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Re: A Long Way from Home (Sapphire, Shanti)

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  • Marius Peregrine
    ... . . . A dog-trot later, the pair reached the lake. [OOC: Hope that doesn t count as moving Sapphire.] Shanti stood on a narrow shore that began as
    Message 1 of 38 , Dec 30, 2008
      > ...[Sapphire] ran after the Absol, careful to hop within the elder
      > canine's tracks to avoid the quite soft dirt which were the result
      > of a mild rain the night before.

      . . .

      A dog-trot later, the pair reached the lake. [OOC: Hope that doesn't
      count as "moving" Sapphire.] Shanti stood on a narrow shore that
      began as short grass emerging from the forest and sloped down to
      moss-covered rocks before surrendering itself to the water. She found
      a safe place for Sapphire to wait while she hunted, then stepped in

      The Absol's home had not consisted solely of barren crags. There were
      also gentle, forested or wooded slopes; cliffs with as much vegetation
      on their flat areas as there was on the ground below; alpine meadows
      of grass and wildflowers; sunny clearings surrounded by rocks and
      trees. All of these were kept well-watered by any number of
      fast-rushing rivers and streams, carving channels in the rock on their
      way downslope to lakes such as this one. Shanti had done most of her
      swimming, and all of her fishing, in the pools that formed on the
      slower sections of those streams. She looked out now over a large
      expanse of deep, still water, something quite outside her experience,
      and wondered if she was about to literally get in over her head.

      She waded in up to her chest a bit at a time, pausing to let her body
      adjust to the chilly waters. The temperature, at least, was nothing
      new. She ducked her head under a couple of times to clear it from the
      last effects of yesterday's feast; then, mane dripping, she stood very
      still and contemplated.

      It was the way of her People to be in tune with the forces of nature,
      and, while she could not sense the earth's moods directly, she did
      commune with it as best she could. Now she paused to get the
      spiritual 'feel' of the lake, to ask its permission to go any further,
      and to petition it for the food she hoped to take from it. Having
      done so, she let the water rise up to her shoulders and fully
      committed herself to the gently-lapping waves.

      The Absol did not expect that any fishes living in such deep waters
      would spend much time making themselves available to predators near
      the surface, and they didn't. So Shanti dived...

      ...and awakened herself to a whole new experience. Here, submerged in
      the density of water, she *could* feel the planet's vibrations...its
      respirations...its heartbeat. At first she was overwhelmed by the
      sensation, which pressed in on her from every side of her body and
      invaded her very being. She flailed, kicked, came up for air gasping.
      Then, treading water for a bit, and still 'hearing' the lake with her
      torso and hindquarters, she came to understand what the experience
      was, what it meant. It was as a concerto to a man who had once been
      deaf. She had to have more...

      But there was the cub to be fed. Shanti dove again, this time knowing
      what to expect and ready to flow with it. Her broad feet, which gave
      her traction on the crags of her homelands, turned out to be good
      paddles; with them, and using her bladelike tail as a rudder, she
      found a way to swim submerged, paddling and steering and rolling with,
      if not the grace of a Buizel or the power of a Bibarel, at least the
      competence of an underwater Absol.

      [OOC: I had a Toy Poodle who would swim underwater in just this
      way...so it can happen. <g>]

      So it was that she finally spied an unsuspecting Feebas. The fish
      Pokémon, alert for threats from above and food from below, was simply
      not programmed to deal with a submarine mountain-dog. Shanti kicked
      hard and rose forcefully beneath the two-foot-long creature with her
      mouth open, bit down hard, and broke the surface with a 16-pound fish
      flailing in her jaws. She had quite the struggle getting it back to
      the lakeshore; but eventually she emerged, still clamped onto the
      fish's belly, and laid it flopping weakly on the grass near where she
      had hidden the Glaceon.

      "Come 'n' get it!" she said cheerfully, panting hard.

      = = =
      Marius the Wanderer (and SEAL Poodle Squad)
    • Jennifer Jones
      Sapphire blinked at Shanti in confusion when she bowed although nearly burst into a fit of giggles when she heard Shanti separate her speech error into two
      Message 38 of 38 , Jul 22 1:43 PM
        Sapphire blinked at Shanti in confusion when she bowed although nearly burst into a fit of giggles when she heard Shanti separate her speech error into two separate subjects. "Kay...!" she said excitedly as she ran to catch up with Shanti although her fatigued was quite evident in her slowed movements and the abscense of a bounce in her step. She was not familar to staying up so late, even since she had been on her own, and the late hour was beginning to take its toll. Nevertheless, it was poor manners to disagree with her elder's, even though Shanti had been quite clear that she was not an adult she was still older. A fact that the young eevee was certain to remember since she felt indebted to the elder absol for all of her kindness. Afterall, until she met Shanti it had been one bully after another picking on her in these woods, and in her quietest moments the solitude had nearly driven her into tears.
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