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  • Stephen
    The dark blue Mew narrowed its eyes as it tried again to use its powers to lift the 10 foot boulder off the ground, and his red eyes widened in surprise when
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      The dark blue Mew narrowed its eyes as it tried again to use its powers to lift the 10 foot boulder off the ground, and his red eyes widened in surprise when it suddenly was taken from his hold and lifted far into the air with startling speed. ~Having trouble with this?~ asked a voice deeper then a woman's wont, yet still feminine. Glaurung spun around to see a white Mew with brown eyes holding the great rock aloft with ease. She suddenly hurled it at him with such frightening speed that he barely had the time to think to teleport out of the way and appeared a few in front where the stone had violently landed, half buried in the earth. There was a small flash of light around him and before he even realized that his teleport had just been disabled, he found himself in a psychic grip both powerful and crushing.

      The dark blew Mew was forced to the ground, unable to breath as the white female hovered slowly down and let her hind paws touch the floor in soft contrast. Glaurung looked at her and could see that she was both beautiful and terrible to behold like a storm gathering its strength in the rising dawn. ~You, you killed my son~ she sent as a single brown tear ran down her cheek. Glaurung slowly turned his head to look at her, ~And what now? You'll kill me? And what of Falcon?~ asked Glaurung, half desperately.

      The white Mew's aura filled and echoed with both sadness and rage as her laughter rode on the psychic energy radiating from her, ~You think you will find escape through your words snake? You heard what the Master said. Both I and Celestia are of more value to him then you and I am perfectly aware of what the consequences are and ready to accept them~ she sent. Glaurung realized that he was too greatly outmatched and wondered if in her anger and sadness that she surpassed even Falcon. Feeling that he was approaching blacking out, he could only think of one chance and began to transform.

      The dark blue Mew in seconds changed into a massive black Aerodactyl and threw a huge steel wing at his assaulter to break her concentration. Though it was only momentarily and as soon as he had gotten to his feet and stood to his full 18 foot height he felt himself thrown to the ground again. ~Not this time~ thought Glaurung and with his new found strength he bore the attack and broke through it to fire a huge and powerful hyperbeam point blank at the Mew. He put all his energy into it and might have incinerated her, but after the beam flew through the forest leveling many trees, he looked down to see that she had simply teleported out of the way.

      ~Typhoon would never have been so foolish as to expend all his energy into one attack. I wonder what it was that Falcon saw in you?~ she said and sent a huge shadow ball into his chest causing him to go crashing backwards. "You would not be speaking to me this way, if you were not a Mew" said Glaurung painfully through clenched fangs. The white Mew just barely smiled and began to glow, and quickly she transformed into a 12 foot tall white Aerodactyl with brown eyes though female by her noticeably shorter horns and gently curved features. "Better?" asked Shyreen. Glaurung, still recharging his energy, could only growl in frustration and slash a clawed left hand at her.

      Shyreen smirked as she ducked the attack, then quicker then sight she reached her left hand out to catch his wrist as it passed and twisted it hard and inwards making the larger male cry out in pain and twist his body to the right. Shyreen followed through and twisted his arm some more until it was locked behind his back. Glaurung felt fear race up his spine as he knew what was coming next as he heard her growl. There was a loud snap as his arm was forced too far and he fell forward with a pained grunt on his stomach as his left wing was twisted in a grotesque shape.

      Glaurung cringed in pain and could hear the sound of electricity crackling as she charged up her final attack, realizing his mistake, he transformed back into a dark blue Mew though he lay still on his side. Clutching his broken left arm as he turned a red eye up to see her paw extended at him with a blue ball of psychic energy ready to launch right at him. He watched in silence as her body began to shudder and new tears gathered in her eyes. The ball of energy dissipated from her paw and tears fell from her cheeks as she began to weep openly, then she disappeared from sight.

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      Celestia relaxed as she felt his paws slip away from hers a moment or two before she felt his aura disappear from the area. Uncertain about how to feel toward Glaurung, he was so unlike his new father who took as he pleased or Typhoon who acted alone on pure instincts. Yawning a bit while she teleported to the ceiling of the caverns to stare up at the starry night sky. The young mew contemplated everything which had transpired in her life since her encounter with Falcon and her months spent here as his perverbial slave. Of course, she was grateful for a number of thing as well in her new life. Her sister and her were both treated like a princess provided they adhered to their master's quite simple albiet harsh requests. ~May the gods have mercy upon your soul for your actions Glaurung...~ she thought quietly to herself while in her heart she felt utter confusion toward her feelings for him; since she had truely loved Typhoon yet now Glaurung held his body and owned her like an object to do with as he pleased regaurdless her feelings.

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      Glaurung let his tail whip slowly around, freely as he found himself unable to decide one way or another just as she described. ~Indecisive?...perhaps I am. But I know what I want, and if my strength were a hundred fold what it is now, I could not force what I want from you. And if I were wiser then all your ancestors combined, I could still not demand from you what I want...~ he sent then struggled with his own thoughts for a moment, making the water beneath them ripple slightly from the psychic waves. ~Good Evening, Celestia~ he sent then disappeared in a teleport.

      The dark blue Mew appeared a few miles away next to the same cliff where Rex had been hung upon by his own horns, evident by the twin holes in the wall and all the dried blood that had stained both the cliff and the ground around it. He glanced at a huge boulder many times his size that was half buried in the ground, and concentrated his powers upon it. The rock began to shudder, but it did not move. Glaurung frowned and concentrated harder upon the great stone and sweat began to form on his brow, but the rock slowly started to become dislodged and it hovered an inch from its pit, then slowly inch by inch he elevated it a foot off the ground and then let it fall with a thud and sighed from how weary the effort left him.
    • ancalagon700
      In a darkened corner, a cluster of eyes, filled with purpose, spyed upon a young pink and white Mew as she slept soundly on the floor of her cave. A faint fire
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        In a darkened corner, a cluster of eyes, filled with purpose, spyed upon a young pink and white Mew as she slept soundly on the floor of her cave. A faint fire kindled in them as thick legs slowly appeared from the shadows, knobbed and covered with hair like bristles of steel, and they pulled the eyes forward. The head they were set in was both horned and fanged, attached to a large body, several times the Mew's size. And slowly, the creature in spider like form crawled from its hole in the cave ceiling and descended to the floor. It closed the distance from the feline, then disappeared from sight in the cave's shadow and a dark blue Mew emerged from the shadow with the same fire kindeled in his red eyes. He closed the gap between them, considered her for a passing moment, then lay quietly down near the other Mew, but did not touch her, except for his tail that ever so lightly brushed over hers.

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        Quivering slightly in fear of his response, the young pink and white mew felt her heart racing in anticipation of his answer. Her mind in conflict with the desires of her body regaurding her desired answer, although the sound of his voice caused her to stiffen mildly. A pure sense of surprise radiating in her aura at the sound of his response while she watched him teleport into the cavern den. Remaining by the lake shore for a few moments quietly while her eyes innocently gazed into the cave at him as he drifted to sleep. Blinking into the cave, along the wall opposing Glaurung, Celestia strived to discover a new comfortable position against the cold grey stones. However, the heat across her body, disorientating her senses in discomforts, while her thoughts continually drifted to that dark blue mew sleeping a couple feet away on the other side of the cavern a few feet from Glaurung.

        The heightened emotional state of the young mew over the past couple days only increasing the symptoms of her first heat. Silently met in discomfort after nearly a half hour of striving to end the torments, until she resolved to blink up to the cavern ceiling. The cold night air nipped at her short pink and white fur, despite the shear warmth she felt radiating throughout her entire body from her ears to tail; while she slowly began to drift off to sleep. ~What is happening...~ she thought quietly to herself, nearly in tears from having her deep emotional conflicts between mind and body regaurding Glaurung. Aware that the females in her family usally had their heat around an early spring time. Although, she had never thought that it would feel like this and a part of her wondered why the females had to ensure such a highly emotionally charged state while boys only stood to profit.
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