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sons of gods: Mew Island

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  • Steve
    Lightning tore spider like across the night sky, reflecting off the ocean and thunder followed as very heavy rain fell down on the waters in curtains. A tall
    Message 1 of 1 , May 11, 2011
      Lightning tore spider like across the night sky, reflecting off the ocean and thunder followed as very heavy rain fell down on the waters in curtains. A tall spire of rock stood rising out of the ocean very near the cliffs, a lone column standing at the southernmost tip of Mew Island. It was of great height, appearing as a long and naked finger stabbing into the night sky. Lighting flashed again and a figure could be seen standing at its top, and though massive it was, it appeared small in comparison to the pillar it stood upon while a mile long bolt of energy traced the sky behind it. Powerful and very long black talons pierced deep into the white stone as if it were made of flesh, and a very long, thin black tail waved slowly under them with a devil like tip that flicked carelessly from side to side. A great pitch black eighteen foot Aerodactyl stood closed eyed with it wings folded and wrapped around itself so it was bat like in appearance. Holes of varying sizes filled his great wings and half his three foot left horn was missing and he had a frill starting from the back of his head that ran down to the full length of his fifteen foot tail.

      The rain beat and poured down his jet black skin as he stood completely motionless, until his red forked tongue flicked out. He opened his eyes and they were a blood red, with black thin slits and a deep gaze that gave a faint red glow of light that cast irregular shadows on his face. Behind the dark creature, a giant golden eagle suddenly landed from the sky on the near by ocean cliff. He was of equal size to the dragon, and a very long crest of golden feathers came out the back of his head and ran down the full length of his back. The Aerodactyl turned, his talons releasing and then penetrating the rock again and facing the great bird he could see that his entire body seemed to glow with a faint golden light as he was looking at him. The cornea of his eyes were the same bright golden color of his body and his gaze seemed like a great deep well, as if he had seen all ages of the world. The Aerodactyl smiled at seeing the great bird and chuckled softly as he noticed the rain stopped inches before it reached his feathers, though he could sense no psychic aura or barrier causing it. "Good evening Thorondor" said the Aerodactyl.

      "You wished to speak my friend?" said Thorondor kindly. Glaurung turned his eyes down towards the dark abyss of water below as if he were reflecting on what he was to say. He did not know how Thorondor possessed such insight and wisdom when he was but five years old, and he was somewhat afraid of him though he was not entirely sure why. The golden raptor was powerful, unfathomably so and gifted with otherworldly abilities, but he was gentle and Glaurung trusted him for he had treated a wretch like himself with kindness. The Aerodactyl looked up and smiled for a moment before becoming somber. "I do"

      "I…am losing faith" said Glaurung as he unfolded his arms. "I do not want to regress to the way I was, but I am falling now. Falling every day…and I am so alone. I used to have Michael with me, then my mate Celestia who was obsequious though loving…but now I am alone. Alone in the dark with evil thoughts and dead ambitions…" he said as his deep voice went an octave lower before whispering "what will become of me?"

      Thorondor listened patiently, nodding slowly as Glaurung confided his fears in him. "You are lonely Glaurung, and you feel like you are without purpose" he said as Glaurung held his head in his paws. "But take heart, you are not like your ancient brothers, sons of gods who relished only themselves. For you acknowledge your faults and have not given up…you will not share their fate" he said then smiled. "You were willed lovingly into existence to be a protector for Michael, you were not created by him as you thought, and so not conceived in sin" he said gently making Glaurung suddenly look up wide eyed with wonder. "He will need you again before the end, but you still need relationships meanwhile."

      "So…should I transform into some small bird or Eevee? Join a pack and keep watch over them in secret till I am needed?" asked the Aerodactyl. "You could, if you so choose. I can tell you your purpose, you can choose how you wish to live it. There is always Chardra and the others if you need a friend, you would have to win them over, but they were Michael's friends before the time warp and so could be yours" said the golden eagle before adjusting his folded wings.

      "Thorondor?" asked Glaurung before he leapt from the pillar and onto the cliff where Thorondor stood. "What are you? Who are…you-your-" he stammered and blinked back some tears. "Tu quis es? I know what you are, then why do you not rid the Island of those wicked Mew who torment us? You could dispense with them with but a thought. And all would be as it was"

      "I am sorry Glaurung, but what I am means little since I do the will of the one who sent me. I will not ask for the authority to do this. You, and Michael, must pass your own trials placed before you" he said and placed a golden wing around the black dragon. "But do not be afraid my friend, I will ask something special for you to see you through this. You are the last of the sons of angels, and I know you will not fail"
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