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    The moon was shining down on the pond through the clouds, the moonlight piercing through them light small flashlight beams piercing the dark giving an omnious
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      The moon was shining down on the pond through the clouds, the moonlight piercing through them light small flashlight beams piercing the dark giving an omnious effect. Standing t the waters edge was a mysterious pokemon cladded in blade like armor, the light reflecting off its body and back into the waters surface showing a bright reflection of itself that he could see.

      "I cant believe its been a short amount of time since you left old friend." The pokemon said to himself. "Just being alone now has taught me the great times I should of cherished even more of those days. Now here I am out here in the wild where it all began but alone this time without my fellow kirikizan and other packmates and you old friend, just what do I now?" the kirikizan said.

      The Kirikizan looked down at the moon reflected water and stared at his reflection and thought to himself "Who am I now?, what do I do know?... I just don't know anymore". "NO I'M SENZOU AND I MUST VENTURE FORWARD DESPITE EVERYTHING THAT HAS HAPPENED!!" Senzou yelled in his mind. Trying to shake off his doubt Senzou still stares out onto the water then notices the thunderish glow from his left glove, "Oh yes I remember that day quite well how Training in the mountainside I broke a rock shattering a stone and having this embedded in my left glove now having this as a constant reminder of everything that has happened".

      Senzou continued to stare for a brief moment at the glow in his hand then looked back over the long distance he was standing. "I know you would want me to go forth and live life how it was but I...." Senzou dropped to his knees punching his hand into the ground with a few tears running down his face through his armored helmet. "Why must it have been like this just why!?...I've been trying to live in this wild but it still feels like I lost a bit of myself since that day." Senzou now staring at the ground still trying to fight back his tears.

      "This is just..I can't..IIIIII...." Senzou couldn't put his words together. All of a sudden standing up he shouted across the water with tears still in his eyes "WHY MUST THIS OF HAPPENDED WHY MUST I HAVE SUFFERED THIS AND SUFFERED A LOSS AND NOW BE ALONE WITHOUT NO ONE OR NO FRIENDS WHYYYYY...WHY MUST I SUFFER THIS???" senzou then fell back to the ground on one knee lowering his head and saying to himself "What do I do now? I know I must live my life but im so lost in this new land and without knowing not a soul what do I do???..I just wish I had the answers". Senzou continued to stare at the ground but at times changing his view back towards the moonlighted water.

      OOC: This is for my kirikizan pokemon I know its from black and white versions but I looked for info on it and obtained enough to play it as a character. If this character is unabled to be played please inform me and I will remove the post, if not I hope to have some great rp's with him thanks. Looking forwards to it.
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