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The Birth of Darkness - Spirited Discovery

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  • Jennifer Jones
    The fiery sun had set behind the mountains far to the north and west plunging the sky into darkness beneath a blood red moon. The air was filled with a
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      The fiery sun had set behind the mountains far to the north and west
      plunging the sky into darkness beneath a blood red moon. The air was
      filled with a chilling presence as Spirit arrived at the side of one
      lake which branched off into three rivers at the southern tip. A low
      profiled cave rising high above the trees with the appearance of the
      maw of a dragon, a Charizard, with bone piles scattered randomly. In
      the shadows of the cave roof, hidden by a protruding rock that quite
      remarkabley resembled a horn rested a shadowed creature. A blood red
      pair of eyes watching the pink mew as he materialized at the side of
      the lake while a low chill ran through the air due to the blizzard a
      short time ago which had torn across the area affecting the wildlife.

      ~You have traveled far to have entered my territory brother... Is it
      power you seek? No, revenge for your friend and the affection of the
      ones that you have chosen to love...~ a low voice spoke quietly into
      the pink mew's mind. An unmistakable darkness radiating outward from
      the cave with an aura of utter malice and hatrid. A darkened psychic
      probing Spirit's surface thoughts for what the other desired. ~Death
      and life come so suddenly in this world. We are brought here for one
      pourpose to obtain power and enlighten the world of our presence...~
      the voice sent while the forest grew deathly quiet as a darkened and
      ominous aura began to radiate from the cavern. ~You are the one that
      I sensed eariler today, I trust that my lure was sufficient...?~ the
      voice hissed quietly as it transfered the image(s) of Rex being torn
      apart in the wake of the Secret Power and resulting destruction.

      A faint light flashing from the roof of the cavern as that shadowed
      creature teleported from its location behind Spirit suddenly. Pitch
      black fur etched with runic blood red stripes reflecting off of the
      moonlight casting a shadow over the pink mew's. The creature's body
      distinctively that of a mew while the condition of his furs and his
      facial physical features caused him to appear nearly demonic. "Fear
      and bliss are merely two sides of the same emotion, do you trust in
      your ability to defeat a god where you friend failed, dear Spirit?"
      the voice spoke quietly with a darkened tone while the mew slid his
      tail over Spirit's shoulder curiously. The pink mew had not been as
      he expected upon first glance of his physical features although his
      desire endured with the promise of another solution.

      "She is truely lovely..." he purred quietly as he sent and image of
      the snowy white Hope which he had burrowed from Spirit a moment ago
      during his searches. The thought of such a lovely mew being with an
      insult to males caused the dark mew to leer. His experiments at his
      camp were progressing slowly and with a fresh candidate within that
      darkened grasp of his paws this effiminate male blocked his path. A
      concept that the dark lord found sour yet intreging as he began his
      contemplation of a solution to a minor planned delay. The scents of
      fresh blood beginning to fill the air surrounding the two while the
      waves of the lake against the shores broke the absolute silence. It
      was foolish to rely on others or become attached, the dark mew held
      his tail firmly in the air over Spirit's shoulder as curiousity was
      starting to stir in his heartless void. Curious whether he would be
      able to break the pink mew down mentally before destroying the body.
    • Jennifer Jones
      Lashing his long black tail at the exact same spot as the last time, he studied her with an expression of endearment. Aware she thought she was being clever
      Message 43 of 43 , Jan 17, 2009
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        Lashing his long black tail at the exact same spot as the last time,
        he studied her with an expression of endearment. Aware she thought
        she was being clever through her snide remarks, he viewed it
        differently and he intended to have her display respect. ~Why choose
        when I shall have the two together, you base your conclusions on
        feeble beliefs without being able to grasp such concepts through your
        feeble mind...!~ he replied in a tone that suggested he was far from
        impressed by her word's. Aware it had been her intention to twist his
        word to suit her own resistance but he found it comical how she felt
        liberated through words given the fact she was obediantly having his
        child despite her pathetic origins.

        ~Now then, an interesting twist indeed...~ he thought openly for only
        short moment before he returned his tail to his side. ~I have grown
        too tired of your games, dear Theolin shall be sentanced to spending
        all of her final moments in solitude. A suitable fate for her bareing
        my child as a disgraceful daughter, I do not have need of a girl...~
        he sent and slowly began to smile darkly while he studied her
        reaction to the quite suitable punishment for her beloved mother.
        ~You will learn to respect, or I shall take it as a void of your vow
        of obediance and do not forget that I hold the lives of those you
        love...~ he sent with a slight pause to let his words be processed in
        her mind and observe he reaction.

        ~You will be a cunning mother for my child and that is the only
        reason that I have permited you to live thus far, however do not dare
        believe intellect alone shall challenge my authrotiy. You lack the
        strength to suppress my own and suffer for your inability to protect
        those who are dearest to your heart..~ he sent curious whether his
        words had managed to reach her feeble grasp on reality. His eyes
        drifting over her body, permitting his lust to display in his aura,
        since she was nothing more than an object he could use to achieve his
        desires. An object which he was prepaired to sacrifice should the
        costs to maintain her existance prove greater than the benefits she
        offered through his child. He was curious how long it would take her
        to comprehend her value as in that realization he felt that her will
        to resist would be broken.

        ooc: The Straw Argument, an interesting choice for the situation, but
        as the saying goes, "words cause war". He does like hollow

        --- In Realm_light@yahoogroups.com, "Stephen" <ancalagon700@> wrote:

        ~So let me make sure I understand. Your pride is so large that if you
        had to chose between me saying `Oh mighty Falcon, or having a pure
        blood dark son in a few weeks rather then waiting decades with your
        silly `candidates', you would rather have hollow compliments?~ she
        sent as she put a paw over her mouth and gave him an amused look. She
        found it funny that she had to put forth no effort to show how dumb
        he was when he kept proving it with his own words. "Oh I wouldn't
        want you to be unhappy at all, Oh mighty Falcon" she said with a bow
        of her head with a small giggle. "What else would you have of me, oh
        wise Master?" she said as she looked up and batted her pink eyes.
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