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  • Stephen
    A small Eevee wandered in the darkness of night with thick columns and wisps of fog curling on the ground about it. She was sure she had only been in this
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      A small Eevee wandered in the darkness of night with thick columns and wisps of fog curling on the ground about it. She was sure she had only been in this forsaken place for only a day, but now as the hours stretched she was no longer sure if it had indeed been just a day, or years. Looking down at the black ground, it seemed to bubble at first, then crawling out of the ground appeared a small black fly. It held still, buzzed its wings once, the took off and flew around her.

      The Eevee watched its flight, then looking down she could see that more of the ground was bubbling, to the point where it became a violent boil and out of the boil came many flies, too numerous to count. Fear gripped her and held her in place as the flies swarmed about her buzzing madly. Her fear became panic and as she tried to call out, but the fog seemed stifle the very sound of her voice before it could leave her mouth and just when she thought she would go mad in the midst of the swarm, they all gathered into one spot forming a tall, thin column. The flies seemed to melt together and were no longer flies but black scales, and the column suddenly became a giant serpent.

      The snake opened its eyes which were the color of blood, and deep as if they had seen many ages of the earth. The snake circled her and began to speak, though she did not recognize the language, but did pick out the serpent using her name Lore. Lore was very afraid and cowered back from the serpent, but some curiosity was in her as well. "I am Lore, though I don't know what your saying" she said as she turned slowly in a circle to follow the snake's movement around her. The serpent gave a knowing smile then it faded from view and in its place was an Eevee much the same young age and size as Lore except its fur was white and its eyes blue. "I was just saying, good evening, Lore" said the white Eevee, and to Lore's surprise it spoke in her voice.

      "Who are you?" asked Lore.

      The white Eevee smiled, "A very long time ago, before the oldest fire mountains had arisen from the sea, when the deserts were under the great water, when the hills were still young and all the waters of the world were gathered into one basin. Back when only one language was thought, and none were spoken, when there was only two types of beings. Of the first type of being there was only one, and of the second there were to many to count. I was there at this time." Lore looked at him suspiciously, she did not trust this creature at all and was not even sure if she was dreaming. "Where am I? Who are you? Are youÂ…going to hurt me?" she asked.

      The white Eevee laughed, "There three types of villains, first, the unimaginative fool. He tortures and murders those he hates. Second, the spiteful idiot. He will leave you alone and in good health, but do evil to those you love. ThirdÂ….third is the self aware. He recognizes that there are other above him, wise, fair and powerful. But He will not serve. He recognizes and understands all that they are and all that he is, and in his heart he places himself above them and seeks to make them and everyone else like unto his own image, yet supplemented under his authority and will" said the white Eevee then she seemed to have a far away look in her eyes and Lore, not wishing to hear anymore or stick around to see what she said, ran off into the fog blindly.

      The white Eevee faded into a cloud of flies then returned back into the ground, "For that is why I am here. That is why I exist. Run if you will. Even if you escape my mind and return to your own body, we will only be separated for a little while. I will see to it that we are together again in the end. Forever."
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