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Re: Mew Island - Revenge of Time

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  • Steve
    ooc: More from Mew and I Luthien felt awkward and embarrassed from the way Raven was disrespecting her Father, this was so unlike him compared to how he had
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      ooc: More from Mew and I

      Luthien felt awkward and embarrassed from the way Raven was disrespecting her Father, this was so unlike him compared to how he had first met her minutes ago. She blinked her pink eyes at his sudden teleportation behind her, but when he kissed her she felt even more awkward and did not like it at all, and she moved immediately away from him "Stop it! Leave me alone!" she said in a raised voice and rushed over behind her Father's ankle, hugging it for protection as she looked back at him cautiously.
      Alarm, anger and pity immediately filled Rex's aura and he gently picked up the small Mew clutching him, concealing her in his large paws. He stared at Raven, frowning, for a moment, and then handed his daughter to her Mother and with a thought, teleported both himself and Raven outside of the cave so that they were standing on the long endless sandy beach of the lake which was miles from his cave.
      He stared in silence at the Mew for a moment, then transformed from the massive pink dragon into a jet black, red eyed Mew, whipping his tail on completion of his transformation. He was still frowning, but his composure changed as if a new thought had crossed his mind, and he folded his paws and smiled at the young male as the anger left his aura. "You must think my daughters are very pretty, do you not?" he said as the sharp pointed end of his metallic tail lazily whipped slowly about behind his black form.
      "Raven, you seem like a bright young lad, but you are too young to be trying to court my daughters, as are they, but if you wait till you are older than I would probably be quite happy to you let you date them. Why don't you come back tomorrow? I am sure they would be happy to play with you then."

      Raven blinked his eyes with mild curiosity at the other Mew. And then this entire body began to glow with a brilliant golden radiance. His reform returned to that of a female although her youthful physique remained. For one as old as Raven maintaining a transformation for long periods of time was merely a trivial task to endure. "You will allow?" she asked with a faint laughter. The intonations of the laughter, however, did not reflect the innocence of a child but rather echoed with hints of madness. Her aura had also begun to fill with an utter darkness cloaked in the unmistakable dragon typing Rex would recognize.
      "Why would I require the permission of a mere child concerning who I choose to quell my whimsical or playful desires?" she giggled with a faint pause of speech. "Perhaps it is their father who requires some time to mature… If he continues to issue dictates to a goddess without proper decorum…" she added before vanishing from sight to appear a few feet in the air. The stench of her traitorous kin that covered the other Mew formed a bond of instant hatred between herself and the protective father. Her patience wore thin. She despised those who did not acknowledge her status as a lady or founder of the Seekers.
      It was Raven who was the twin sister of the Seer Tribe's original founder. She had been born with the natural affinity to bend space itself due to the divine status of her father. However, her twin brother had been born of another father who ruled the realm of time. It was therefore only natural for her and her twin to move from age to age in a bitter rivalry forged by their fathers long before their births. And now that rivalry had been rekindled by the release of the two millennia old Mew into this time and space.

      The black Mew did not blink at her words or transformation, but wondered what he was suddenly up against since she felt like himself, only deeper, and older. Rex considered his words for a few moments since he knew he was outmatched and suddenly trapped. He could not go back to his cavern, this thing would follow him, and for reasons of either pride or madness, she had taken a strong hatred to him, which he could see in her eyes. If she hated him for pride, getting out would be easy since they all want the same thing, submission and flattery. Although if she were like he sensed, Rex cursed. She was mad.
      And there would be no reasoning with them, only way to calm a madman was to overpower them, or give them what they wanted. She wanted Luthien which he could not allow. And once again he found himself again outmatched by yet another crazed and evil Mew, worse than Falcon or that Spiritus. He thought it curious for such a lack of Mews in the world there was no shortage or wanting of evil or insanity among them. And somehow they always came to him..."How may I serve you then? My Lady" asked Rex politely, really not wanting any broken bones and no small level of fear showed in his aura.

      Raven perked her ears when she sensed the fear in his aura and heard his response. Allowing her tail to sway freely at her side she relented from her hatred for a moment. "You are wiser than you appeared a moment ago…" she giggled quietly as she hovered over the lake to view her reflection. "However… Your fear is misplaced young child…" she paused to blink her large eyes up at Rex faintly as she glanced up toward the sky. "For a lady does not need to resort to physical violence, I should trust my fowl kin whose stench covers your body would have instructed you in such a simple concept…" she purred quietly.
      "As for yourself, I wish to obtain only insights of which you may be suited to provide… I merely wish to learn more about the fowl Mew to whom you spoke earlier…" she paused with a creeping darkness in her aura as she studied the other Mew momentarily. "Has dear Falcon continued his efforts to purge the world of that which he believes is the inferiors…? And if that is true…" she purred with a pause to hold her sadistic laughter. "I wonder why a handsome male such as yourself has escaped his blind vision…?" she asked as she teleported to his side to examine his scent with a hiss at the lingering scent of Falcon.

      Rex listened to her words. He really did not want to get caught between the fight of two Mews who could alter space, time, and himself. But he was sure if held any loyalties to Falcon. He really had not made up his mind on that yet, wanting to wait to see how Falcon ruled before judging him. Feeling it could not hurt to tell her anything, since everything he knew was public, she would find out eventually.
      "It pleases me to know you fancy me so, my Lady. And he has, and he has decided to spare Glaurung and myself to test whether a male can be truly compassionate and loving, or not... I myself have reserved judgment on whether he is right or not. I feel myself to ignorant to hold an opinion on the matter... Though I do know of two of my kind who proved otherwise, though one of them is now dead" he said.

      Raven smiled faintly upon hearing his response. Her suspicions confirmed. "Oh? What a fruitless waste of time in the false guise of a trial… Males are incapable of such concepts as females are incapable of not displaying those tendencies from time to time…" she purred quietly with a low laughter. "And it is the absence of those traits within males that allows some males to rise above their circumstances…" she added as she considered his senseless flattery, and compared his constant fearfulness to a female child.
      "Although I suppose I shall reward you for describing these events…" she thought aloud. The vile dragon typing within her fragile aura began to overwhelm the psychic part of her being. A light pale pink aura began to shimmer around her body. "And what gift could be more precious than the gift of time…? Your opportunity to avoid waiting to merely fail an unreasonable trial…" she asked rhetorically as the tip of her tail whipped forward to touch Rex on his forehead with faint pressure. From her aura shot a bolt of her telekinetic and draconic energy that passed from the tip of her tail into the unsuspecting Mew.
      From there the spatial power surged into Rex with painful sensations. His size diminished rapidly until he stood shorter than either of his two twin daughters. All of his distinctive masculine traits rapidly began to slip away into the gentle feminine contours. Eight tiny teats pushed themselves out to the surface of Rex's fur, as the last signs of a former manhood vanished between her legs. Reality itself bent around the kitten to change the former adult into a fragile, youthful, female kitten barely old enough to abstain from a mother's nursing. It was then that the aura faded from around the incredibly young new kitten.
      "And you may consider this alteration my act of forgiving your treasonous interactions with dear Falcon, interrupting my engagements with your lovely daughters, and you're less than formal prior tone…" she purred. Her tail slipped beneath Rex's chin to raise her adorable face up so that Rex could properly show her gratitude for having been forgiven by the vengeful goddess who had done far worse to other Mews.

      Mild alarm and sadness filled Rex as he began to transform and when she had finished she did not look at Raven and turned her head away, averting her tear stained eyes to the side as emotion and sadness swelled in her. She had more fear in her then before now, but not towards Raven. She now feared her complete inability to protect her family who this evil Mew who doubtless was going to make them the next target of her sick and twisted game, and she remained silent, not even wanting to give her the words she knew her inflated pride craved. Her thoughts turned to Glaurung, though she knew he could not reverse this, she did not trust any other then the former villain to look after her family, and though her link with him had been greatly lessened by Thorondor, they could still feel all aspects, thoughts and memories of each other when they wished and there was no need to use telepathy between them since the black dragon already understood all that had transpired as if it had happened to himself.

      Raven smiled darkly as she sensed the increased sorrow and fear from the kitten. She cared little for whom it was directed. "You are speechless I see, an excellent trait for a young lady…" she chuckled with her tail slipping away from the kitten's chin. "And soon you will learn to not interfere in the relationships of your two lovely daughters, or should I say sisters? For the love of a young girls' heart resides merely within the ability of the male to provide for herself and her future family…" she spoke with a soft soothing voice. All of the while she was delighted by the suffering she sensed from the other female.
      "Although… Perhaps I could allow you to return to your former self…" she mused thoughtfully while her tail entwined itself around her body in a brilliant spiral. "All that I would require…" she waited to allow the hope to build in the young girls' heart. "For you to safely deliver the detached head of dear Falcon" she mused thoughtfully. "Or for you to submit as my mate once you have come of age to bear a lovely set of kittens whom you will raise until their first birthday….!" She laughed to add salt to Rex's wounds.

      The small black kitten shuddered somewhere between terror and anger as her metal tail, now too heavy for her to lift, fell with a clang on a rock beside her. She held the barbed tip, pressing her head against it as she fought back powerful temptations for self pity, that she had missed the birth of her daughters, reunited with them, and now lost her place as head and Father of her family. She wished she had Glaurung with her more than ever now, though the half spirit had sought her destruction most her life, even then he had never failed to protect her when she was in danger as a small male in his childhood.
      Rex sniffed as some involuntary tears squeezed out as she discovered her now heightened sense of feminine emotion and sensitivity took greater will to control. Her small mind had trouble processing her adult intellect, but she opened her large red eyes and tried to think of what Raven would want. "I…never tol-told Falcon…that I would o…o…listen to him. He is not my...master. Change me back, and I will promise to do…what you say. I just want my family to be safe…and to be their daddy"

      Raven mused with delight as she listened to the female child stutter. It was merely a testament to the superior power of space over that of her pitiful brother who could not warp minds as her own. "Oh? And what might a cute young lady, such as yourself, have to offer a goddess? Hmm, little one?" she asked with a single paw on her hip as she stared down at the kitten. She enjoyed adding salt to the new female kitten's fresh wounds by reminding her constantly of her diminulative and new inferior feminine stature.
      "No? I believe I shall leave you as you are for now, a couple of years maturing as a young lady should let you learn your place in this world… Or have you forgotten so soon how rude you were earlier when I was playing with your lovely daughter? You were quite infuriating… Can you say I-N-F-U-R-I-A-T-I-N-G now little one?" she asked leaning in closer in an effort to humiliate the kitten with such a word. She had nothing to gain from another servant; soon she would have all the servants that she could desire.

      The kitten closed her eyes and was quiet for a few moments, much of the fear passed from her aura, though not all, and she slowly set down her tail as she gather her thoughts. ~Servants are plentiful…trust is rare. You have no servants you can truly trust, I can give you truthful advice you can trust. I am only half Mew. I am the last Aerodactyl as well…If that is not enough, though I could not deliver you Falcon since he trusts me not, I could give you Thorondor.~ she sent and crossed her arms, holding herself as if guilt of betrayal had suddenly chilled her. ~I know his weakness, and his nature~ she sent though her voice was not soft young girls, but the deep, strong and ruff one of her former self. Rex knew better then to try to lie to her, as she could not hide it in her young aura, and though she highly doubted Raven would do anything other than mock her, she felt it was worth a try. ~my own weakness is my family…~

      Raven shook her head disapprovingly. Her tail rose from beneath Rex's chin to her forehead to push the small kitten backward hard enough to knock her to her bottom. "Faith in others is a weakness; I do not have need for confidents or informants, lest those who would betray their closest friends to suit their own interests…" she spoke with a harsher tone of voice. One intended to strike a chord with the kitten's new more volatile instincts. Her opinion of the runt remained low, remaining only to humiliate the child.
      "Perhaps I should use smaller words… Is it that you hate the body I have made for you so much that you will betray your friends?" she said with her voice shifting to darkened musings. Her tail brushed down Rex's inner torso to tease the undeveloped yet sensitive new teats. The tip ended at her waist before she pulled her tail back to her side thoughtfully. "I think this experience will be an excellent punishment for a naughty little girl?" she said not allowing Rex to leave until she learned her place as a female kitten.
      "Or do you not believe the garbage that my worthless brother spews? His notion that anyone, whether male or female, would willingly choose the latter once familiar with the vulgar female body?" she said with a sneer. It was laughable in her opinion, and the reason she typically remained in male guise for her dealings with others. "As you and your daughters will soon learn, your place is a submissive mate to a male who can protect your families… You have failed that duty this day through your poor choices, so you will never have the right to be called a father nor a male….!" She added to teach the child a lesson.

      Fresh tears stung in Rex's eyes, and surprise at the extent of her physical weakness and frailty, but she refused to cry this time "Your both wrong and, and" she said and shook her head in frustration, ~I lack clarity of speech and my mind begins to fail me… Though for what you and Falcon have done I will never tell you or your wretched brother your faults. Fool. Believe your own lies if you will, and live in them to your folly. I will never tell you your sins and you are blind guides, ignorant and lost. White washed tomb full of dead bones. If I live to see him I will beg my friend's forgiveness, traitor I be~ she sent before standing back up, "you're a monster, revolting and not worth even a traitor's pity. Go and live the life you've chosen, or strike me down if you think yourself male enough you self fulfilling fraud." She said.

      Raven shook her head once more at the childish rant. "Sins are for those who believe in gods, child, but perhaps you have not quite grasped the situation…" she said as she teleported Rex into the air in front of herself and held the kitten in place with psychic. Her mind acutely applying pressure to the small of the kitten's back, as though it were her paw, to prevent any resistance. And then with a single swift paw she delivered three firm and forceful swats to the kitten's rear; each hard enough to leave a deep sting.
      "A monster, am I? Why thank you… Although you are mistaken, I am not a male…" she responded with an obvious tone in her voice. "And so I shall respond to your childishness as any other female living upon this island will respond toward you from now on, through discipline…" she added sending a momentarily image of Serina merely to confirm the inclusiveness of her statement as she spoke. "I had even given consideration of returning you to normal if you passed a simple little test… But now, hmm…" she said.
      "In two months time the annual coming of age ceremony takes place, I might have considered returning you to normal if you proved yourself a refined young lady there for all… Then asked for your old self to be returned, in the process discrediting my worthless brother…" she paused to let the kitten listen. "Of course, such an offer would have only been extended to one who is capable of acting like a charming young lady… And you have proven quite the opposite…" she added curious to see the others' response.
      She had much to accomplish this day. So spending any more time with a child was pointless. In her mind the ancient Mew was content leaving Rex to suffer for the rest of her life as a female, to be raised as a lady by her former mate, to be mated by a dispassionate male, and to become a mother herself. But in her whimsical nature she cared equally less about returning Rex to normal, provided her brother was humiliated in the process. She learned long ago actions were far worse than physical hits to her sibling.

      Rex didn't even flinch when she was spanked and wanted to take her own turn to smirk and mock Raven, but decided it was too dangerous to try…Raven might take it out on her daughters. "I've been beaten regularly, electrocuted, had my skin peeled from my muscle, all my bones broken, and tortured more then I want to remember…I lack many things, but tolerance for pain it not among them. So unless you're going to chop me into pieces or gouge out my eye, leave me alone you fool. I know you will never change me back and by now I must be boring someone of so gre-…great an intel—smart?" she sighed.

      Raven sighed as she used her psychic to place the kitten on the ground. "You do not grasp the concept of torture until you undergo the things I have seen…" she said softly before transmitting a single second of images beyond horror from her brief encounters in the realm of space where her father dwelled. "It is as I said before child, I shall not harm you physically nor do I have any intention of harming your lovely daughters or mate…" she explained before floating up into the air to hover in place for a moment.
      "Although I shall caution you against such behavior in the future for they are unbefitting for a proper young lady… And for your actions here today I see no cause to reverse my judgment, if you wish to be civil for a young lady, you may seek me out when the full moon comes in seven nights… In that time I advise you to give consideration to my offer and be willing to prove your capability, for I never give one a third opportunity… And if you decline you may well spend your entire life as a lowly female…" she said.

      Rex did not raise her eyes as Raven spoke, but once she saw the pained images in her mind that Raven endured. She was surprised at what she saw, it was almost as if Raven was a kindred spirit in a way, and maybe she wasn't as insane as he first judged…others called him insane, since he shared a mind with Glaurung. Hope sparked in the young girl, and her ears perked forward "Wait! Please wait! I…I, I did not know what you've been through…" said the black kitten as she stood on her hinds and her tail tried to naturally whip behind her, but only bumped a few inches since she could not hoist the weight naturally.
      "I said much, and rashly, please forgive me…we have more in common then I thought. Maybe if we had met in another life, we would have been friends…please change me back" she said as she folded her paws in front of her and bowed her head, "I know I can't offer you anything you desire…but please change me back. I feel as if I am losing more than myself if you leave" she said as humbly as she could. Then lifted her head, but glanced down as if she just got an idea, "I will not sacrifice my daughters, but in return, if either of them truly did love you or your family I would give them my approval if they asked for it" he said trusting she understood how much it meant to a daughter who wanted her father's blessing.

      Raven hesitated for a split second before she vanished from view. Her form reappeared behind Rex in an instant too fast for even an ordinary adult to process. And then her tail whipped forward to touch at the back of Rex's neck, stopping a half centimeter from her fur with perfect agility learned over eons. It was then the same dragon energy pulsated through her tail and into the young kitten. Rex could feel her entire body begin to burn once more as the spatial energy began to warp her body for the second time.
      Slowly the young kitten appeared to mature in age for what felt like minutes for Rex but actually took only seconds. And as Raven pulled her tail away to teleport into the air once more, the former virtual baby had matured into kitten nearing maturation. Her physical features as a female were more distinct than minutes ago. All of her furs were a softer stroke with matted gloss. Physically her body resembled the rolling curves of a young adult female, allowing enough strength for her to easily lift her metallic tail.
      "As you asked politely, I have lessened your punishment… Go now home to refine the skills befitting a lovely young lady…" she paused for a moment to send an image of Rex to the kitten. "You will now be of proper age to partake in the Coming of Age Ceremonies in two months time, enter and be named Lady of the Ceremonies… If at that time you wish to return to your male body I shall oblige, fail and you shall spend the rest of your life living in the shadow of other females who surpassed you that day…" she said.
      And then she vanished from sight entirely. Her aura leaving a lasting message, ~To be named Lady of the grand Ceremonies you will have to discover on your own what distinguishes a wench from a Great Lady, no one else will be able to aid you aside from providing proper training in poise and edicate… Fair well, young child…~ Raven's voice departed leaving the kitten alone with her thoughts. And only able to now return to her family as a young female, suited more as a teenage babysitter than their proper parent.

      Rex looked at her paws and discovered that she could lift her tail, and seeing the huge lake near her home, she teleported to its side and stared into it. She was still covered in pitch black fur. Her body, shoulders, hips and thighs all held gentle feminie curves now, but her ears still came to sharp points and her eyes were still blood red with black slits from her Aerodactyl genes. Still having a male's soul, she knew what they found attractive and she could almost hear the insults of snake and worm still coming because of her appearance. She did not know how she could win the ceremonies, Raven didn't even make her attractive, and she did not know what Raven thought a Great Lady was. She only knew what she found admirable in females when she was a male.

      She watched as ripples started from her reflection and moved out before realizing it was her tear drop that caused it. Rex forced herself to stop the tears, her emotions had been heightened from being a male, but she would not be ruled by them. She stared out over the lake, unsure of what to do, unsure of who she was or how her family would react and tried to think of how she could return to her previous form.

      Sadness radiated outward from Michelle as the collimation of all her diminished abilities and emotional instabilities hindered her ability to control her own aura. It echoed across the air like the ripples that ran across the surface of the water. And the only Pokémon within the area who was able to sense her aura found himself drawn to the area cautiously. His fur was colored hazel brown with a few bands of white running down the length of his back to the handsome tip of his tail that was slightly longer than average.

      Flitting behind a tree with his aura entirely suppressed from view, the male studied Michelle quietly for a moment to gain an understanding for her sadness. It was only after a moment or two that he flitted over her head, out of sight, to descend a couple of feet in front of her to prevent cause for fear. "Pardon my intrusion, milady, but I could not help but notice that something is troubling you…?" he asked with a softer tone of voice. His markings resembled those of the islanders related to Julius but mildly distinct.

      "I mean… You are not truly as you appear now, are you, milady?" he asked with an innocent tone. From only a glance he saw she was beautiful. Her gentle curves and striations blended with her soft black fur to highlight the tears within her eyes. And despite such beauty she appeared to lack feminine poise. The way she held her shoulders straight rather than sloped, the way she perked her ears despite her sorrow, and the way her feet dangled over the shore of the riverbed unaware of proper form for a young lady.

      Reason was a door to many things in this world. A keen eye for details allowed even the youngest to see beyond the surface of her youthful female guise to note her truer self that intrigued him mildly. Her odd absence of poise and confidence despite the upbringing one would expect for one so lovely suggested to him that she was among the other males on the island transformed into ladies. And her quiet response when an ordinary yearling would panic suggested she was older than she appeared. It was elementary

      Rex was flabbergasted by the male's sudden appearance. Rex had only been a Mew for two days now, and a female for a few minutes, but in that time he had seen his very young daughters being courted though they were much too young, and now this male was trying to get acquainted with her?! She could not help with all that she had experienced that if Mew were a truly a magnificent and disturbed species. "What is wrong with you? You ask though you are the same as myself, a male trapped in female guise" she said, her voice feminine, though just slightly deeper, smoother and fuller then females normally was. "And I can transform as well…" she said and she grew taller, her muscles expanded and features sharpened while her stare became hard and masculine as she finished transforming into her previous self. The end of his metallic tail made a buzzing sound and spun as fast as a drill for a moment. "I was one of only three males on this island until recently. So stay away from me, I have no interest in a female who desires her own sex" said Rex, his voice now astonishingly deep and ruff.

      Sage blinked his eyes with surprise when Michelle suddenly began to furiously lecture his concerns. One of his paws lifted defensively to quell her frustration. "Well… Yesterday, I was the same as you... A male living within a female body due to that vile Mew Falcon from the Seer tribe…" he said with a long pause to calm her emotions. "But our founder has been reborn, Lady Raven has changed many of us Seekers to our former selves…" he said floating back a couple of feet to give her some space if she so did desire.

      "Please do not mistake my intentions; I was merely concerned when I felt your sadness nearby… I know all too well the discomfort of knowing a transformation is only temporary, or having to think of what will come in the future…" he added in an effort to comfort the distraught young lady. Yes, he felt Michelle was lovely although he equally did not enjoy a female speaking with such a tone. It was not that he felt himself superior to her by any means but he felt it did not suit her lovely composition to act so rashly.
      "May we begin anew? My name is Sage, of the Seeker Tribe, may I have your name?" he asked calmly.

      Irritation showed on Rex's face, and he showed his fangs, which were not like any Mews, but dragon like and he hovered up so he was looking down at the smaller Mew. "You are thinking that I cannot stay transformed forever, and will have to get used to being a female eventually. Then clever Sage, who had such a foresight, wisely got on my good side so that when I accepted my femininity I would swoon for him first. Well, Sage, I can stay transformed long enough to wipe the floor with you. I will keep my real name to myself, you can call me Rex. I am the son of Morgrin, the King of the Seer Tribe, the only non Mew ever to rule our species and this Island over 4000 years ago and I will not be female forever" as he spoke, an 18 foot black Aerodactyl teleported behind Sage with his arms folded and his black, hole filled wings wrapped about himself. "Michael?" asked Glaurung, to which Rex's eyes flashed red light in anger for a moment. "Fool" he hissed at Glaurung.

      Sage did not flinch a muscle when he observed this female Mew bearing his teeth in hostility. "Silence!" he spoke with a voice as solid as a stone. "I know well of the dragon Morgrin and based upon those facts alone I know you are Michael…" he said with the same firm tone of voice. "But one thing I can assure is I could care less for whether you accept your femininity or swoon over other males…" he snapped with a powerful sense developing within his aura which expanded and contracted like a healthy set of muscles.

      "I wished ONLY to speak to attempt to comfort one of my own kind who appeared saddened; although it appears you are as conceited and unrefined as so many other females upon this island…" he said as his tone softened slightly with a disappointed sigh. "So you shall either act civilized or I can depart, you may have a beautiful appearance but male or female I am afraid your manners are quite the opposite…" he said careful to avoid `milady' fearing it would anger her more when his interest had dwindled entirely.
      Naturally he had surmised her intentions for the upcoming ceremony, it had been the same condition he had heard from several other females upon the island. But to imagine Michelle the victor was laughable.

      The black Mew's eyes flashed a red glow again and red electricity cracked and ran over his body, and it seemed he was about to outright attack the hazel Mew when suddenly Glaurung reached his tail out in a flash and quickly coiled the angry, and now surprised, feline up in its end and placed him in his massive paws where he held him tight. The giant Aero stepped infront of the other Mew and bowed at the waist for a moment before straitening up. "Please accept our apologies Master Sage, Michelle is not herself or feeling well-" he said, his voice an exact copy of Rex's, and paused to cover Rex's mouth, who looked ready to shout, with a finger. Glaurung felt Rex's sharp fangs pierce into his skin for a moment, but he did not even flinch.

      "If thou wouldst allow us but a minute" he said and teleported about fifty meters away, where they could be seen but not heard. The massive dragon placed the black, fit to be tied, Mew before him and pointed at him, then his freshly bitten finger as he spoke. They exchanged fast and heated words for a short while, then the black Mew hung his head as he decreased in size, changing back into a female as the Aerodactyl before her smiled and folded his arms and said a few more words before petting her gently and lifting her chin to give her a small nuzzle on top of her head.

      Glaurung teleported them both back over to Sage and bowed again, "My Apologies again Master Sage, I forgot to tell thee my name, Glaurung at your service, though I am Tribeless for now. Michelle would like to tell thee something" he said as he bowed once more, then stood up strait and folded his arms. Michelle had fresh tears in her eyes and sniffed once before whipping them with a paw, and her body posture was now of standing with her feet together, shoulders down and holding her paws in front of her as she starred at the ground in front of her. "I am sorry for my behavior, and I thank you for your concern…" she said and sniffed once more before looking into his sky blue eyes.

      Sage sighed quietly as he nodded politely before their departure but used the opportunity to teleport up stream certain item. When the dragon returned with Michelle within feminine guise however he did feel mildly surprised at how quickly the lovely female had changed her disposition. "You are quite welcome, I also wish to apologize for my interruption when you perhaps only wished to be left alone…?" he asked a moment before he glided down a bit closer to prevent it from feeling like they were entire strangers.

      "I merely believed company would be better than isolation, so on that tender note would milady honor me with her presence for breakfast…?" he offered teleporting two exceptionally rare fish he had caught in a secret spot during their absence. "I would not wish for Miss Michelle to be hungry although I should also reaffirm my prior intentions to do so only as friends…" he said quietly not wishing to offend the lady by sending the odd messages or by directly commenting upon his shear disproval of her earlier attitude.

      Regardless of one's sex such conversations were uncivilized and unbefitting for anyone of noble birth. In truth, countless females adored his presence on the island that it grew boring at times. All he desired at the moment was a lady who acted accordingly but was not afraid to be herself, one who wished to have a large family, and preferred an intelligent conversation to swooning over each other's physical traits.

      The Mew looked up at the dragon, with a worried expression, and he smiled in reply. "A pleasure to meet thee Master Sage, I must be going now since my errands will not wait" said Glaurung before bowing again." Glaurung had began to catch a new scent coming from her, and felt it was best that they had some time alone, as long as necessary, for Michelle to learn about being a lady and he knew her scent would be a temptation for Sage, but Glaurung felt that maybe even Michelle mating could be beneficial if it made her more comfortable in time for the ceremony. He almost chucked at the thought of what he was leaving Michelle too before teleporting away. Michelle felt some relief, knowing that Glaurung was seeing to it that her family was safe, and she knew it would be better if he explained her situation to them first instead of the shock of her just showing up, and it gave her time to explore how to behave with her opposite sex.

      I would, she said thinking of how she had not eaten for more then a few hours. She hovered one over to herself, and remembering watching Sarayu and now Sirena eat daintily, held it, nibbling at it between her paws, imitating them as best she could. She was surprised how naturally her behavior was coming to her, it felt less forced and more like it was happening on its own and helped her grow more comfortable, though she did keep a very sharp eye on herself to be sure her body was never in an immodest pose.

      Sage smiled softly as he watched her begin to eat with elegance. He wondered how she felt toward men in her current state. "Pardon my rudeness milady but why do you wish to fit in so much with other ladies when you were born to stand out…?" he asked quietly beginning with a difficult question. She was quite beautiful but he could not help but wonder why she struggled so deeply to retain feminine poise when it had been only a couple of hours within female guise. He imagined it must be difficult to resist old habits.

      "I mean only, you are formerly a lord but currently attempting so hard to behave as a lady… Why do you not wish to merely be yourself so that others can accept or reject you based upon that factor alone…?" he added quietly to clarify his question. It was true that physically her current posture and demeanor did influence him on an instinctual level to entertain ideas beyond mere friendship. But mentally he resisted since he preferred ladies who were comfortable with themselves rather than acting as others may wish.

      Walking the path of a lady required acknowledging that males might care more for your body than mind at times. Yet pretending to be someone other than one's true self, by behaving in such a passive fashion, seemed counterproductive if she did not wish to attract male eyes. He could tell simply by how hard she was attempting to remain elegant. It appeared like she was a paradox. She held her male mind within female guise, she was angered by advances but curiously invitational, and she was cunning yet passive.
      Truly she had potential as a lady but required work around the edges to create a natural demeanor.

      Michelle stopped eating for a moment and inhaled slightly before letting out a soft sigh at his compliment, "Thank you Sage, I do wish to be myself, but the truth is Raven said she would only change me back if I could win the ceremony and be what she called the great lady. I must get changed back, I have a family to care for, and if I let my masculine nature show, then she certainly will not choose me. So I must adapt for now if I am ever to be my old self again, virtue does not come by nature, but by habitual choice and so I must practice being a lady. And since the only one whose opinion matters is Raven's, she is the only one I care to please, for now" she said and paused for a moment before continuing, "But I am truly fortunate that I do have Glaurung to look after my family for now" she said with some relief knowing that they were much safer being protected by Glaurung then she ever could, for not even Falcon or Raven knew what was the dragon's true hidden nature and ablities.

      "Most males desire a large family because they like the work that goes into it, not the work that comes out of it" she said with a soft laugh "they like to leave the rearing of the children to the females. I want to share and help as much as I can in raising them, Sirena is just better then me at it no matter how hard I try, but I help as best I can…even staying up with them at night so Sirena can sleep" she said remembering Harmony's song.

      "I want a large family because its only natural to be open to life, our species is rare as it is without our leaders decisions pushing us closer to extinction" she said with a sigh. "And as best I know, I was the only Aerodactyl in existence before the time warp, and though I love my Mew form…I'm only half what I used to be…" she said as tears involuntarily formed in her eyes "I don't think I can save my race without a mate willing to make sacrifices of herself…I think Sirena would change her mind if I talked to her…I'm just faced with a terrible burden I don't think she understands, and I have been to cowardly to talk to her about it" she said before going quiet.

      She did not expect to speak so much, but did not know that so much worry and anxiety was inside of her that she had been to cowardly to talk honestly to Sirena about it and now she was pouring herself out to a stranger, a kind and polite stranger, but still a stranger none the less. She sighed heavily as she held her head in her paws, and though she wanted to, she refused to cry.

      She suddenly wished Glaurung was with her, even when they shared the same body and mind, even when he was evil and Glaurung far more wicked as well, Glaurung would always try to shield him and comfort him even if it was from himself. Rex could remember even when killing another pokemon that surrendered, or a defenseless human, Glaurung would try to take all the guilt and self blame…and it almost worked.

      Sage listened to her express her burdens freely despite the fact that he remained a stranger. "You say you are the last of your kind…? I can assure you other Aerodactyl exist within this world for I have met at least two beyond yourself my dear lady…" he explained quietly recalling his many journeys. To him being able to learn was a wonderful treasure, so he had departed from the island at a young age to traverse faraway lands. It had only been recently that he had returned to the island. And he had arrived at a time to witness the rebirth of his glorious tribe through the realignment of virtually their entire species.

      "As for the roles of a father within the family I disagree that he should discard responsibilities to females when it is himself who must lead by example for his sons and daughters… I merely wish to be a part of it all, to be capable of raising and educating the next generation or to leave my mark upon the world…" he replied quietly with a casual flick of his tail across the surface of the water. Although one thing about her did not appear to make sense when considered alongside what she had said a moment ago. She seemed to treasure the time spent with offspring while he favored watching the maturation of parent's efforts.

      Something about her rationale felt misplaced. "Although I am afraid I do not understand, if you know of the values of many females who fear a new extensive burden but wish to progress your species…" Sage began with a quiet pause so she could follow his personal logic. "Why do you resent a female guise if the body you resent could permit you to achieve your ambitions easily given the urges of most males…?" he asked curiously. For him it was the fruits of wisdom the father instilled in the next generation which led to his desire for a large family, although for herself it appeared she wished for a reproductive act itself.

      Michelle's face brightened quickly when he spoke of finding other Aerodactyl, and she listened to him intently and brought her tail around while he spoke to hold it in the end of her paws, a force of habit from childhood when she was anxious, but stopped when she felt its cold, metallic surface.

      "Your right…I do not think I understand Sirena very well…though its not entirely my fault, immediately after we became mates, she disappeared and I did not see her for a year. I missed the birth of my twin daughters…and I don't resent females, only being forced to be something I am not. Your second point is well made, but ill advised. I can not achieve what I desire if I eventually loose my mind…I'll probably go crazy being stuck like this forever, and how would that benefit my children? Besides, I simply don't want lots of offspring for the sake of their numbers or perpetuating the species, I want to raise them properly. I would love their Mother, give them love through discipline, give them siblings and lastly I would not have more then I could take care of and do them an injustice by not providing for both their bodies and minds"

      she said as she let her tail fall slowly to her side. She looked into his azure blue eyes, and though he could not see it under her black fur, she had a faint blush in her cheeks, "I would like to apologize again for my behavior when I first met you, I am beginning to understand that I almost drove away a very decent person…" she said with sincerity.

      You are most certainly forgiven, and I believe I understand your position more easily as well…" he said a moment before his tail spiraled over the surface of the water. "The most important thing a father can do is to love the mother, to lead by example for his children. It is a shame the remainder of my tribe will not share such sentiments…" he said quietly reflecting upon the one trait which he despised about the way of life his tribe relied upon since infancy. He felt Michelle and himself were kindred spirits. It was truly a shame the two could not have encountered each other under more favorable circumstances elsewhere.

      Regardless of what their future held he was certain she would make an excellent mother or father. "And please forgive my forwardness milady. I had only intended to provide an alternative way to viewing your present situation…" he said with a soft voice as he finished his fish. "As a female you have that ability to select the number of children you will bring into the world, to spend more time with those children than anyone else…" Sage added with a thoughtful tone. "Although I can also understand the dangers of being forced to rely upon another person for the crucial elements of discipline and displaying love…" he said.

      It was difficult to pass the torch of discipline and love to one who you did not understand absolutely. For even though the two issues were perhaps the simplest too execute or display, the use of poor discretion could have devastating implications upon a young child. Perhaps an inability to discard the responsibility was the primary reason males of their persuasion could not simply adapt to the more appropriate sex. A single thought of the monumental time and energy required by motherhood despite the rewards maybe even turned away those few males who felt willing to pass the torch of responsibility to a strange male.

      Michelle was impressed by his ability to understand her, and more so by his want, and it was raising an attraction in her to him that was more then just the instinctual desires of her femininity. "I guess I do…but even then, the most important choice would be who is their father?" she said then was surprised and embarrassed, and it showed in her aura for she thought she was thinking privately and had spoken her thoughts aloud. She glanced away from him for a moment, trying to think how to change the subject, and looked back again.

      "The, um, ceremony. What about my eyes? They are not exactly feminine or inviting are they?" she asked, though unsure of how she sounded. At this point everything she tried to think to say to him sounded stupid, and what was coming out of her mouth sounded worse then when it was in her mind. She felt even more embarrassed, but did not want to get away from him, it felt like her instincts were telling her that she was supposed to wait and see what he did. And she felt almost a tingling of excitement and suspense in her paws and tips of her feet wondering what he would do.

      Sage raised his ears with interest when she quietly voiced something he had not expected. He felt aware of her mistake long before she began to stutter with strange questions in an effort to change the topic a bit from the subject of families. Although he wondered whether it was what she truly desired. "You have beautiful eyes," he said as he teleported to her side gently to place a reassuring paw over her own. It felt strange to see her smaller paws beneath his own larger ones. "For it is as I said earlier, femininity is only the embodiment of an inner beauty showing on the outside…" he said with a quiet loving sincere voice.

      "And if you truly did wish to remain as you are now, to raise a large family as their mother… Then I could be the father if it would please milady…" he said quietly before he looked into her eyes for a moment. It was too early to decide such things however. His restraint alone a testament to his will as he returned to his original position a couple feet away. "If not I would happily wish to remain a friend, whichever paths you wish to follow…" he added not willing to take advantage of Michelle if she were still only adapting to the new female instincts. The mother of his children would have to do so as a conscious mature choice.

      Michelle felt her heart racing and she wanted to lean into him when he teleported to her side, but he was gone before she could react. Her desire for him was strong, but she knew she really appreciated him, that he shared her values and she could have much if not all she wanted with him. "Oh…you don't really know me though…what about when my flaws surface? Or…strange quriks?" she asked in a shaky voice. Her heat made her notice his body like she had not observed as a male before, she was not turned on by sight the same way as a male was, but felt a curious attraction to his strength and demeanor. "And what about you, anything you know that up front could be…quirky? Or wrong with you? Maybe I'd like it" she asked.. She felt it was at least important to share some flaws they had and secret desires, least they could cause too much harm later if one did not find them attractive, or at least manageable to a degree

      Michelle held her breath for a moment and looked at him. "I just can't make a choice now…I will have to wait" she said and moved closer to him before taking a hold of his paw. "Thank you for considering me though. I simply can't make a choice now, I have to talk to Sirena, and I must have time to be sure of my own mind, and my own free will…both of which are compromised by being in your presence, your more then I wanted…and your cute too" she said with a soft giggle before kissing him lightly on the cheek. Sirena was at the forefront of her mind, it would simply crush her and be grossly disloyal of her if she left her so simply, in a way she couldn't ever leave Sirena, she was her first love and bore their children, she would have to include her in any decision made and would somehow have to include her, Harmony and Luthien, in their lives if she chose Sage.

      Sage nodded quietly as he returned her kiss on his cheek by gently nuzzling his head over her own with a loving touch. He did feel as guilty performing simple acts of affection if she initiated and felt comfortable receiving affection within her female guise. It was clear that she was beautiful, so a lesser male would be pushing for far more than he was at this present moment. "As you wish, milady… I will wish only for you to be happy regardless the decision…" he replied with a sincere tone of voice. He knew it was a difficult decision, especially with ones' family. And he knew it would simply take time so they could not rush.

      "And I do apologize if I have complicated a decision you may have already decided, so I will wait as long as you wish until you are certain of yourself or what you wish to do regarding your family…" he said with an intentional pause at family to leave it open to both her current or potential new family. But he truly did believe that her inner kindness and concern for others may be better suited to the role of a mother, to lovingly nurture her children throughout their entire lives rather than remaining partially distant to be a figure of authority within the family. And he would happily do anything she wished to ease the choice.

      She transformed into much smaller Aerodactyl then she had been as a male as she was listening to his reply. She was just over five foot tall and covered in light pink fur, but her horns where much shorter in respect to her body compared to a male and her feastures were not angled and sharp, but curved and gentle. She wished he could be part of her family no matter what she decided, but knew there was only one way to have him. "No need to apologize, life is never simple anyways. I will see you tommrow at the ceremony then Sage" she said smiling, then spread her wings and took off with a leap, her long tail streaming behind her as its end glistened.

      She flew across the lake, heading towards her cavern where she had left her family, and she noticed her own reflection as she flew and thought that maybe her diminished size must have been Raven's work. She liked both her forms very much and was not worried about appearing as an Aerodactyl before Sage since she already knew he was happy when she was. Michelle landed on the shore and transformed back into a black Mew with red slit eyes before entering her arch way cave near the lake shore. "Sirena?"

      Sage bowed his head courteously as she bid her farewell. He truly did not mind her transformations into the larger pink Aerodactyl since it was what and who she was inside which mattered most. "Sleep well, milady" he replied lovingly as she spread her wings to depart. Rough around the edges in some areas he wondered whether she stood a chance within the ceremonies of winning the envied title. To win she will require a comfort with herself which he wondered if she had truly reached. It was truly ironic for one to be named the ideal for all females to follow if that female wished only to return to a former male self.

      As lovely Michelle departed from the lakeside to arrive at the entrance to her cavern, Sirena and both of their daughters waited inside quietly after having heard the news from Glaurung. But as Michelle called into the cavern, Sirena felt slightly unnerved hearing the gentle female voice. "Welcome home, honey…" she replied quietly as she quickly glanced over her mate's new body. It appeared what Glaurung said is true after all she thought to herself silently with a sigh. And yet she did not feel too bothered by the new situation, she honestly worried for their daughters more than herself since she knew Rex so well by now.

      "Welcome home, daddy!" Harmony chimed as she darted into Michelle's arms with alarming speed. Her head gently nuzzled against her father's soft chest fur with a giggle as she stared up into her eyes for a long moment. "You look really pretty!" she praised with a sincere tone of voice, ceasing her cuddles for only a short moment to speak her mind freely. She had missed her daddy all day while he had been gone but she appeared not to mind in the slightest that he looked more like a mommy than daddy now. It did not make too much of a difference in her opinion. Boy or girl, young or old, Michelle was still her daddy.

      Michelle could sense the disturbance from Sirena and it disturbed her as she could not help but wonder what she must have been going through. As Harmony dashed towards her, she suddenly wondered how she herself would have felt, if the situation were reversed, and Sage had undergone a transformation and chose a new mate rather then choosing to return to her. What would have his love been then? Other than a promise forsaken in pursuit of new passions. She bit her tongue knowing that since her transformation had the possibility of being reversed, she had the duty to pursue the possibility for the sake of being faithful to her first promise made to Sirena. For if she could not be faithful to one oath, how could a new oath hold any weight?

      Tears stung in her eyes as the white kitten threw herself quickly into her arms and she returned her daughter's nuzzle. ~I'm sorry Sage, I'm so sorry~ she thought to herself, loathing herself for allowing Sage to be filled with a false hope and she did not doubt that he would hate her for having toyed with his heart. More shame stung in her that she felt more remorse towards having to disappoint Sage, then she did for considering leaving Sirena. ~I need to speak with you, privately~ she sent exclusively to Sirena.

      "Thank you Harmony" she said as she pressed her head to Harmony's, her black fur standing in sharp contrast to her daughter's white fur. In the door way of their cavern, another kitten suddenly approached, Harmony's identical twin, but she stopped as she could see and sense Michelle's complete and total adoration, love and attention being poured onto her twin sister, being given to Harmony in a way that he had never shown her. Luthien felt suddenly smaller then what she was, and more distant to Michelle as if there was a longing in her that only Michelle, her `Father' could fill, but she would be left always wanting, wanting a love that she could see only her twin having and herself left unfulfilled. "Daddy?" said Luthien in a quivering voice.

      Michelle, appearing surprised, suddenly set Harmony down, bet still held one of her paws as she reached the other out to Luthien, "It's ok Luthien, come here" she said gently with a smile, but the small white kitten hovered back a short distance before emotion swelled in her aura, tears appeared in her pink eyes, and she teleported away.

      Sirena sensed the unease in Michelle's aura as clear as day. For the one whom she had given her heart, a detection of the unseen emotions was relatively easy. And yet as she watched Luthien she too felt a bit of disappointment upon seeing how Michelle had treated their twin daughters. "Harmony, honey," she said with a quiet tone of voice. "Could you please go look for your sister, I would like a moment to speak to your father…" she said lovingly hoping her second born daughter would understand. She could detect the scent of two males upon Michelle, the first fainter than the second, so naturally she was concerned.

      Harmony looked slightly confused at first but soon nodded her head as she teleported next to Sirena to give her mother one loving hug. "Alright, mommy, I will be back soon!" she chimed long enough for her mother to nod her head in approval before she teleported back to her father for another hug. "Promise you will not leave, daddy?" she asked with a serious look within her young eyes. Although for Michelle she did not wait for a response before she teleported outside of the cave to locate her sister. She felt it would be better that way, since she knew if her father had denied her mild request it would feel awful.

      "Glaurung explained the situation earlier, and about what will happen tomorrow…" she said quietly with a loving tone of voice. "So before you say anything, I would like you to know that I will always love you no matter what happens tomorrow…" she said quietly hoping to soften Michelle's sadness. "But you are also the father of our children, so regardless of what transpires tomorrow afternoon… Whether you stay as you are now, or return to your old self…" she paused unsure if Michelle was even aware. "You cannot continue to treat Harmony differently than Luthien…" she said knowing it had to be addressed foremost. If their daughters did not mind the situation than neither than she mind the situation. Parenting was the primary issue to remain focused upon at this time. Any intimate relationships came second to that task.

      The little white Mew appeared at the base of a broken white marble pillar, crying with her paws pressed to her shut eyes and her long tail wrapped tightly about herself. She wept openly, not even noticing a black and yellow butterfly that flew carefree, and in anything but a strait line, past her before circling back and landing on the pillar's side. "What's wrong?" said a gentle and high voice above her. Looking up, Luthien saw a previously unnoticed brown pidgey perched on the pillar. "Nothing" said Luthien with a sniff.


      Michelle nodded slowly as she listened to Sirena speak, then sighed and held her head with a paw. "I did not mean to have a favorite, or for them to know…I suppose it is because of Harmony's past lives. She has suffered much and has had no one to understand her, so I related to her deeply through my own very similar sufferings. She made such a genuine, innocent and sweet attempt to understand me when I first met her, that we, clicked, in a manner of speaking. And her voice! You should have heard her sing Sirena, she has my-" said Michelle, but cut herself off. When she was a male she had never sung for Sirena or Sarayu, nor told them about his gift since he had found it embarrassing though he did not know why.

      "…your right. I will harbor no more favorites, other than yourself. I will speak with Luthien and apologize to her before this goes further and risks upsetting much of her life. And I intend to win that ceremony Sirena. And I owe you a deep apology. I met another male when I was like this, his name is Sage. I had much in common with him and I let my emotions take me, though we did nothing, it felt like that in my heart I had betrayed you…I tell you now I want only to return to how I was, to be our children's father, and your spouse" she said as fresh tears fell from her eyes. She made no motion to get closer to the other Mew, but sat down on the floor and held her knees in her paws as her metallic tail rested with a clink behind her.

      : Sirena shook her head silently as he teleported next to Michelle with her legs folded off to her side. Her paws lightly taking Michelle's in her own. "Honey, you do not need to apologize…" she said quietly while she blinked her eyes up at her mates. "And whatever happens tomorrow morning; your daughters' and I will still be there to love you…" she said reassuringly. "So simply do your best…" he said with the softest tone of voice. Her tone was leading up to an unavoidable uncertainty within her delicate aura. It was the one thing which she was certain Michelle was aware but something Michelle would not acknowledge.

      "But if you should not win the ceremonies, than know that I will be with you in whatever you decide to do from that point onward…" she said softly nuzzling her head beneath her mate's chin. "I mean this is a ceremony most young girls spend their entire lives preparing for while you have less than a day, will you be able to display the comfort with yourselves that everyone may expect…?" she said quietly. Her lovely form shimmering for only a moment to reveal a handsome young male, his tail tenderly teased along the length of her own. Since if nothing else, Sirena knew she could at least help prepare Rex for the worst.

      Michelle let a soft smile grow on her mouth, Sirena knew her well. "I will not loose Sirena, I cannot even begin to entertain the possibility, it will make me doubt. I do have one advantage to the young ladies, I know what males respect in a lady even though most males and females do not know it themselves…and if I should loose and could not change back," she said and looked into the now large male's pink eyes, "I would appreciate it if you would take Glaurung for your mate. You loved him once and he can protect you" she leaned her head into him and closing her eyes sighed softly.

      "I am blessed indeed to have you, and whatever happens, I am comforted to know you are there" she said. It felt strikingly different for her to be comforted by Sirena with their genders switched, but she was much more comfortable with her mate being her opposite and so appreciated what Sirena was doing for her since she knew she was not wanting to be a male normally.

      "I have heard she is the strictest of the seven elders, and the longest standing… Nobody within her small groups has ever been advanced to the collective evaluations…" she said with quiet dismay. It was true as a male Michelle had an advantage knowing the mind's of men, but unfortunately that held little baring upon a ceremony evaluated almost entirely by females who would employ feminine standards. After all, this event was something virtually all young female Mew aspired to winning. Even their young Harmony had made it clear this was the type of thing she would participate in when she had reached that age.

      And ironically despite the honors most young ladies sought through these ceremonies, this year so many would be performing to abandon their title as ladies. It was a fact that caused her much display. For the individual selected as Great Lady would become the symbol of an ideal feminine for all of those younger females who aspired toward a similar victory. Yet if she chose the life of a male, even if for all the proper reasons, would it deal a harsher blow for the females of their kind who may view themselves inferior? It was a simple possibility that Sirena refused to burden her mate with so close to the ceremony day.

      Michelle turned her head up and kissed Sirena to silence his words, it didn't matter how much he was right, Michelle felt that he talked too much sometimes. No sooner had she initiated their kiss she broke it off when her twin daughters appeared at the cave entrance. Luthien was still appearing sad, but less upset. Michelle approached her slowly and knelt in front of the kitten. "I am sorry Luthien" she said softly, "I did not mean to favor Harmony over you and I tell you from the bottom of my heart I do not. From now on I love you both equally. I am very proud of you Luthien since you are so brave with the troubles and dangers our family faces. Will you forgive me?" she asked and without hesitation, Luthien threw herself into her `father's' arms, burying her face in Michelle's black fur.

      ~I love you Daddy~ <br/><br/>(Message over 64 KB, truncated)
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      Glaurung chuckled after his nose was struck and hugged the Mews to his cheek before standing up strait and looking out across the lake. Lúthien, Harmony,
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        Glaurung chuckled after his nose was struck and hugged the Mews to his cheek before standing up strait and looking out across the lake. "Lúthien, Harmony, Michael, how about you come with your Uncle Glaurung and we go swimming for a bit? I can play the sea monster and try to get you, I think your parents would like to talk alone for awhile" he said, and they all cheered "yes!" in reply. Little Michael glowed and transformed from a grey Aerodactyl into a black Mew kitten with read eyes, but his tail still had its arrowhead tip and the giant black Aerodactyl flew far down the shore and landed in the shallow water and the kittens quickly followed after him.

        "It was very nice of Glaurung to give us some alone time" said Shyreen as she turned her brown eyes up into the jet Mew's red ones. She purred as he kissed her then teleported them both into his cavern where they each sat down against the wall and held each other's paws and let their tails intertwine. There was silence for a few minutes as they each reflected on all they had been through, especially in these past few days, and now had found some level of peace, comfort and love between each other. "Michael?" asked Shyreen as she rested her head on his shoulder. "Just…what is Glaurung? Why is it that it almost feels as if you are in two places at once when he is present?"

        Rex smiled softly and put his arm around her and purred as he nuzzled her gently, then sighed softly as he rested his head on her. "Morgrin told me, that when I was first cloned from him and Lúthien that the moment I was being brought into existence, that a terrible spirit tried to influence my creation and so Glaurung was created with me. He has half of my soul, which is why we look alike, have the same voice, the same eyes, and feel similar…but the other half of Glaurung's soul came from that evil Spirit" he said as his tail lazily brushed up and down hers.

        "He's not wicked anymore though, he is very good, I can feel it" said Shyreen. "You can," replied Rex "though being half a fallen spirit, after many years he decided that if he loved me, he wanted what was best for me, which wouldn't have been hell," he said with a chuckle, "and so he changed quite literally overnight into a selfless person, and has taken the role of my guardian and servant…he's quite powerful too. He could have stopped Raven and the others by simply willing it, but is bound by laws not to display his true nature…he just likes the black frightful dragon look, so most often appears as that, though he's a real softy" said Rex.

        "As are you?" she teased as she poked him in the side with a soft giggle. "Then what is Thorondor? I saw him once, but I have never seen a Pokémon like him before." Said Shyreen.

        "Ah…Thorondor…well I asked Glaurung what Thor was too, he's not a Pokémon. Thorondor told Glaurung that he was fully spirit, and was sent to help us. He lived most his life as a pidgey before evolving to that giant golden eagle form, and there is not a bone in his body that is not full of meekness and humility…" said Rex as he red eyes narrowed in thought. "…Glaurung marvels at Thorondor, he says that Thorondor is bound by the same laws that he is and so cannot flaunt his true nature or power…but if Thorondor wanted too…he could alter the heavens, worlds, and everything in them. But it is not his power that Glaurung admires, we both admire how he is at the same time meek, and like a royal king…I would never have guessed it if Glaurung did not tell me…"

        They held each other for a few more minutes in silence, till it was broken by a knock at the entrance of their cave where a tall purple Gengar was looking at them with his purple eyes "Hello, and sorry to disturb, but I wished to extend by congratulations" said Morgrin with a broad smile. "Morgrin!" said Shyreen and Rex in unison and teleported over to the ghost where Shyreen hugged him. Morgrin lauged, "A delight! Always a delight it is to be here, I just wanted to also tell, you, something" said Morgrin as he looked at the black Mew. "And what is that, my Father?" said Rex with a smile.

        Tears stung in Morgrin's purple eyes at Rex acknowledging his role for the first time, and the ghost shimmered in light then transformed into a black Aerodactyl with sapphire blue eyes. "I was tired of being an immortal ghost, seeing all the ages of this world, I wanted to be with my family, with you, and to eventually die with you so we could be in eternity together. So Thorondor, in his kindness, gave me the body of a Mew…" he said cheerfully, "I just prefer to be as I was in my first life, and Aerodactyl" he said before transforming into a purple Mew with royal purple eyes, "most of the time" he added with a wink.

        The black Mew laughed and hugged Morgrin before looking past him and seeing the 18 foot Glaurung standing with his children and a giant golden eagle as tall as he was. Shyreen held Rex's paw and her, Morgrin and Rex approached the others. "Michael!" said Thorondor as he turned his golden eyes upon Rex, "I wanted to let you know that I have revived your species this day. I freed the Aerodactyl stone army, and all their females were restored as well, even the statues that were destroyed. I will strip Raven of all his supernatural abilities, but Raven will keep his Mew powers, and his island, and so will retain rule of this island, but you and your family and your new army are welcome to live at my lands all your life in peace. Neither Raven nor any enemy will torment you again"

        Rex smiled and nodded, and looking about, saw a great number of Aerodactyl of various colors and sizes perched on the cliff above them looking down at him with kindness. "Thorondor…" said Rex as tears stung his red eyes, "I never deserved any of this. I…I tried to betray you to Raven…aren't you mad?" he said as a tear ran down his black fur. Shyreen came to his right side to comfort him, then Harmony, Lúthien and Michael gathered and hugged him about his waist. Morgrin hovered down to his left and the giant black Aerodactyl chuckled, and tears gathered in his red eyes as he picked up the family in his paws and hugged them close. The golden eagle smiled gently at them, then looked at Rex "No, I am not mad and I forgive you"

        Rex hugged his family back, and brushed away his tears. He was overwhelmed at the kindness being shown him, but was deeply grateful to have such a blessed ending, and a look of curiosity entered his red eyes before he looked up to the golden eagle again. "Thank you Thorondor…and all of you," he said as he looked at his family, "but why are you being so kind to us? To me?"

        Thorondor turned his head and looked at the other Aerodactyl, the sunset, and finally back to the small family. "Is a reason always needed Michael? It is because we are called to love each other. Always."

        The black Mew nodded as if he already knew the answer before it was spoken, "Well then…let us all go home"

        The End

        Thanks for everything Jenn!

        --- In Realm_light@yahoogroups.com, "Steve" <ancalagon700@...> wrote:

        The black Mew nodded slowly in reply. ~Sage is right…~ Michael thought to himself. He would have to show Harmony the discipline she needed, and whether she knew it or not, the discipline she wanted. He tuned his blood red eyes on the grey Mew for what he felt might be the last time, and it filled him with both sadness and wonder to know that someone like Sage managed to become a gentleman despite coming from the Seeker tribe. "Farewell…and thank you" he said before teleporting himself and the twin white kittens he held from sight.

        He reappeared at his lake shore cavern, along with Glaurung, and to his surprise he saw Shyreen, a pristine white Mew with chestnut brown eyes, standing in front of his home. "I buried Sirena with Spirit and Hope, in the mountains with our Mother Theolin…" she said. Michael reflected with pity for Shyreen that she was now the last of Theolin's children, and that both Shyreen's children, Typhoon and Tsunami, and her first mate Falcon, and second Spiritus, had been killed. She was completely alone.

        Yet she still stood strait and held her head high and her neck strait as if not even death or sadness could shake the grace and poise or undue the royalty she held effortlessly in her demeanor. Michael thought she was perilously fair, noble and sad. Beautiful, proud and far off as a snow covered mountain. Michael knew it was not of pride, but because of who she was, a benevolent Matriarch that someone like Queen Jewel could only hope to imitate, but never be, and he thought that Raven was but a fool for choosing Jewel over Shyreen.

        Even now after the death of nearly all her family, she was still seeking only the well being of others and not herself. "Rex…" Shyreen said, looking at the black Mew, "I…" she began then paused and turned as something drew her attention. The black slits in Glaurung's blood red eyes widened in surprise and Michael gasped as she turned to face them again, and out from behind the one foot white Mew, appeared a very small six inch grey Aerodactyl that clung with his tiny hands to her. Being a child, his head was large in proportion to his body, and he had red colored eyes with black slits so he appeared identical to how his Father must have appeared when he was an infant.

        The tiny shy Aero blinked small tears from his red eyes as he looked at the others, then turned and buried his face in the fur of Shyreen's white stomach. She bent down and picked him up so his head went over her shoulder, and she pet his back comforting him as her tail coiled around them both. "Sirena gave him to me after he was born with Lúthien and Harmony. She was afraid that Raven would force him to be a female, or kill him…I have nursed him, though he is finally weaned now" she said with a soft laugh, "I told him who his real Mother was and explained Sirena's passing…she named him Michael after you"

        Lúthien's pink eyes were wide and filled with a sudden joy that she now had a brother, and she wiggled from her Father's arms and went halfway to the Michael and Shyreen, but stopped short. The black Mew kissed Harmony, then set the white kitten down next to him, but held gently onto her paw, and extended his other paw towards his son, "Michael, come here my son" he said to the little grey Aero in the white Mew's arms, but he only looked away and hugged Shyreen tighter.

        The black Mew chuckled and then he began to glow, transform and grow until he was a massive 18 foot tall completely grey Aerodactyl, bent over slightly as he still held onto Harmony's paw. He held out his great paw till it was in front of the small Aero in the white Mew's arms, and he blinked and stared at him for a few moments before wiggling to be let down. Shyreen set him down and smiled as she watched him stand up strait and take a few steps towards his Father's waiting paw, he touched it with both paws and looked back and forth before stepping into the three fingered paw, where each finger was bigger then him.

        The giant Aerodactyl lifted his tiny son up to his face, where little Michael held his arms up and leaned forward to hug his Father's nose "Daddy" he said, in his small high voice. Rex laughed and blinked back some tears, though one managed to escape, and a deep pride filled him at having a son and he thanked Sirena silently before transforming back into a black Mew and hovering back down to the ground. Lúthien teleported and hugged Harmony, then teleported them both to little Michael where she hugged both her twin sister and her brother with squeal. The black Mew hugged the three of them, but was surprised when Michael suddenly teleported himself out of the group and ran as fast as his small legs could carry him back to Shyreen.

        The white Mew knelt and held her arms out towards little Michael as he ran towards her and she held him tight as he hugged her, putting her paw over his head as her tail rested on the ground in a coil around them. "I want to stay with you Aunt Shyreen!" he said. The white Mew gasped and chocked back some tears and Rex felt a great pity for them both as he realized that Shyreen loved his son as if he was her own, and that if he took him away she would have nothing. "Now Michael, you'll have to stay with your Father and sisters now…" she said as a tear fell from her brown eye. "I want you to…" she began to say but paused as she watched the taller black Mew smile gently at her, take a step towards her and held out his paw for her with his palm facing down.

        She blinked away her tears and stood up slowly and placed her paw on the back of his, and allowed him to draw her closer. "I do not want to separate him from you" said the black Mew as he then took both her paws in his, his breath shuddered as he inhaled, than exhaled slowly to regain himself, "Shyreen, I know you have been hurt before and with Spiritus gone, love was taken from you all to quickly, but I tell you now that I love you, and I can see your Grandmother Joy's kindness, your Mother Theolin's selflessness, and your Sister Sirena's high spirit all in you…Sirena proposed the idea of you joining our family as my mate…I was just to…to nervous to ask"

        Shyreen smiled, "two mates would have been too scary for someone as gentle as you, Sirena and I probably would have been the end of you" she said with a soft giggle. Rex kissed her and she returned his kiss before nuzzling her head under him. "And please, call me Michael" said Rex. The 18 foot black Aerodactyl laughed loudly then wrapped his hole filled wings around the family, "Well well! This is more than I had hoped for. And to think Michael…err…Rex" said Glaurung, for the first time in his life calling his counterpart Rex, "I may have to call you that in the future if only to distinguish your son," he said quickly before continuing.

        "And to think, Rex, that Shyreen would want as large a family as you do, fifteen children did you both hope for?" he asked as he gave his large head a tilt, looking with his red eyes at them both. The white Mew blushed under her brown eyes as did the black Mew, "I'm going to kill you Glaurung..." said Rex with a smile and a frown. The black Aero laughed and gave the black Mew a big lick with his forked tongue then took Shyreen's paw on his finger and kissed it gently. "Take care of Michael my dear, he tends to cry if he's lonely" said Glaurung teasingly as the black Mew hissed and smacked the dragon's nose with the end of his metal tail.
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