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  • Evan Swift
        Mountains that contain a rock to make sure you dont evolve cunfuddled rainpath. Evelution is the best thing ever, in his opinon, but thats his opinion
    Message 1 of 37 , Jan 18, 2010
          Mountains that contain a rock to make sure you dont evolve cunfuddled rainpath. Evelution is the best thing ever, in his opinon, but thats his opinion not hers. Then again he thought to himself, if their were stones that prevent evelution mabye their are stones that trigger evelution  their too. "Hey i got an idea how about we do an expadition to these mountains to help Solaria to find this rock of hers, maybe while were their will find a stone that i need while the exsperiance will help you Roxas to evolve  into a grovile." As he thought about it the idea appealed to him even more.
          He looked around till he saw some mountains in the distance. " That must be the mountains that we are looking for." pointing (I'm  using my tail to point.) to the mountains in the distance. "We will have to travel together to get their the road is tough but together we should be able to do it." We will make it i call this expidition to a start." He started walking twoards the mountains. (At this point hes pretty excited and proably dosent know if Roxas and Solaria are even following him or waiting for a response.)
      OOC: LOL when i wrote this i was feeling the excitment of my character. Hes more of the get up and go type always going never stopping heh this is gonna be awsome.   :)

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      Solaria rolled her eyes childishly at the two talking about evolution and illusions of grandeur. Her own perspective on evolution was far more controversial. "Humph! What is so good about evolving? Then you are just like everybody else who can evolve, give me the choice I won't ever evolve, nope nope…" she said with a slight pause to stand on her hind legs and puff out her chest proudly before settling back onto her front paws. "Somebody is always going to be stronger then you if you follow the same path as everyone else, so I am going to be the best Cyndaquil in the whole world… And I know the best way to do that!" she teased casually while she drifted her eyes in a northward direction based on the moss of a nearby tree which was a trick she had learned from strangers along her fairly limited pilgrimage.

      "I heard from a few Butterfree migrating south that there is some stones in the mountains that help keep us Pokémon from evolving, so I am going to go see if those rumours are true… It beats hanging around here waiting for those block-heads to wake up…" she said callously before kicking a small nearby stone into a larger boulder with a proud giggle. "You are the lucky one Rainpath, you do not have to worry about evolving unless you want to…" she said quietly under her breath. Recalling one of her earlier battles this week over a Pichu snack and how hard she had to resist evolving when the strange sensation had taken over her body consuming her in that alien glow. Never willing to admit it but she also worried that if she ever evolved that her personality might change as well, and she liked who she was just perfect right now.

      ooc: Sorry for the late reply. School started this week again and I had to deliver a presentation on my honours thesis to a board of my senior profs, that was quite unpleasent though I think it went well.

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      RainPath looked at the treecko and smiled. "To evolve would be so awesome" His face glowed with the thought then visibly became normal. "Well your luckey you dont to find something to make you evolve." He looked up into the sky like he was looking at something. "I need to find a stone that has the power of the moon trapped inside it." He looked back at the treecko and Solaria. "So what are you guys going to do now, have you been traveling together, and if so for how long."

    • Timeless Wanderer
      Solaria sighed a loud `Hmph only a couple moments before she broke into a condescending yet playful laughter. Whatever you say sweetheart… But, if you are
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        Solaria sighed a loud `Hmph' only a couple moments before she broke into a condescending yet playful laughter. "Whatever you say sweetheart… But, if you are going to `tag' along then you should keep up!" she teased, knowing he was nearly as stubborn as she was in contests of strength. "And if you ever want a sparring match to uh, bolster that male ego of yours! I'll be waiting, if you're not chicken that is…" she teased, figuring it would get under his skin if she teased his masculine pride, whatever that was anyways; besides he did not seem like `that' bad of a fighter, or at least a training partner. If he had a sense of humour of course, she hated boring people who took everything so seriously.

        OOC: Mhmm, I think the other player has stopped posting. Or on an incredibly long hiatus, they can catch up if and/or whenever they decide to return. Otherwise, the `Skitty' knows there they are going. And excellent analagy, so many make awful ones where I live (:-P)

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        Roxas ran after Solaria, not showing any sign of weakness nor any sign of his stumble from when Solaria shoved him. As he caught up to Solaria and the young feline, he put a hand on Solaria's head. "Don't get cocky, don't forget, if I hadn't come along, you'd be dinner for the block-heads. Be thankful to your comrades." Roxas glanced at the Skitty. "I thank you too for healing our wounds."

        OOC: It's about time we got this thread moving. We just left it hanging. It's time to get this childhood thread rolling like the Gravelor.
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