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Eternal Conflict: - Psychic Showdown

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  • Jennifer Jones
    ooc: Here lies the tale of two mews, one born in the darkness and the other born in the light, and the conflict that was prophesied the day of their birth. A
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      ooc: Here lies the tale of two mews, one born in the darkness and the other born in the light, and the conflict that was prophesied the day of their birth. A fate woven within hatrid and compassion. I had some extra time, so chose to breath a bit of life into the story of my two misguided idealists, since I had to do a couple of plot-related stuff fairly soon based on progress in the Riversong thread. Additionally, for ease of reasing anybody who does care to read the entire post, I have inserted subheadings at various plot breaks. That said, severe weather warning in the post applies to the CB Maps and cuts down to CC 752. In other words, the threads on CC 749-751 will have only a cloudy evening with mild showers and chilly winds!

      ---------- The Tale of Origins ----------

      It had been nearly an hour since Falcon had slipped away from Spirit after putting her to sleep with his hypnosis to prevent her from escaping his dark clutches. A blistering shower of rain had swept across the forested jungles surrounding the city of Riversong. The rains were an ominous sign, which warned against a final showdown that would decide the fate of two legends and the future for thousands of other innocent Pokémon. Yet, while the torrential rains showered across the jungle, forcing the local wildlife into their burrows or dens for warmth, a creature born in the darkness was out searching for the object of its seething hatred. Sounds of rain pelted against the leaves of the forest canopy, dripping down to the moist ground below, concealing the trees.

      Hidden within the darkness, a shadowy creature sat perched in the hollow of a long dead ancient oak while he probed the area for his prey. His blood red eyes peering out of the hollowed tree, intrigued by the falling rain that would mark the grave of a legend tonight. A loathing shadow of its former self, who had adopted the name Falcon after an ancient evil, had torn his soul in half, dividing him into his ying and yang for all eternity. Yet, he refused to share the world with his weaker and kind other half. Power was a tool to control those who were weaker than oneself, not to peruse tranquility or improve the world for a weak majority. Nothing would stop him from obtaining the things that he desired the most, and soon there would not be a single creature living who would dare to oppose his twisted ideals and have a prayer for survival.

      In the heart of the forest, a lightly colored angelic creature radiating with an aura of light sat on the shore of a lake. A bright white psychic shield spread over his head to stop the pouring rains while he silently prepared himself for the unavoidable. He dreaded the war with his misguided dark twin, his essence, a part of who he was, and yet an enemy. Yet, despite his desire for peace, he knew that the conflict would come to him one way or another, and his other half would cause untold suffering to the innocent in an effort to lure him into the open. His thoughts drifted back to the prophecy of his birth, long before the corruption of the humans destroyed his life and twisted his thoughts to an idealized view of the world. A world free from darkness, and yet unlike his darker side, he realised the futility of existence and an idealized worldview.

      Since they had been separated into two entities, the light side had adopted the name Falynx, a memory of their former innocence and history. However, life had become so meaningless, in the past couple of days since they had been separated, because of the constant threat of an unending darkness released from moral conscious. It had not been long ago that he had borne the weight of his alter ego, his inner darkness, although those days had past. The dark betaka had ensured that, and Falynx could feel its vial poison running through his blood. It fed him strength, and also clouding his pure mind with corruption; as it had done for his less resilient darker side, his brother in blood, body, and soul. The time was at hand, war was inevitable, and should he not defend himself countless others would suffer, in his place, at the hands of his darker side.

      Falcon sensed a familiar presence on the horizon, an aura that echoed with kindness, a despicable trait which he desired to cleanse from their great species once and for all. It would not be long before the final imperfection of their clan would be purged from the world. Only then would he be free to pursue his far grander objectives, an absolute cleansing of the light from a pitiful world that sheltered the weak and their kin. Soon a new dawn would rise over the world, an eternal darkness which would hunt down and destroy the creatures loyal to the light. His psychic powers locking onto the location of his foolish twin, as the shadowy mew vanished from his hole in the dead oak. Reappearing on the mouth of a cave overlooking the lake, his blood red eyes pieced the moonlight hour, while the rains washed down his fur without the slightest concern.

      Silently residing upon the peak of the ancient cavern, Falcon allowed the rains to freely rain down upon his darkened blackish blue fur. His red striped rings splattered across his fur were highlighted by the cool rain shower. A long blackened tongue slid over his lips sadistically while he sat with his long pitch black tail curled at his side. His eyes peered down at the lakeshore where he studied his other half, born of the light, sitting on the shore patiently. He could sense the turmoil in his other half; the absence of a will to live in the wake of an impending war, and that sense of denial soured his hopes for a worthy challenge from his eternal rival. ~Tonight we shall settle our conflict once and for all my brother… The darkness shall forever rule over the light, and your soul shall pass from this world…~ he sent tauntingly hoping to provoke his passive twin to strike first and make his victory all the more sweet.

      Falynx trailed his long light blue tail in the water unconcerned when he sensed his darker twin arrive from a teleport atop the ancient cavern where their tribe had once flourished. The hateful words failed to even stir the slightest emotion in the being forged of pure light. ~Time is a twisting tunnel filled with endless pathways leading into the future… This was our guiding principle long ago, and yet you believe that the darkness can ever exist without the light… How naïve my misguided brother…~ he responded over the telekinetic link and began to rise into the air with the unbridled power of his psychic abilities. A faint shimmering Protect forming around his light blue fur, shielding the rains from pouring across his already dampened fur. His will to fight diminished and yet he knew the consequences if he chose to flee, or worse if he perished.

      The light blue mew's long tail trailed across the lake's surface. Small ring forming wherever the tail passed in a mesmeric pattern. His eyes studied the pitch black mew with dark blood red runic markings for a long moment. A ringed chaotic pattern that mimicked his own and reaffirming their connection at those points where ying had been torn from the yang by the ancient evil. On the day they had been born, their fates had been foreseen by the elders of their tribe. One child would become two; and of those children the balance of light and darkness would be achieved; the air pulsated with an ominous wind generated by their auras that signalled a fulfillment of destiny. All things existed in life in response to a preordained pathway in time, nothing was decided by chance, but only by fate, and darkness and destined to live in harmony with the light.

      Scowling in respond to the light blue mew's comment, the dark mew hissed loudly while he brought his tail sharply to his side. A thin scrap of bone resting on the cavern roof flying off to the soaking wet ground below. His aura pulsated with unparalleled hatred as he too began to rise into the air, a shell of darkness clouding his form in visible malice. ~We shall soon see…~ he leered as he formed a Shadow Ball between his paws and launched it at his twin, his essence, and frustrating brother. Yet, the blue mew weaved to the side with grace causing the Shadow Ball to stream past and crash into the lake. The force of the assault colliding with the tranquil water sent a wave of water high into the air which broke apart into thousands of droplets while the lake far below crashed against the shores violently as the wind intensified.

      ---------- Battle of Darkness and Light ----------

      The droplets of water blending with the rain that fell in torrents across the future battlefield of the lakeside cavern. A battle between darkness and light, a war of ideals seeded in power, was about to begin. Yet, only one would survive to see the following sunrise, and live to imprint his dreams and visions of an idealized future on an unsuspecting world. It was the destiny of the two twins to be eternally in conflict for supremacy of an ancient knowledge passed down by the males in their clan. The wisdom to guard the passages of time, to study the pathways which led into the future, and ensure the order of fate was maintained. Although, as the two mews stared at each other, one with untamed malice and the other with sympathy, the skies above opened with torrential rains as if the gods themselves felt sorrow for the fate of these two creatures.

      Silently waiting for his brother's next assault, Falynx raised a paw sadly before his eyes while he watched the rain splash against his soaking wet fur. Questions of existence flooding his mind, a deep longing for a purpose in the world separate from conflict, and yet to achieve his dreams he would have to do exactly the thing that he despised the most: to kill. His life was an ironic gift, or curse, from the gods who had brought him into the world as a Pokémon of legends, with the power to both create and destroy. Yet, he refused to accept that the only way to bring harmony to the light and darkness was in death; he had suppressed his inner darkness for years leading up until recently, and he longed for a return to that unity. Studying his brother while Falcon began float around himself, he felt like he was being studied by a rival not his twin.

      Falynx had never thought of himself as worthy, even before the dark betaka had drawn out the darkness floating before him now, he had been lost. Being forced to witness the destruction of his entire clan by the hands of greedy humans, the light blue mew had never quite come to terms with that loss. Yet, as he thought back to that horrible day and the slaughter, a sudden flash of heat awakened his senses to the present. Teleporting thirty feet into the air, he narrowly avoided his brother's blistering Fire Blast that exploded towards him at close range. The heat singed his tail slightly, a mild source of constant reminder for the stakes of this war, and that not only his fate but the lives of hundreds of other Pokémon lay in his paws. It was in the moment of that realisation that he reached out to teleport again, his body shimmering before it disappeared.

      Disappearing from sight, Falynx reappeared directly behind Falcon while a bolt of lightning crackled overhead. Falynx's tail began to glow with a bright light while it came down into Falcon's spine with an Iron Tail; infused with his enduring pain from the light blue mew. The attack caught Falcon off guard, and as he spun around to react, he was a moment to slow as he felt the metallic attack strike his neck. His body was sent flying into the lake with an explosive collision of waves. ~Ready to begin then brother…?~ the dark mew sent thoughtfully as the waters of the lake parted in a wide circle produced by psychic powers as Falcon floated back up into the air, before allowing the wave of water to collapse. Yet, as Falcon reached his brother's height something caught his attention and sent a chill of hatred throughout his entire body.

      The shear absence of any emotion of Falynx's face caused Falcon to become increasingly angry as black sparks of electricity began crackling across his fur. The stormy rain clouds high above roared with torrential rains while Falcon's body became electrocuted with black ripples of energy that raced towards Falynx in the form of a dark-touched Thunder intended to end the conflict. Yet, before the dark electricity could make contact the light blue mew disappeared from sight once again, only to reappear several meters behind Falcon where Falynx sent a Shadow Ball streaming towards his dark twin. The two beginning to become increasingly aware of each other's presence, due to their innate connection that bound their fate's together. Both mews innately aware of the other, their minds faintly connected despite being split into two bodies.

      Falcon sensed his brother teleport behind him and responded by teleporting point blank to Falynx's side, his paw brushing over his brother's paw as it released the Shadow Ball. The dark attack streamed towards the empty location where Falcon once stood, as a faint alarm flashed over Falynx's face a second later. A curl of flames brimmed around the dark mew's mouth before sending a Flamethrower into Falynx at close range. The attack burned at the light blue mew and sent him plummeting several meters until he regained his psychic balance mid-air. A wince of pain suddenly shot through Falcon's spine where his brother had landed the Iron Tail, although the pain brought Falcon a sense of pleasure since he took the bruises as a badge of honour for cleansing Mew bloodline of the weakness: kindness and sympathy.

      A sense of pleasure crossed Falcon's face while he watched his attack connect with Falynx, and sent the other's pain rippling throughout the air. Although, as he watched his brother fall towards the lake seemingly lifelessly, Falcon blinked in surprise when Falynx suddenly teleported somewhere. The dark mew's senses rapidly probing the surrounding area to find his brother, although he realised a second too late where Falynx had gone. A hydro-pump careened into his head from a few inches above, sending him forcefully back into the lake with enough pressure to shatter bones as he collided with the lake. A second bolt of lightning, not too far away, crackled over head while the tension in the surrounding area began to increase. Local wildlife from the area, birds and land-dwellers alike fled from the area for fear of being caught in the conflict.

      Breathing heavily, Falynx glided higher into the air while he formed a Shadow Ball between his paws and sent it flying towards his brother. The darkened sphere slammed into Falcon in the moment that he hit the lake. A shower of wave from the force of Falcon's collision rose high into the air, blending with the rains to form a literal cone of water thinnest at the source of impact. An ominous chill began to fill the air while Falynx stretched out his senses searching for his dark twin in the mist without any success. The strange phenomena caused Falynx to rise a bit higher, aware that such an attack would likely not have finished Falcon off so easily. Deep below the water the dark mew began to glow brightly, the bruises and cuts inflicted on his body fading away into mild scratches, while a blood-thirsty rage consumed the dark mew.

      Several moments passed, the seconds felt like minutes, until a dark silhouette began rapidly appearing from beneath the lake's surface. Blasting out of the lake with renewed strength, Falcon flew at his brother with a Fire Punch enveloped in rain. His sudden emergence from the water and the resulting cloud of water droplets, worked to Falcon's advantage as he concealed his movements in the wall of rain and water. Steam from the water landing his fiery paw enveloped Falcon's body in a clouded mist while he flew towards the light blue mew, using the force of his mind to propel his rapid flight aimed directly at Falynx a few meters above. The dark mew's eyes burning with an intense hatred, a blood-lusted stare that pierced through the pouring rains, while he mind outlined his brother's life-force distinguishing it from the wall of torrential rains.

      Falynx realised his brother's intention barely in time and flew sharply to the side, although his short breaths had slowed his response. Alarm filled his eyes when he brother spun around mid-charge and whipped his glowing tail downward with an Iron Tail that sent Falynx flying into the shore and skidding across the water-logged grasses. His body ached as he staggered to his feet, barely in time to see a beam of solid ice crash into him, sealing him in a pillar of ice several meters high. A twisted smile flashed over Falcon's face as he watched the ice consume his brother in a pillar extending high above the battlefield, a trophy for his efforts. Although, as he approached to finish his frozen brother off with a close-ranged final assault, the dark mew paused as the column of ice began to glow with an iridescent light.

      Hidden within the block of ice, Falynx had managed to use his Protect in the nick of time, and was now recovering from his own wounds. The pillar of ice enveloped in a radiant light, the opalescent icy blue sheen mixed with the blinding rain, distorting the exact location of where the light blue mew had been frozen. However, Falcon was far from finished and retaliated with his fully-charged Hyper-Beam aimed at the location where the light was emanating from, and where his brother had been supposedly encased in ice. The ray of pure energy tore into the ice, sending a shower of hail across the field and lake. The clash of energy and ice sent a cloud of dust across the field, the blistering rains soaking the unearthed dirt to a soft muddy battlefield. The visibility was nearly zero though inside the cloud, Falcon could sense a rejuvenated aura pulsating rapidly.

      A smoky mist covered the ancient arena, before finally fading to reveal the image of the two Mew floating within five feet of each other channelling their auras into a sphere that surrounded their small bodies. Crackles of thunder echoed in the heavens as the skies continued to unleash a monsoon level rainstorm over the jungles. ~It does not need to be this way brother… We can revitalize our clan together…~ Falynx sent quietly, despite the lack of emotion in his eyes. He knew long before he formed his thoughts the futility of his efforts, and yet he had to try to end the conflict with a peaceful ending rather than one of them living with the memory of murdering a part of themselves, the essence of who they were today. Yet, Falynx questioned why fate had chosen him, and Falcon, to be forever in conflict while others lived in harmony.

      ~Naïve as always dear brother, I am the future of our clan, and your weakness shall be forever removed from our bloodline…!~ Falcon hissed loudly in response while he formed his thoughts and sent them over the telekinetic link. The increasingly powerful winds and rains tore across the field, blending with the extended auras of the two mews. Tendrils of wind and willpower were stretching out from the two mews while they studied each other for a long moment. His Aura Sphere filled the air with a chilling presence, the tendrils of his aura clawing at the passionate warmth of his brother's aura. The silence shattered by the clash of lightning overhead. And then, in an instant, the two mews both released their assaults in a brilliant display of raw potential.

      The two spheres of energy, one of darkness and one of light, clashed several meters over the shards of ice scattered across the grass. An apex of energy built rapidly where the two spheres had clashed, before it reached a critical mass an exploded outwards. The force of the explosion sent both of the mews flying backwards several meters. Debris of ice, rock, and dust sanded into their fur like gravel and causing numerous cuts across their pristine fur. Falcon skidded against the shoreline, while Falynx crashed into the wall of the ancient cavern dislodging several rocks from the force of his impact. The destructive force of the two spheres uprooting dozens of trees near the site of impact, leaving a decimated environment. The auras matched equally in strength, and left the grassy field scared with uprooted earth and fallen trees.

      Falcon and Falynx each lay still where they had landed, the force of their aura's colliding having done severe damage to both of their bodies. Yet, as the torrential rains blistered across the field, time itself felt as though it had come to a standstill from the tension built in the surrounding air. A faint trickle of blood ran down Falynx's side where one of the cavern wall's bladed rocks had stabbed into his small body like a dagger slashing through the water. A pained expression crossed the light blue's face as he had managed to summon enough strength to rise to his feet shakily. His senses dazed by the loss of blood and potentially fatal injury in his side, while he reached out his mind for an unseen object, sensing his brother living on the shoreline.

      Across the destruction ridden field, on the shore of a polluted lake of debris, Falcon had managed to rise to his feet as well. The two twins stood staring at each other in silence for a long moment, both breathing heavily. And then, both reached out their minds, as if in unison, for a fallen tree which sat in the center of the field, partially blocking them from each other's sight. The Mews using their powerful minds to press against the fallen evergreen in an effort to send it flying towards the other, although the evenly matched powers resulted in splinters of wood flying out in all directions as the hollow tree was crushed inwardly from both sides. A final crackle of lightning high above broke the utter silence, the monsoon winds and rain beginning to die down.

      The stabbing pain in his side caused Falynx to wince sharply as he glanced down at his side, the wound deeply infected with shards of rock and ice from the ensuing battle. An increasing sense of dread began rushing over the light blue mew's expression. He winced again in pain as his vision began to cloud over, the rain beginning to become indistinct from the rest of the air which had blurry motions. Although, his shear willpower permitted Falynx to remain conscious, his psychic powers numbed the pain slightly as he studied Falcon with a worn out expression. Weary mind reached out a second time for the unseen object, his mind willing it to rise up in Falcon's blind spot and slowly float behind the darkened mew while their auras continued to expand.

      The pitch black mew sensed the shift in his twin's aura, and felt a small smile spreading over his face, despite his hardened breaths. He could sense an end approaching, both were rapidly starting to reach their limits, and yet only one would survive to fulfill their destiny. Even the betakes were unable to foresee everything in the future, that dwindling glimmer of darkness that could envelope the entire world in suffering. His dark paws, covered in runic red markings, raised slightly in the air while Falcon concentrated his energy into one final attack, the finishing blow for his worthless other half since neither had the strength of body left to dodge another assault after the length of their ensuing conflict. However, as the rain began to let up slowly, Falynx by some miracle managed to gather enough strength to mould his will into a dimly lit sphere.

      Rays of moonlight bathed the field in light as the rains continued to slow, the two Mews surrounded in auras of pure darkness and light. Both rivals pouring everything they had into this final climatic war of power for dominance over the clan, as the sole surviving males. Minutes passed in what felt like merely seconds as Falcon and Falynx stood deadlocked, their bodies unwilling to respond, while their minds moulded the surrounding auras of the forest into a tangible sphere. The pain in Falynx's side growing increasingly severe as his vision continued to blur until he could see three wavy versions of Falcon surrounded by an ominous black cloud. His efforts divided between the unseen hesitated object willed by his mind and the expanding aura.

      Several more seconds passed as the auras reached a climax, the tendrils echoed outward with an apparent life of their own. Although, as both Mews began prepared to unleash their final Aura Spheres, Falynx's body finally gave out and he collapsed to the ground. His vision only able to see the faint traces of darkness rushing towards him before he blacked out, a constant flow of blood dripping from where the stone dagger and pieced deeply into his side, and had penetrated the flesh. A sliver of bone, that had been left behind years ago by some devoured prey, lodged in his side and slowly stabbing deeper into veins and arties with each movement. The blast of pure darkness rushed towards him, yet in his unconscious mind everything had slowed to a crawl.

      In his unconscious mind, Falynx questioned whether this was truly the end, and was surprised to hear a tender, yet familiar, feminine voice in the back of his mind responding. ~My dear child, do not lose hope, the pathways of time remain eternally bound to the wills of those who seek balance… And only through the acknowledgement of true unity, shall the ultimate power be born… The power to protect those you love and cherish…~ the voice echoed in the back of his mind. Falcon's Aura Sphere only a couple inches from colliding with Falynx's unconscious body. ~Never forget my son, you are the one to bring unity to the darkness and light, and through your power will a new dawn begin… Today is only one step in your eternal journey, do not lose hope, and retain what you…~ the voice cut short as the blast enveloped Falynx's body, eradicating flesh and bones in the span of a few seconds while it carried on undeterred.

      The Aura Sphere rippled over the terrain, crashing into the ancient cavern, and sending showers of boulders off the cavern wall. The northern section of the massive cave collapsed in on itself under the force of the collision from Falcon's attack. Debris from the falling rocks crushed the remains of Falynx, a being of life, and burying his ashes beneath a midnight black clear sky. By now the rains and winds had trailed off, leaving the sky crystal clear, and revealed a blood red moon looming over the horizon. The surrounding area desecrated by the ensuing war that had brought several innocent Pokémon into the conflict while they tried to escape. Beneath fallen trees, uprooted boulders, and debris of ice a half dozen smaller Pokémon clung to fading lives.

      ---------- The Dawn of a New Day ----------

      Falcon watched as his brother fell, moments before unleashing an Aura Sphere infused with the life force of the surrounding forest and his remaining strength. His breaths long and shallow although he felt a burning sense of pride while he witnessed the cavern wall collapsing to bury the few earthly remains of his other half. The sign of the aura of kindness having faded before his Aura Sphere struck the cavern wall, an enduring memory of his victory. ~Kindness is weakness, and the darkness shall prevail over the light as was foretold eons ago…~ he thought to himself quietly with a rising sense of pleasure. His long pitch black tail whipping at the ground in satisfaction while he closed his eyes to conserve his remaining strength. A dagger long bladed spike of ice lay directly behind him, catching his attention with a faint smile. Reaching out he grasped the shard, a reminder of his other half's weakness and hesitation.

      The blade of ice shattered into thousands of fragments, a faint barrier surrounding the black mew to avoid being struck with any debris. ~Dear brother, had you only not hesitated you may truly have been the victor, although your compassion proved futile…~ he thought quietly, releasing that Falynx had manoeuvred he shard of ice behind him to pierce his heart during the ensuing conflict. Yet, that final sign of weakness in failing to strike had been his downfall. He felt torn between disappointment and pleasure. Disappointed that such weakness had ever existed in his bloodline, and pleasure for having purged the world of it forever. Rays of moonlight bathing the ancient grounds consumed in destruction. Falcon's fur dripping wet, yet he did not care since he was too overcome with pride to be concerned with worldly matters for now.

      The sun would rise in a few more hours, shedding light on a world that would soon fall before the might of a pure Mew bloodline, purged of all weakness which restricted power from granting the wishes of those with dark hearts. Falcon could sense the presences of others gathering in the area, his thoughts drifting back to the last couple of weeks. He would turn the glade into a field of war in time, those loyal to the light goddess forever being sentenced to eternal slumber, yet for the time being he had other concerns on his mind. Far off in the distance, two other dark auras flickered, one vastly stronger than the other, yet both united in the pursuit of constructing a new dark dawn for an unsuspecting and ripe world. A dawn that would bring salvation to a world that suffered from perpetual weakness, from the futile sense of hope and kindness that did nothing.

      Wounds from the conflict stung at Falcon's body and pride while he raised his eyes upward to observe the blood red moon. An omen of the things to come, and now there was nobody who could stand up against the darkness. It told of the consuming legacy of the dark betaka, and those who had been drawn to the city of Riversong by their equally darkened souls. In time, all sources of light in the world would be purged, and those who chose to resist would suffer the same fate as his other half, his weakness and restraint. Power was a tool for granting the darkest wishes of one's heart, and those who used it for others would soon be cleansed from the world. An ancient treasure looming in his fate, the source of an untapped dark power that he would claim one day soon in the name of pure intentions. The purging of weakness would result in increased strength.

      A new age would soon begin, an age of darkness fuelled by an ancient plague that lay hidden deep below the sugar glade in twisting tunnels. Yet, there was still much work to be done, Falcon had been away from his camp for far too long already. Soon his once proud race would rise to take their proper seat of reverence in the world. Mew had sat in the shadows for too long, silently watching as the weak ruled themselves driving the world to ruin. Only the strong were fit to rule, only those who had seen the light and could bring salvation to those residing in the cave of shadows and illusion. Only those with strength and enlightenment, only the pureblood mew, were fit to rule. His dark mind curiously pawed over how to bring suffering to a traitor he had entered for far too long already, and the thoughts of his soon to be born dark-blooded kittens.

      Pausing to take one final look at the grave of the compassionate side of his essence, the dark mew spit at the sacred ground in disrespect. His mind already probing the surrounding area for the auras of those he viewed as comrades in bringing darkness to the world. In time he would unite the surviving mews under a single banner, driven towards a single goal. Although, until he hat purged all weakness from mew bloodline, they would never realise their destiny as lords of an increasingly chaotic world. The faint auras of his only surviving family, gathering around and within the city, the female heirs to an ancient clan entrusted to guard the passages of time. His blood-borne connection to the future granted him the vision of another struggle on the horizon.

      The light betaka was beginning to summon her allies to oppose the darkness. Yet, her efforts would be in vain, the dark mew had foreseen a dark future void of the light of hope and kindness on the distant passages of time. However, as the shadowy Mew teleported away from the sacred grounds, and tomb of his past and other half, an uncalculated tiny light pulsated beneath the rubble of the fallen cave. A light foretold years ago to bring harmony to the forces of light and darkness, a small glimmer of hope for a world on the edge of darkness. The sky pierced with the first signs of a sunrise, the streams of light blending with the blood red moon to produce a dark blue haze which bathed the heavens with an iridescent glow, a rainbow visible on the horizon.

      ---------- Rebirth: A Sign of Hope -----------

      A faint glimmer of hope shone from beneath the piles of debris. The aura of a spirit neither bound to the land of the living nor dead drifted out from beneath the fallen rocks. Its form was neither physical nor spiritual, but a translucent incorporeal globe of memories. Rays of light pulsated outward from the incorporeal being, visible only to those sensitive to the vibrations of psychic waves. Yet, as the spirit drifted away from the grave of its earthly remains, the spirit had a dizzyingly fluidity while it passed over the flattened and burned blades of grass. An aura of radiating warmth pulsating outward from the spirit filled with life. Its passage breathing new life into the tainted soil where blood had ran into the ground polluting any future for life to flourish.

      The enduring gift, or curse, of the dark betake, and the reminder of an eternal servitude, the spirit drifted aimlessly searching for an unknown object. Although, the further that the spirit drifted from its body, the weaker that its ties to the world of the living became for the lost soul. Seconds shifted into minutes, and minutes into hours, as the spirit wandered aimlessly detached from the constraints of time and driven only by an innate feeling deep within its core. Something nearby called out to the lost soul, beckoning it closer, as if forged specifically by destiny or the gods. A sense of familiarity in the air, an innocence calling out to the lost soul as it drifted eastward. The lost spirit sensed a commonality with the innocence calling out to it, something similar between the two of them which inspired an intrinsic sense of curiosity in the soul as it glided eastward.

      The sky had clouded over with an ominous darkened blue haze over the past couple of hours following the death of a creature born of light and kindness. A lone spirit trapped from leaving the plane of the living, and eternally tied to the earth for a vow made to the ancient evil. It moved through the air like a ripple, the lost spirit searched for something that remained hopeless. It desired a way to rejoin with the flesh. Yet, all of the destruction blistering this land left only unsuitable hosts for miles surrounding where the spirit had stained the ground with its legendary blood. However, the further the spirit drifted from that forlorn soil, the more intense an innate sense of divine or fated attraction began calling the lost spirit in a direction eastward.

      It sensed a new life on the horizon, a beacon calling out to it, and as it closed the distance the spirit began to feel at peace. Floating through the thick forest of trees, the spirit drifted ever closer to its goal. An unborn life brimming with potential and pure light that radiated outward from the mother. Arriving in a lakeside clearing, the spirit slowed at the edge of the tree line when it felt the auras of life in the opening assaulting an acutely aware ethereal sense. The source of its quest within sight, the spirit dredged onward despite an increasing weight trying to bind the spirit to the realm of the dead. The spirit's desire to fulfill an unknown destiny pressured it into pressing through the increasing sorrows clouding its form.

      Chilled air passing wherever the spirit moved, though the soul refused to give into the encroaching darkness, while it reached out for the unborn child. An innocent series of laughter echoing in the spirit's mind as it merged within the child. The child's heart began beating rapidly as the spirit infused within its soul. The distinctive spirits fused into a single entity. The memories from the lost spirits past life suppressed and hidden in the depths of the child's unconscious. An aura filled with an iridescent light echoed out from the unborn child, a source of rebirth for the lost spirit. A new life began to fill the vessel of the child, which slowly acquired a conscious awareness of itself, within the tight confines where it had spent the last few months.

      Cringing slightly from shear discomfort as the child's aura began separating from its mother, as the spirit and child slowly became one. A tiny white paw pressed up against the soft walls of the child's prison and it felt alarm when it felt the walls give way causing it to slip lower. A familiar aura that filled the air around itself echoed with pain. On the outside world, a white mew named Hope was beginning to give birth to a beautiful daughter. Yet, no one aside from the gods or fates themselves could have predicted the destiny that the young girl carried on her shoulders. A fate to bring balance to the forces of darkness and light, to reunite those who had fallen too far in the desire to save the world from what they perceived to be the ultimate source of evil.

      Hope winced in pain when she felt the first wave of contractions rush over her body forcing her to recline against the cavern wall. Extending her senses outward she tried to concentrate on her unborn child in an effort to avoid focusing on the increasing rapid surges of pain. Feeling another contraction she mewled quietly as she slid into a comfortable position and closed her eyes. Beginning to push she placed a paw over her stomach while she connected with that faint aura. Pushing again, she winced in pain as she felt her kitten move lower and felt another series of contractions. The painful contractions causing her tail to curl tightly at her side in an effort to relieve the pain while she tried to persevere a bit longer, she could feel her child nearing birth.

      Time began to feel like being frozen in time, as she felt the fourth wave of contractions and gave one final push. The tranquil forest sounds suddenly shattered, while the sound of a child's cries filled the air. Hope shifted position slightly in an effort to scoop her beautiful kitten up into her paws. The cold evening air nipped at the kitten's white fur while it began to fuss and mewl in discomfort. An iridescent pale blue moon rising over the horizon signalled the end of a long day, and a three hour birthing. The child's untapped mental gifts screamed out with her every whim; the desire for warmth, comfort, and food. Yet, relief flooded over the kitten's aura when it felt her mother pick her up, and cradle her softly in her arms, shielding her from the winds.

      Mewling quietly in content she quivered her lower lip faintly uncertain whether the comfort was short lived, but soon started to calm down. Her long snowy white tail swished softly from side to white while she cuddled her head up against her mother and yawned sleepily. Nosing around her mother's stomach momentarily, the child squeaked a small delighted mewl when she found a teat and latched on for a first meal. The chilling air caused her to shift positions a bit to block out the wind. Hope smiled softly while she cuddled her daughter lovingly, and leaned against the cavern to shield the winds for her kitten. Sending out a faint calming aura and brushed a paw over her daughter's soft. "Now what to name you…?" she said quietly, and paused, while she lightly brushed their long tails together, in peaceful contemplation. "How about I name you Kalina…? It means eternal wisdom…?" she added in quietly with a hint of pride in her aura.

      Aware she would need to clean her daughter's wet fur off although she decided to wait until after her daughter had gone off to bed. She hated the idea of causing her baby more discomfort than it was in already with the cold air and hunger. Yet, she also could not shake the feeling that her daughter was special; there was simply something in her aura that caused Hope to feel she had incredible potential. Nonetheless, she felt an unending love for her daughter regardless how things turned out in the future; and she wished Spirit was here to share the moment. The small kitten nursing quietly in its mother's arms unconcerned with the surrounding world except for the bitter chill of the morning winds. Its raw mental capacities radiated outward in acceptance of the name. The soul of the lost spirit now one with the unborn child and with the memories of a past life pressed deep within the subconscious. Yet, the two minds shared a single essence, and that essence expressed only the desires of the flesh: the desire for food, warmth, and comfort.

      Pokémon from the surrounding area watching silently from the edges of the clearing, as if called by an increasing warmth which radiated outward from the child who expressed its every feeling openly to those sensitive to receive. An innocent laughter echoed out from the Kalina's aura, a presence that radiated with pure kindness and warmth. A hope for the future, and yet an object of fate bound to the twisting passages of time that had given the child a second chance at life following the slaughter by its other living component. Although, as the sun continued to rise over the towering trees, the blood red moon fading out of sight served as a reminder of the deaths that had occurred through the evening. The monsoon had caused incredible destruction for miles all around, yet terrains could be salvaged, but lives had been forever lost to the passages of time.

      Drifting off to sleep, the baby kitten cuddled her head instinctively against Hope's soft fur for warmth. Her slumber filled with the subconscious burial of memories from the past, and a connection to the future. Soon the darkness of those loyal to the dark betaka would flood across the lands, although as long as those with the will to resist remained, the light would never be truly extinguished. A desire burned to salvage a positive future from the impending darkness on the baby kitten's heart while she slept. A mature mind caught in a continuous, and losing, conflict with the needs of her fragile body and untapped potential running through her bloodline; the bloodline of an ancient tribe passed down by her father in a past life, to his daughter Faith, and then to her daughter Hope who had given birth to Kalina, a pureblood mew.

      The child's memory of the heart filled with suppressed thoughts a renewed ancient family gathering in the surrounding areas of Riversong, bathed the kitten's dreams in warmth. An end to a long day, and as the radiant orange sun rose over the tree tops, banishing the blood red moon to the night. An aura of hope and kindness rose over the horizon and the restoration of balance. Yet, only through pain and suffering could peace ever be achieved for there would always be those who sought to benefit off the pain of other Pokémon. Fate was unchangeable, yet those who were subject to the passages of time, would forever spend their lives in strife, fighting for an idealised version of the future would could never be obtained. Only through harmony could true peace ever be acquired, and the cost of harmony was far greater than most would ever pay.
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      Hope turned her head toward the waterfall entrance when she heard the waters parting. A pleasant smile was on her face while she cradled her precious daughter
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        Hope turned her head toward the waterfall entrance when she heard the waters parting. A pleasant smile was on her face while she cradled her precious daughter in her paws. The small Ratatta that Spirit had brought for Kalina was only partially eaten off to the side, evidence that their daughter had tried a little before returning back to her mother to sleepily nurse. ~Yes that would be alright dear, although only if it does not take too long… I was about to put Kalina down for a nap…?~ she sent quietly. Always ready to welcome a potential new friend although she also did not want Kalina to end up staying up all night or getting cranky from lack of sleep. "How about it sweet heart, would you like to meet one of your father's new friends…?" she asked lovingly down to her daughter with a nuzzle. Kalina giggled and looked up at her mother only long enough to return the nuzzle and giggle again. "Okay mommy…" she chimed in happily, struggling to suppress a soft yawn that showed throughout her aura. It had been a long morning and afternoon between the lessons with Morgrin and everything else, so she was getting weally tired.

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        "Not at all" said Spirit cheerfully and he quickly hovered up to the top of the water fall and parted it like a curtain using psychic allowing him too see Hope holding Kalina. ~I have a new friend, her name is Miyu and If Kalina is up to it, I thought we could show her to her~ the light pink Mew sent to the white one. Spirit was very proud of his daughter, and if given the chance would show her off to anyone he came across.
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