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Re: Paradise Valley - The Crystal Lakes

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  • Timeless Wanderer
    Swimming through the lake had quickly caught the attention of another Pokémon much unlike Nylo as he pulled the fish to the shore. It was a girl. And she
    Message 1 of 41 , Oct 13, 2011
      Swimming through the lake had quickly caught the attention of another Pokémon much unlike Nylo as he pulled the fish to the shore. It was a girl. And she certainly was not too impressed by the `thief' who had stolen her breakfast right out from under her fins. Like, had he not even seen her meters away. Hmm, it must have been in his blind spot. But it did not make it acceptable to steal other people's breakfast! No matter how accidental!

      "That Magikarp was mine!" hollered the young female Mudkip as she leapt out from the lake onto the shores seconds after Nylo had begun to dig into his meal. "I chase it out of its cove, I wore it out! Just who do you think you are anyway?!" she asked with a rather forward tone of voice. Not wasting a second in moving toward him real close, nearly till both of them had their noses touching. She would certainly not lose breakfast to a boy.

      OOC: It is fine. And what better way to begin the morning than this!

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      Mid February was the time. The valley was thawing from a cold winter, and pokemon were already hard at work foraging. On the nothern side of the lake were a couple of rambunctious eevees, and some poliwag were hard at work foraging for berries. Towards the southern side of the lake, it was slightly marshy, the perfect setting for mud fish pokemon like Mudkip and Whooper. So far, no whooper had surfaced from the mud, but there were a couple of Mudkip already up and splashing about.

      One excited Mudkip rose from the mud and wiggled himself from head to toe, splashing mud all over his surroundings. Not that it mattered, for he soon launched himself into another mud pit, and rose with mud dripping down his face. He grinned and shook his head, getting the mud all over the newly growing grass, and a passing starly, that screeched angrily at the mudkip. He shrugged and then threw a mud ball at the starly. This ticked it off further, and it chased him into the lake. He dove under the surface and hid under water, until he was certain the bird was gone.

      Fish swimming by aroused the mudkip's stomach and it growled. A magikarp would make a lovely meal for a newly awakened mud fish. The blue pokemon cut through the water swiftly, chasing a magikarp away from the others, and continued to swim after it. After many minutes of going in circles while chasing the fish, The Mudkip grabbed the karp, and launched itself out of the water, and into the mud.  He gobbled up the muddy fish and grinned. Today was starting out as a good day.

      The Mudkip's name was Nylo, and he was ready for a good competition. A race across the lake, which pokemon can shoot a water gun higher into the sky, or who could catch a fish faster. Nylo was a competitive pokemon, as many others had learned in previous seasons. He'd lived at Paradise Valley his whole life, and trained himself to be the best mud fish around. Nobody, so far, had been able to beat him.

      OOC: does that work? I tried to do a good setting description, but I don't think that came out to well...
    • Kelly Talmud
      The Mudkip had to move, but do what? There was nothing he could do. Senzou was coming at him, and he was too exhausted to make evasive maneuvers, unless....
      Message 41 of 41 , Feb 11, 2012
        The Mudkip had to move, but do what? There was nothing he could do. Senzou was coming at him, and he was too exhausted to make evasive maneuvers, unless.... Sazu glanced at the ground. 'Its my only chance!' Closing his eyes tightly, Sazu darted forward and flew himself onto the ice. He slid across the frozen ground as if it were mud. He opened his eyes as he slid across the ground. The world around him was a blur. It felt like Senzou would squash him instead of beat him to a pulp.

        That was until he saw Nyera. 'Loose? In front of her? She'll tease me forever about it!' And with that thought in his head, Sazu raised his skull, and opened his mouth, unleashing a water gun right towards his attacker. One thought raised across the blue pokemon's mind, 'Let's end this now!'

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        With the sandstorm finally stopping Senzou was able to see if his focus blast hit it's target, which to his amazement it did but what surprised the Bisharp even more was the the Mudkip was still standing and even taunting him. Looking from the branch he was perched from he leaped back down the ground this time being weary of any of the ice that was created. "Is that all I got?"Senzou laughed at Sazu's remark." Look at you, you can barely stand but if you insist I guess I can try and make this easy for you just to make it fair....So here I come".

        With Senzou's words finished he starting running right towards Sazu preparing another night slash on his target, -I'm coming right at him if he can still battle I'm open for an attack- was the only thought that ran through Senzou's mind as he ran forward towards Sazu for a head on collision.

        --- In Realm_light@yahoogroups.com, Kelly Talmud <im2smart4dad@...> wrote:
        > Sazu could hear nothing as he listened to the whipping sandstorm. When the environment changed underfoot, he quickly regained his footing. Ice was slippery, but he was a water type. It would be embarrassing if he couldn't walk on an element that he could create.  He stood completely still, feeling for something, anything! But everything was blind to him. He couldn't attack, but he couldn't defend either. Everything was muffled, and he couldn't feel any vibrations. The fin on the top of his head is what alerted him to the oncoming Focus Blast. There was no way the Mudkip could dodge it.
        > He closed his eyes and braced himself. He curled into a little ball and closed his eyes and mouth tightly. The ground around him shook, and he was thrown off his feet. He hit the ice hard and groaned in pain. Then came the second round of pain. He let out a sharp cry as it felt like he was hit with a thousand blows. Sazu could feel his energy draining out of him, but he forced himself to his paws shakily. His breathing was heavy, and as the sand storm began to clear, it revealed the mudkip, bruised and bloody, but still standing. Sazu raised his head, with a snarl on his face. "Is that all you got!" He gasped out. He was exhausted, but he would never admit it. He was the proud type, and would not admit to failure easy, unless it was to a girl that didn't get on his nerves. Nyera definitely did not fit that description. She got on his every last nerve.
        > ________________________________
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        > Senzou's strike only seemed to graze Sazu as the Bisharp noticed at the last
        > moment that his target had used the surrundings to his advantage. -Lucky little
        > Mudkip- Senzou thought to himsel. As the Bisharp turned to adjust himself to his
        > sandstorm Senzou noticed the water coming at him. Not being able to side step it
        > all Senzou took a bit of sazu's hit but. "Good move Sazu, using the environment
        > to your advantage...looks like I underestimated you" was all Senzou said as he
        > shok some of the water off himself.
        > -The rhythem of my storm seems to be changing in current slightly- was all the Bisharp could think, as Nyera's ice made the ground somewhat slippery under Senzou he lost his footing a bit which made him drop to one knee. "Whats the this?" Senzou muttered trying to gain some footing on the ice, "This portion of the ground is un fightable for me...my only choice is to head up". The Bisharp
        > knew that this new ice field was a disadvantage to him and with that in mind
        > Senzou knew he had to do something to get the battle back in his favor. Leaping on the lower branch on the tree near him Senzou leaped up to the middle branches to prepare his own attack of a Focus Blast. -Now lets hope this hits- was all that he could think of as Senzou released the blast of energy blindly into the blazing sandstorm.
        > --- In Realm_light@yahoogroups.com, "Timeless Wanderer" <timeless_quest@> wrote:
        > >
        > > Listening for any sound of a successful strike, Nyera pouted in silent annoyance when she could not hear a thing other than the scuffle on shore. It was not as if she were stupid enough to venture onto the shore where she would be susceptible to two far stronger boys. But there were lots of other opportunities for fun! And so without a moment's thought she opened her mouth wide to unleash a beautiful beam of ice aimed toward the shore. Although not aimed high but at the mud.
        > >
        > > Combination of the sand and water had created the perfect damp ground for a thin sheet of pure ice. It was the perfect environment to have the two boys tripping over themselves from lack of traction while she held the advantage out in the water. Or at least that way the way she imagined.
        > >
        > > --- In Realm_light@yahoogroups.com, Kelly Talmud <im2smart4dad@> wrote:
        > >
        > > Sazu was instantly blinded by the whipping sand, and he could barely hear things going on around him. That's when he felt the ground. Being smaller and lighter than the Bisharp, he could feel vibrations. He felt the steel Pokemon running right towards him. The Mudkip steadied himself, ready for a quick dodge, when he heard the distant sound of water coming closer. He realized it was a water gun. As the water hit the sandstorm, particles entered the water and it turned to mud. Sazu dared to open his eyes, and he realized, he had hesitated too long. Senzou was right on top of him. Without a moment's hesitation, he  shoved himself to the ground and slid on the drying mud. He felt scales being ripped off his body, but he definitely didn't want to feel Senzou's blow.
        > >
        > > As the Mudkip came out on the other side of Senzou, he swung himself around and water gun towards the back of Senzou. A stinging sensation entered Sazu's eyes, and he squeezed them shut. He was reverted to feeling vibrations to figure out where his opponent was.
        > >

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