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Re: Forest of Sorrows - Birth of the Dark Pack

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  • Timeless Wanderer
    Sinatra opened an eye when he heard the sound of her paws across the stone cavernous floor. Rising up to his feet without a word, he strode over to her once
    Message 1 of 46 , May 21, 2010
      Sinatra opened an eye when he heard the sound of her paws across the stone cavernous floor. Rising up to his feet without a word, he strode over to her once she had set the Fire Stone down on the ground. His muzzle caressing over her neck while he took in her scent with his tails circled around her smaller body.

      "You may do as you wish, my sweet…" he whispered in her ear before withdrawing his embrace and turning his back mildly to her thoughtfully. "Of course, your evolution may grant you the ability to resist a certain two vixens… And enhance your ravishing beauty…" he mused quietly.

      "Then again, you might never be the same again… Life is full of interesting choices, is it not, my dear…?" he asked with pure disinterest in his voice. To him Katara was merely another bitch, a lovely creature, to bear his offspring; he cared little for her happiness or desire to stay a Vulpix when that time came.

      OOC: He asked for "Master", but if you forgot, maybe Katara did as well so we can roll with the error.

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      Katara lifted the stone in her mouth, avoiding the fiery feeling flowing through her vanes. She wasn't ready to evolve, not yet. She walked into the den she shared with Arianna's brother. She placed the stone on the ground and looked at Sinatra. "Your highness(Is that what we agreed she called him?), You've given me the evolution stone. You wish that I evolve?" The question was hollow. The young Vulpix knew the answer already, but, she felt that she would ask first. If she used the stone at the wrong time, it could do her more bad than good. The thought of evolving outside the hollow while the males were enjoying their 'fun' time with the female might prove to be the worst thing Katara could do. For she knew, that even if she could see herself once she evolved, they would, and something told her, the ending would be either the like the poor girl right now, or the males might come away dead because of Sinatra. Katara knew all this. Her sadness grew, as well as her wits, so now, she would use her wits and strength to avoid the poor girl's fate outside the den.

      OOC: Okay then. I'll still try to avoid autoing though. Even if you say that something small is okay. Oh, and sorry for the long wait. School had it's calling.
    • im2smart4dad
      Katara was happy that she had evolved. Evolution is one of the best things, I could have experienced in my life. Those in my past, will not be able to view my
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        Katara was happy that she had evolved. "Evolution is one of the best things, I could have experienced in my life. Those in my past, will not be able to view my new prestigious form, but the bonds I've made now, will be able to view it as they wish." Upon hearing his second request, she had to prevent a gasp from escaping. Exhaustion from a hard day of playing and then the evolution tugged at her paws. Katara then looked up at Sinatra. Seeing the lust in his eyes, she knew that saying she was exhausted would not get her out of this. And now that she evolved, she can't use the excuse of being too young to mother pups. The only thing she could say is, "Sinatra, for you to father my pups, nothing would make me happier."

        --- In Realm_light@yahoogroups.com, "Timeless Wanderer" <timeless_quest@...> wrote:
        > Lustful adoring eyes roamed freely over Katara's new majestic form as the light began to fade. "Lovelier than ever, and more beautiful than the stars in the sky or the rising moon and setting sun, my dear…" he praised as he ran his head over her creamy white head, main, and slender shoulders.
        > "Do you like your new form, my dear? Evolution is a proud moment in young Vulpix's life, the transition from childhood to adulthood, yet it is only one of many for a young girl… Do you wish to consummate this moment with another equally special moment in a young girls' life…?" he barked suggestively, encircling her with his tails to conceal her creamy white fur within his warm shadowy black nine long tails.
        > In truth, he cared little if she wished to mate or even if she liked her new evolution, but he also knew that she would appreciate the `interest' and that alone made him feel justified in his request. "Here you are safe and secure, free to do as you please and start a new life with new relationships more meaningful than those of your past…" he said with a soft tender tone, despite his increasing lustful impatience.
        > "I have seen the way that you play and have bonded with my younger sister, would you not agree that your bond would be even stronger with your own beautiful daughters or dashing sons? So, my beautiful and cunning queen, will you permit me the honour to father your children, to help ease your wounds of the past with a family…?" he whispered in her ear before nuzzling his nose against hers affectionately.
        > Convinced that she knew he had the power to force her into his desires, but that was not quite necessary or did he desire to make her any more miserable than she was if it could be avoided. The female sex was so tender and fragile after all, she needed to be loved and caressed, to be cared for, and kept safe. It was his duty to offer her those things as the bolder and stronger of the two; but he also felt the right to take what he wanted from her in exchange for his care and provision these past two nights.
        > --- In Realm_light@yahoogroups.com, "im2smart4dad" <im2smart4dad@> wrote:
        > The russet colored vulpix listened to Sinatra's voice. No longer harsh and controlling like the Mightyana's. Under his touch, she could feel that slowly, she was beginning to loose sight of growing wings and escaping one day. Instead, she began to see a cage being held by Sinatra. She'd be fed, taken care of, and wouldn't ever be left behind. Even those two wretched ninetails wouldn't be able to harm her while she was in the cage. Katara closed her eyes and imagined, staying here, with Arianna, and Stella, and even Sinatra, never again to worry about hunger. Or being alone, or even being left behind.
        > Slowly, Katara opened her eyes and let her soft green gaze rest on the Fire stone that Sinatra held. Dragging her eyes off the fiery red stone she let her gaze travel to Sinatra's eyes. One look told her that it was okay to accept the stone. Closing her eyes, once more, Katara reached forward and grabbed the stone, and began, the journey to a ninetails life.
        > Heat seared through her vanes, not that it hurt. Instead, it felt, lulling. A soothing feel. A light enveloped the small Vulpix's body. Katara could feel, three extra tails taking place, her fire power increasing. She felt alive, and safe. Stronger too. Slowly, her curls unraveled themselves and became a long creamy main, flowing behind her, as her chest fur grew longer and creamy. Her muzzle grew longer, her ears more pointed. Soon creamy fur controlled Katara's entire body. Her belly fur became a bleached white. The tips of her tails were a crimson red color. And slowly, the light faded from around Katara.
        > A mark. There was a mark on her forehead. It was the same russet color of her previous Vulpix coat, and, it was in the shape of a star. It seemed, as if, the stars had blessed her themselves. Katara opened her eyes, surprised to see she could see very well in the gloom. Even her eyes held the same soft green color. Katara laid her fan of nine tails on the floor and stared up at Sinatra. When she began to speak, her voice sounded older, and less high pitched, though, it was a bit shaky. "Wh-what do I look like?" The crimson tip of her sixth tale twitched, almost as if, remembering something on it's own that the new Katara didn't remember.
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