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Party Crashers

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  • Steve
    Franz Schubert s String Quartet No. 13 in A` minor began playing and floated over the sounds of talking and clinking glasses at a formal party in a ornately
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 30, 2013
      Franz Schubert's String Quartet No. 13 in A` minor began playing and floated over the sounds of talking and clinking glasses at a formal party in a ornately decorated marble ballroom as large double wooden doors opened almost on cue and a pair of identical twins walked through the doors and onto a balcony overlooking the gathering. They appeared to be in their late 20`s with short spiked black hair combed sharply back and piercing blue eyes. One wore a black suit with his long black wool coat opened, a white scarf hung around his shoulders and he held a black cane capped with a ruby at its neck that matched his crimson tie and cuff links. He walked forward and flipped his cane up underneath his arm while he placed his free hand on the rail, overlooking the crowd and locked eyes for a moment with a long dark haired woman in a knee high red dress.
      Glancing back at his similarly dressed twin, with the exception of his tie, cane and cuff links being sapphire, he couldn't help but smile as he saw his twin look apprehensively about. "Do try to relax and enjoy our birthday brother, you appear as if you were afraid someone would see us" he said cheerfully, and turning, began to descend the marble stair case exuding confidence and charm as he went. The second twin watched his brother make his entrance and reached for a glass of champagne on a passing waiter's tray "More like, petrified" he said in their indistinguishable same voice and drank like a traveler in a desert before handing the empty glass off to a confused porter at the door with a smile and a nod.
      As the evening drew on, the twin in blue watched as his brother consumed one drink after another and kept company with the lady in red. He meant to keep an eye on him, but soon found himself distracted by the company of other women, but kept the conversation off of himself and was almost stone like to their flirts. Glancing over his shoulder he just caught sight of his twin entering a door off to the side with the lady in red. Excusing himself, he followed at a distance and waited for a few moments outside the closed door before slowly turning the gold handle and entering quietly.
      In the back he could see the couple standing on the balcony with their arms about each other, his brother leaning his head into hers, speaking to her and making her laugh softly before their lips met. After a few long moments the lady opened her eyes to see a six foot long black devil shaped tail with a frill running down it, move lazily behind her new friend's head. She startled slightly as she noticed his eyes changed from blue to red before changing back to their previous blue color. "What is the matter dear?" he asked.
      "You cannot control your liquor, Glaurung" came the answer behind him, and feeling a strong grip on his shoulder he was pulled away from the surprised women and towards the door. "Aw, you should learn to live a little Michael, Shyreen wouldn't mind" he said as he stumbled backwards and silently mouthed "call me" before being drug out the door by his brother's strong grip. Michael turned Glaurung around and glaring at him, put both hands on his shoulders, holding him fast. "You drunken fool, your fortunate she did not scream and ruin our cover" he whispered.
      "Fool? It is you who have blown our cover by dragging me into the publics` eye" he said loudly with a grin and looked over at the crowd gawking at the human with a dragon's tail coming from between his coat tails. Glaurung laughed loudly as he watched as his twin brother was too shocked to talk. He took Michael's head in his hands and kissed his forehead, "happy birthday Michael" before taking a pair of Bourbon glasses from a nearby waiter, too stunned to move, and handed one to Michael as he drained his own then bowed low to the crowd and let his glass fall with a smash. He then turned and strolled for the stairs, taking his coat and both their canes from an old butler, who oddly did not seem surprised, and tossed Micheal's sapphire topped cane over his shoulder high into the air as he headed up the stairs casually. Michael rolled his eyes and drank his own glass before setting it back on the still stunned waiter's tray, who let it fall to the floor, then followed after Glauurng, taking his own coat from the butler. "Good evening to you gentlemen" said the butler.
      Michael nodded as he put on his coat and adjusted a cuff link before reaching out to catch his cane and went up the stairs after Glaurung. Walking side by side, Glaurung, with his tail in tow, reached into his coat pocket but found nothing, "I am in no condition to drive" he said as he opened the door for Michael and they both walked towards the street where a jet black Lamborghini was parked. "And it seems I lost our keys" Michael sighed and threw his arms up before he turning to go back, but paused then turned around to face Glaurung, "I don't know how to drive" said Michael. "You forgot these sir?" called the old butler from the entrance and they both looked to see him holding the car keys.
      Michael and Glaurung glanced at each other before looking back at the old butler, "Like it?" asked Glaurung. "Oh yes sir" said the old butler politely. "It's yours" said Michael, and turning together they walked down the sidewalk. "Do you think they'll let us return?" asked Glaurung with a grin and looking up he spotted the lady in red smiling at him from the balcony and he winked at her as they passed beneath her. "Doesn't matter, because I will not" said Michael in a frustrated voice. Glaurung smiled and was silent for a few moments "cock blocker" he said and gave Michael a shove. "Arrogant bastard" said Michael with a smug smile and shoved him back.
      They turned a corner then Michael suddenly began to shrink in size till he became a jet black Mew with crimson red, snake slit eyes and a long tail with the end half being made of metal with a devil point. His snout was a little longer the a normal Mew's and he had dragon like fangs as well, and touching Glaurung he teleported them both from sight.
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