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  • Will
    Oh, hi there, Cloud said, glad that he was no longer blushing. He didn t say anything for while, just looking around, briefly glancing at Diplo from time to
    Message 1 of 91 , May 1, 2009
      "Oh, hi there," Cloud said, glad that he was no longer blushing. He didn't say anything for while, just looking around, briefly glancing at Diplo from time to time.

      Vineon watched as Cloud sped away, closely followed by Diplo. Curiosity slowly got the better of him and it wasn't long before he abandoned Milo's cool sharp object and sauntered off through the bushes after Cloud and Diplo. He came into the small clearing shortly after Diplo did, just in time to over hear her question.
      "Not sure," He said, distantly, "This reaction is kinda new to me."
      "Oh. Hi Vin," Cloud said, thanking the gods that Vineon had shown up.

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      Rolling off him in surprise when he yelled then rolled to the side, she sat with her tail wrapped around herself lightly with confusion and a frown across her expression. She had known Cloud was a rather large challenge but the fact he was fleeing from children was quite the different story. Sniffing at the air for a moment she sighed as she darted through the brush at a slower pace on his trail. Pokeing her head out of the bushes nearby to him for a moment before coming out and wrapping her tail around herself in a ball. "What I do...?" she asked, uncertain why he had been blushing so deeply when he had run off in the first place a moment ago. She had an idea why he had been acting that way when she had looked like an adult but even her being a child was enough to scare him off and she wondered why this eevee was so uncomfortable around girls rather than being normal.

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      Cloud was simply a bundle of emotions. Confusion, frustration and some new ones thrown in there as well. Never before in his life had he been this close to a girl. And never before had he seen some strange pokemon that could turn into anything. Cloud couldn't help turning cherry red as he was rolled through the grass, eventually being pinned down by this small female.

      "Ungh. Get off!" He cried out, eyes closed, trying to hide his blushing face under his arms. He rolled over, knocking Diplo away. Stumbling up he shot into the bushes, using the speed from a quick attack to get away quicker, trying to hide his embarrassment. When he felt that he was a safe enough distance from her he relaxed a little, slumping down into the sand. Still flustered from his encounter he rolled over onto his back, trying to cool down. For some reason he felt really hot, as if he'd been lying in the sun for ages. He'd never known girls before and didn't know this was a natural feeling. Instead Cloud simply got angry at himself. This had to be some kind of weakness he figured. It was the best explanation since he had no idea what had happened back there.

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    • Marius Peregrine
      OOC: ** Marius runs in looking like he s being pursued by a Ghastly ** ... ** ...he halts. ** Dead Thread! Dead Thread!! Help me!!! he shouts. ** He takes
      Message 91 of 91 , Aug 11, 2009

        ** Marius runs in looking like he's being pursued by a Ghastly **


        ** ...he halts. **

        "Dead Thread! Dead Thread!! Help me!!!" he shouts.

        ** He takes off again **

        [Na, really...are we going to leave poor Milo face-down in the sand like that? Diplo, Cloud, Vineon--somebody say something!] *snif* >({|8`|

        > His voice trailed off; he wavered in his tracks, then tumbled gently
        > to the sand, exhausted.

        = = =
        Marius the Wanderer: Wants to be a Roleplayer, but needs a little help.
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