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Re: {RoL} Re: Shadowsong - Wishful Beginnings

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  • Kelly Talmud
    Kerii watched Cloud s ears flatten, and listened to her laughter. She was beginning to gasp by breath by now. With a sensitive heart, the sky blue Mew floated
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      Kerii watched Cloud's ears flatten, and listened to her laughter. She was beginning to gasp by breath by now. With a sensitive heart, the sky blue Mew floated away from the victim of his tickling. A giggle escaped him as he floated above Cloud. "Not so fun now is it?" He grinned big and proud for getting his revenge.

      Despite being in a boy's body, the Mew still had his old personality, and the instincts of a girl. He had been a girl all his life, and to change bodies now? It would take some getting used to, but that wouldn't change his mindset. He was still sensitive to others, feelings, and he still was kind. His girl instincts still made him attracted to jewelry, small adorable creatures, and even to guys. If a girl were to suddenly be attracted to Kerii, well... he'd feel really disturbed despite being in a boy's body.

      This thoughts led the Mew to ponder about Cloud. The Mew had grown up a male, and had the mindset of a boy. So how would it make her feel if she were to be approached by a female? Would she still be attracted to girls even though she is a girl now? It was all quite confusing, and Kerii had become quite silent because of pondering. He looked at the still giggling mew in front of him. 'Did I giggle that long when I was a girl and got tickled?' It caused the feline to zone out again, and stare at the sky with a puzzled look.

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      Cloud squirmed hopelessly in an effort to escape the tickles. Her gleeful giggles echoed across the closed valley of the villa. "N-No, S-Stop, P-Please!" she mewled amidst her laughter. Every spot he touched felt so ticklish. And being so ticklish was definitely one thing she would NOT miss about being a girl! She also was not fond of being so weak. Maybe weak was not the word. She was smaller.

      Within seconds her ears had drooped low however. The mild amusement from being tickled became frustration. Being beaten in wrestling was not something the young Mew enjoyed. Maybe this had been why Kerii-chan had been so upset? Fair was definitely not so fair when it was one sided. Maybe a more gentle game would be better? Cloud was curious what kind of games… Or things girls like to do?

      `Being a girl is not any fun at all!' she whined silently in the back of her mind while she tried to push him away with her paws. Exploring was exciting. But you could only do that for so long. There simply had to be other ways to pass the time when playing rough was not an option. The flowerbed nearby had begun to smell sweeter since she had been in this body. `I wonder why…?' she had mused.

      And what if the two of them could not switch back? She certainly did not see what could be better about being a girl when you could not even play rough once in a while. Or play with a boy without the risk of being tickled. Or, Or. Well. Everything!

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      Kerii grinned proudly. He would enjoy this. The tables had turned and now Cloud would feel what he had felt when she had tickled him. Already, from the gentle touch of his tail, the pink feline was giggling uncontrollably. "Your turn!" He said cheerfully and began to tickle the light pink belly fur of Cloud. Just as he had before, he could feel her trembling beneath her and giggling from the slight touch of his paws. 'I couldn't throw her off before, so now she can't throw me off. Fair is fair! She could say how it was no fair all she wanted, it was totally fair now!'

      And so the tickling onslaught continued. Starting with the tummy,  and moving to behind the ears, and anywhere he could reach without unpinning Cloud. Kerii remembered the body so well. It was ticklish almost everywhere, and that definitely worked to his advantage when he tickled. It was the one thing he definitely didn't miss about the body. Anything could have made him giggle while in the pink Mew body. The slight brush of a fern on the back his neck even sent him to an uncontrollable laughter. 'If we don't switch back, I suppose there are some good things in store for me!'

    • Kelly Talmud
      Her question caught him off guard, and Kerii stumbled in midair to a halt, as to not crash into the elegant beauty. His tail swished from side to side as he
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        Her question caught him off guard, and Kerii stumbled in midair to a halt, as to not crash into the elegant beauty. His tail swished from side to side as he thought about how to answer. He opened his mouth several times, but no words tumbled from his parted jaws. The words danced around his mind, taunting and on the tip of his tongue, but to say them to the love of his life? Phrase them wrong and she'll fly away screaming and his chances were ruined. As the sky blue tom's mind ran wild with worry, his tail came up to his paws and he began to ring it the way he did when he was nervous.

        'Well you see Cloud my love, in order to have kittens, it is a long complicated process....' Those were the type of thoughts circling his head and it caused him to mentally flail and to physically float there with his eyes shut tightly. 'How vexing this situation is... Maybe I should just be blunt!" Then suddenly the words came from his muzzle almost like a flood. "W-well Cloud... You see. When a female has kittens, it's not exactly an easy time. It hurts and I couldn't stand seeing you in pain. I love you so much, and I'd rather you didn't experience that, because considering what we were before, you shouldn't have to experience anything like that!" Once the words were said, he couldn't take them back. 

        Waves flowed off of him in the form of passion and the desire to protect. He wanted to shield her as much as possible from the last lesson of being a girl, because Cloud didn't deserve that. For all the teasing she had done, she didn't deserve that sort of pain.

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        Cloud rested within his embrace listening to the sound of his heartbeat. Warmth radiated outward from her telepathic abilities into the nearby air to create a calming environment. Her tail twitched only mildly to display her contentment with the situation. When she heard his words, it hardly raised a concern. At least until she felt her beloved pull away from her embrace to leave her to stumble forward slightly.

        Disappointment replaced the serenity in her aura at his moving away when she wished to be close. Yet all the same, the lovely young female Mew floated after Kerii to glide at his side thoughtfully. "Why do you have to act like I am a child, Kerii-chan…?" she asked gliding in-front of him for a moment. "I know it may not be ideal for us to have a family the way we are…" she said with a longer pause to drift behind.

        "But… I know that I do love you, and I want to have children with the person I love. To wait until or if we return to normal simply feels wrong compared to all of that…?" she asked with a hesitant voice to add the suggestion of her question. It was natural after all. How weird or unpleasant could it be to become a mother for their kittens? From the way Kerii reminded her it had sounded as if motherhood was scary.

        Up until now Kerii had been nothing but a perfect gentlemen to a more than vulnerable young lady. She trusted him more than she would never say allowed. And her female instincts viewed him as more than a bit attractive. So naturally she did not understand his hesitation as much since she was timidly willing.

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        In a swift motion, Kerii had the girl against him tightly, his heart thudded in his chest louder than ever before, and he felt as though any creature for miles around would hear it. Warmth radiated off his face like burning flames, and he pressed his head on top of hers, purring loudly. His purr combined with his heartbeat, to form a lovely medley of the two. The medley sounded something like this: purrrrr ba-bump, rrrrrrr ba-bump, purrrrr ba-bump. The purring changed, but the heartbeat was steady. The temp was quick, but the volume was loud. It would warm him from ears to tail tip if she commented on it, but he said nothing to invigorate a response of the sort. Instead he replied, "I could only be a father of your kittens Cloud... never forget that."

        Then, he pulled himself away, never let go of her hand, and began to lead her back towards where they left her parents. Kerii knew that he had to get Cloud's "parents" to agree to them being together before he did anything. It was customary, and something he had been taught when they were around when he was younger. His father always said bring the boy home first. Kerii was doing as they said, he's going home to see them to get their approval. He chuckled quietly, which wasn't smart because he was still purring, and he coughed slightly. He covered his mouth with a paw, but smiled after the tremors passed, and beamed at the love of his "immortal" life.

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