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  • Stephen
    Rex might have turned to anger if he had his true body, but the powerless brown Eevee despaired and only cast down her eyes, breathing heavily. It was not till
    Message 1 of 63 , Jun 13, 2009
      Rex might have turned to anger if he had his true body, but the powerless brown Eevee despaired and only cast down her eyes, breathing heavily. It was not till her vision blured and she saw the speckled dust on the ground did she realize she was crying. "It does not matter" she said after a few moments, "Sarayu aided me in my injuries, but that is only because she was being…who she is. Kind. She…does not love me…Just kill me, or do what ever it is that you wish, I do not care anymore…I will not be alive long enough to bear anyone's child" she said quietly.

      He did not know if the Dark Mew could see it, but the only thing Rex could see in his mind was the bars from the inside of his cage where he was kept as a child, love starved, wanted only for his hide and waiting for the next beating from his trainer. He tried vainly to remember some source of unconditional love in his life. He had no parents. Anthony was only a boy, he would be a young man now and would not remember him. Chardra, Corrine, Chvana, they had moved on a while ago. Ellwin was too young to make a conscious decision, and the ampharos Ellwin mistook him for a demi god so her love was unknowingly false. He did not feel like he was Rex, or Glaurung. Hazagbris, Smoke, or Michael. He was just a lonely clone, number three hundred and five. First of his line and last of his kind, and now come full cirlcle to his childhood, trapped and alone. The Eevee shut her eyes and held quite still with her head in between her paws and waited for whatever it was the Dark Mew desired.

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      Falcon chuckled quietly while he caressed his tail along her cheek and raised his eyes up to the towering trees. Aware of the events occuring a few miles away at another cave between the dragon and his son. ~Then perhaps I shall aquire that dragoness in your stead? Though, do not be so naive my dear, for you remain quite vulnerable too be the mother of my offspring for the seed of that umbreon has not quite rooted...~ the dark mew sent with a cruel smile. ~And your modesty neglects your pure value as an example, or your new role of pleasing a male master...~ he added in a second later before transmitting the image of the dragoness that he had purged from Glaurung's mind during their conversation. The idea of generating raw anger in Rex on her account pleased him greatly and he was curious the extent the eevee would sacrifice herself in her effort to protect those whom she loved. Compassion was a futile effect and delusion of the mind that had zero purpose to those blessed with a gift of reason to decern the true situation while not blinded by love.

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      ~Oh no, not again~ thought Rex with mild annoyance as she was pinned. She listened to him talk, but perked up with surprise when Falcon mentioned that she cared more about others then herself. Rex was very surprised and knew the Mew was telling her the truth by his disgust of her selflessness, but what surprised her was that `he' did not know that he was being selfless and assumed he was as selfish as he had always been while Falcon knew better. The dark Mews threats against her did not bother her at all, until he mentioned Sarayu, and it felt like an ice claw grabed his heart. "You do not know the comfort that your words indeed bring me. I was unaware of any selflessness in me, so I will take your word for what its worth. Also you are to late, I am already carrying the litter of another so I am of no worth to you, other then keeping Glaurung happy"
    • ancalagon700
      In a darkened corner, a cluster of eyes, filled with purpose, spyed upon a young pink and white Mew as she slept soundly on the floor of her cave. A faint fire
      Message 63 of 63 , Sep 13, 2009
        In a darkened corner, a cluster of eyes, filled with purpose, spyed upon a young pink and white Mew as she slept soundly on the floor of her cave. A faint fire kindled in them as thick legs slowly appeared from the shadows, knobbed and covered with hair like bristles of steel, and they pulled the eyes forward. The head they were set in was both horned and fanged, attached to a large body, several times the Mew's size. And slowly, the creature in spider like form crawled from its hole in the cave ceiling and descended to the floor. It closed the distance from the feline, then disappeared from sight in the cave's shadow and a dark blue Mew emerged from the shadow with the same fire kindeled in his red eyes. He closed the gap between them, considered her for a passing moment, then lay quietly down near the other Mew, but did not touch her, except for his tail that ever so lightly brushed over hers.

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        Quivering slightly in fear of his response, the young pink and white mew felt her heart racing in anticipation of his answer. Her mind in conflict with the desires of her body regaurding her desired answer, although the sound of his voice caused her to stiffen mildly. A pure sense of surprise radiating in her aura at the sound of his response while she watched him teleport into the cavern den. Remaining by the lake shore for a few moments quietly while her eyes innocently gazed into the cave at him as he drifted to sleep. Blinking into the cave, along the wall opposing Glaurung, Celestia strived to discover a new comfortable position against the cold grey stones. However, the heat across her body, disorientating her senses in discomforts, while her thoughts continually drifted to that dark blue mew sleeping a couple feet away on the other side of the cavern a few feet from Glaurung.

        The heightened emotional state of the young mew over the past couple days only increasing the symptoms of her first heat. Silently met in discomfort after nearly a half hour of striving to end the torments, until she resolved to blink up to the cavern ceiling. The cold night air nipped at her short pink and white fur, despite the shear warmth she felt radiating throughout her entire body from her ears to tail; while she slowly began to drift off to sleep. ~What is happening...~ she thought quietly to herself, nearly in tears from having her deep emotional conflicts between mind and body regaurding Glaurung. Aware that the females in her family usally had their heat around an early spring time. Although, she had never thought that it would feel like this and a part of her wondered why the females had to ensure such a highly emotionally charged state while boys only stood to profit.
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