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  • Jennifer Jones
    Falcon sat silently by the side of one of the dozens of hidden lakes scattered throughout the mountian valleys and forest. His bloody red eyes piercing across
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      Falcon sat silently by the side of one of the dozens of hidden lakes scattered throughout the mountian valleys and forest. His bloody red eyes piercing across the surface of the sparkleing blue water of the lake beneath the full moon in the sky. A familiar presence appearing several feet behind him, near one of three lake side caverns located within the stretch of secluded crystal clear lakes. ~Welcome home my dear Shyreen, do you feel satisfied with the weakness in your action taken tonight against your own child...?~ he sent with indifferance, curious how her mind worked and whether she was satisfied with a job only completed as far as her emotions would permit her to procede. A hint of disgust displayed openly in his aura while he sat with blood red eyes still gazing across the waters of the lake. ~My how Theolin neglected in her obligations as your mother...~ he sent quietly, his eyes drifting up to the full moon in thought to his future objective.

      ~Perhaps Typhoon would still be alive if only Theolin shared with you her values of being a mother, a mother to Typhoon and now Glaurung in whose blood flows the undenable proofs that he is your son... The son that you failed to murder tonight in your weakness of heart, yet have left your own child injured and alone... It is truely a shame you had not been raised more like your younger sister or brother... Even dear little Spirit, your baby brother, was less of a disappointment for my mate and future mother for my children than you... So Shyreen, do you feel delighted at the knowledge that because of your actions you have failed too save the lives of your mother and twin sister... Or caused the rape of your precious baby brother... And should you procede with your present course, perhaps your delightful youngest sister...?!~ he sent darkly in a casual effort too inspire anger or depression in her heart upon the partial realization that her actions had harmed nearly four members of her own family in her refusal to openly submit.
    • Mew
      Quivering in profuse tears while she stood on Galadrith, too frightened to move or speak, Tsunami only averted her eyes to the ground. She was unable to even
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        Quivering in profuse tears while she stood on Galadrith, too frightened to move or speak, Tsunami only averted her eyes to the ground. She was unable to even stare Shyreen in the eye any longer. If she just an ordinary little girl, a young lady as Shyreen as stressed so eloquently, then would mean she had fallen down the hierarchy of divinity which she had always strived to ascend. Tears continued to slide down her cheeks from a mixture of sorrow and real pain. Her aura however radiated sudden terror when Shyreen moved to scoop her up into her lap once more. Fearing another punishment or verbal assault, her fear was instantly replaced by bewilderment when Shyreen only kissed her forehead and brushed back her fur with tender love. The sound of her voice, of mommy, was a constant bitter reminder of her inferiority.

        Continuing to quiver slightly in Shyreen's arms from mild fear, she honestly did not know what was to be expected of her if she was merely an ordinary little girl now. Her sobbing gradually declining as she began to listen, afraid of the repercussions if she ignored Shyreen like she would have liked. The strange reference to beauty and the mirror of nature however struck a chord in the young child. Her eyes drifted down timidly to examine herself, tears sliding down her cheeks matting her white fur. In the depths of her mind, locked deep away by years of suffering, she recalled a similar lesson from somebody whom she had one loved and adored. A lesson that concerned the order of nature, the bearers of life and wisdom consumed by the lust to control the most beautiful creations that transcended nature through creation.

        "Y-YesÂ…" she replied quietly in fright, quivering from the fear of further aggression, while she winced a bit in pain from sitting too long on one of the sorest areas despite her fear of moving. If Shyreen was right and that she had lost, that she was inferior, then that only left compliance. Yet, at the same time she also was bewildered by the mirror of nature and her own reflection in her teary gaze. Females created life, and from life came wisdom, yet because of their subordination to the male she had always viewed them as the inferior, the weak link. And yet, within forty-eight hours of her `rebirth' she had already learned more about the realities of the world than in the past year. The idea that one day by virtue of her beauty, which she had always considered inferior, she might surpass the divine also filled her with a fragile hope.

        Humility through the feminine became a window to transcend and enter the divine. The beauty and life of wisdom radiated throughout nature like a song dependant on the ultimate vessel of beauty to unleash that radiance. A power achieved through humility and subordination, and yet, she feared the inevitable fate of the feminine to fall prey to the masculine influence. She dreaded the idea of encountering a force who wielded the power Shyreen now held over her without the `weak' compassion of motherhood. She felt torn between a position of humility and beauty or savage power, and the thought of that savage power being enforced over her frightened Tsunami beyond what Shyreen might ever understand. Everything in this vessel was so alien, so foreign, and strange. She did realised that she did not know the first thing about anything, that the inevitable would one day manifest and she would be defenceless, a frightened child.

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        Shyreen turned away from Galadrith and whipped her long snow white tail. "What was that? Young lady!" she said and made Tsunami teleport over into grasp. This time she sat on Galadrith's head, which was 8 foot in length and provided pleanty of space, and turned Tsunami over her lap again with a paw firmly on her back so she could not escape. "You will not mock our gender and you will listen to me" she said sternly and began to spank her again. She began to strike her little rear with firm and deliberate strokes to put the pain where it counted and at a rate of about twice every second.

        Tsunami winced and tried to squirm free when she felt the first of the firm strikes. Tears wheeled up in her eyes rapidly as she felt the second, then the third, then the fourth strikes. She winched and tried to bear what she thought of as her unjust punishment, but by the time of the 10th swat she involuntarily cried and squirmed to try and a escape. Each one delivering a fatal blow to her pride, to the one thing that she felt held her apart from a tyrannical mother figure. "Stop it! Stop it!" she cried by the eleventh, her bottom stinging with each swat, the tears beginning to flow down her cheeks uncontrollably. Until the point where she could not even concentrate on her futile efforts to escape.

        "You hold still!" said Shyreen as she continued to swat away at the impossible child and kept a firm grasp with her left arm while continuing to use her right to bring down discipline. Tsunami's crying became less controlled and more fitful after half a minute so Shyreen had to raise her voice to be heard "You will listen to Mommy, you will listen to Mommy!" she said as she continued to swat her hiney. All that she thought of was the pain, the shear humiliation of being spanked, each spanking feeling like a near eternity and the verbal reprimands stung at her shattered ego. After the minute was up she gave one more swat, slightly harder then the others, and set the Mew down on top of the Onix's cool head. "You are a little girl now, young lady. You are not in command, you are not a male and you are not superior in anyway to me. I am your Mother and you will listen to me and not back talk me! Galadrith is not your slave anymore, his oath was freed at Falcon's death and he stays here now as my friend and you will not be cruel to him or anyone ever again. Have I made myself clear?"

        Hardly able to bite her lip along enough to stop the tears, to reply with a quiet and frightened, "Yes mommy..." before she felt the tears continue to slide down her cheeks from the physical and emotional pain she had endured in such a short time. Galadrith smiled and took much satisfaction, not just personally from all the abuse he suffered from Falcon, but that he was allowed to witness the justice so deserved and wanted by so many, and to think that it all happened on top of his head, he bore proudly like a literal crown of achievement.

        Shyreen allowed Tsunami to sob and cry for awhile, and watched satisfied as the kitten did not dare backtalk or turn away again, but after she felt she had suffered alone in her spot enough she sat down herself and picked up her daughter again to set her in her lap and held her for a moment and kissed her on the forhead so she knew her punishment was done in love. "Now you know to listen to Mommy, but there is something you do not know Tsunami. Humility is very important, humility allows us to learn because by humility we recognize that we do not know, then we can learn what we do not know. You were humbled by the spanking, and now you have learned to listen" she said as she brushed the fur on her head.

        "And there are graces and benefits to being a young lady. Beauty is one blessing, grace and benefit. The beauty found in nature reflects and points to the beauty of the mother from whom life comes. That is why Motherhood is the most beautiful of all, for we bring forth new life, and only life can recognize and appreciate the beauty around it, without Motherhood this would not be possible. This is where the role of the Father comes in, since he protects and cares for the Mother, it is by his giving, cooperation and sacrificing himself that she can bring forth new life, which gives him purpose, and he seeks the council and wisdom that the forbearer of life holds so he can better decided what is needed, so he can better serve the superior who is subordinate to him, in her humility. You see how it all comes back to humility in a beautiful cycle of life?"
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