactyl, his voice identical to Rex's. "Find me too!" she squealed then teleported from sight. "Wait, no!" said Glaurung, but was too late and blinked as Luthien teleported from view.

      He growled in frustration, they had cloaked their psychic signatures, dark typed themselves so they could not be sensed, and made him promise not to feel for their souls. They were too skilled at hide and seek for their own good, and Glaurung knew it.
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