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Re: Sunrise at Lake Claru - Spirited Winds

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  • Jennifer Jones
    Discontently drooping her ears slightly while she listened to Spirit, she tried to hide her sadness although it did leak through in her own aura and voice
    Message 1 of 501 , Oct 1, 2008
      Discontently drooping her ears slightly while she listened to Spirit,
      she tried to hide her sadness although it did leak through in her own
      aura and voice mildly. ~Kind of... I'm sure you would be a lot better
      than I would though... I would not want to hold you back in a hunt if
      well I did anything wrong...?~ she confessed quietly aware she knew a
      few of the basics and even had captured her own prey, more by luck in
      her opinion than anything else, in the past. Although, with Spirit on
      the picture she did not want to embariss herself if she messed up now.

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      Spirit sighed, enjoying the moment. ~I'll be happy with whoever we
      are blessed with~ he sent. He felt his stomach growl again and it was
      getting harder to ignore. ~Um, you hungry?~ he asked a bit shyly. He
      did not know if she was contented yet with snuggiling, and while he
      enjoyed her close company immensly, it wasn't getting either of them
      breakfast. ~We could hunt together. I'm sure you could get good at
      it~ he sent reasuringly, honestly believeing that she was smart and
      inventive enough to be a good huntress despite her blindness. If
      anyone could figure it out, Spirit knew Hope could and figured she
      just needed some support.
    • Steve
      Glaurung chuckled after his nose was struck and hugged the Mews to his cheek before standing up strait and looking out across the lake. Lúthien, Harmony,
      Message 501 of 501 , Nov 25, 2011
        Glaurung chuckled after his nose was struck and hugged the Mews to his cheek before standing up strait and looking out across the lake. "Lúthien, Harmony, Michael, how about you come with your Uncle Glaurung and we go swimming for a bit? I can play the sea monster and try to get you, I think your parents would like to talk alone for awhile" he said, and they all cheered "yes!" in reply. Little Michael glowed and transformed from a grey Aerodactyl into a black Mew kitten with read eyes, but his tail still had its arrowhead tip and the giant black Aerodactyl flew far down the shore and landed in the shallow water and the kittens quickly followed after him.

        "It was very nice of Glaurung to give us some alone time" said Shyreen as she turned her brown eyes up into the jet Mew's red ones. She purred as he kissed her then teleported them both into his cavern where they each sat down against the wall and held each other's paws and let their tails intertwine. There was silence for a few minutes as they each reflected on all they had been through, especially in these past few days, and now had found some level of peace, comfort and love between each other. "Michael?" asked Shyreen as she rested her head on his shoulder. "Just…what is Glaurung? Why is it that it almost feels as if you are in two places at once when he is present?"

        Rex smiled softly and put his arm around her and purred as he nuzzled her gently, then sighed softly as he rested his head on her. "Morgrin told me, that when I was first cloned from him and Lúthien that the moment I was being brought into existence, that a terrible spirit tried to influence my creation and so Glaurung was created with me. He has half of my soul, which is why we look alike, have the same voice, the same eyes, and feel similar…but the other half of Glaurung's soul came from that evil Spirit" he said as his tail lazily brushed up and down hers.

        "He's not wicked anymore though, he is very good, I can feel it" said Shyreen. "You can," replied Rex "though being half a fallen spirit, after many years he decided that if he loved me, he wanted what was best for me, which wouldn't have been hell," he said with a chuckle, "and so he changed quite literally overnight into a selfless person, and has taken the role of my guardian and servant…he's quite powerful too. He could have stopped Raven and the others by simply willing it, but is bound by laws not to display his true nature…he just likes the black frightful dragon look, so most often appears as that, though he's a real softy" said Rex.

        "As are you?" she teased as she poked him in the side with a soft giggle. "Then what is Thorondor? I saw him once, but I have never seen a Pokémon like him before." Said Shyreen.

        "Ah…Thorondor…well I asked Glaurung what Thor was too, he's not a Pokémon. Thorondor told Glaurung that he was fully spirit, and was sent to help us. He lived most his life as a pidgey before evolving to that giant golden eagle form, and there is not a bone in his body that is not full of meekness and humility…" said Rex as he red eyes narrowed in thought. "…Glaurung marvels at Thorondor, he says that Thorondor is bound by the same laws that he is and so cannot flaunt his true nature or power…but if Thorondor wanted too…he could alter the heavens, worlds, and everything in them. But it is not his power that Glaurung admires, we both admire how he is at the same time meek, and like a royal king…I would never have guessed it if Glaurung did not tell me…"

        They held each other for a few more minutes in silence, till it was broken by a knock at the entrance of their cave where a tall purple Gengar was looking at them with his purple eyes "Hello, and sorry to disturb, but I wished to extend by congratulations" said Morgrin with a broad smile. "Morgrin!" said Shyreen and Rex in unison and teleported over to the ghost where Shyreen hugged him. Morgrin lauged, "A delight! Always a delight it is to be here, I just wanted to also tell, you, something" said Morgrin as he looked at the black Mew. "And what is that, my Father?" said Rex with a smile.

        Tears stung in Morgrin's purple eyes at Rex acknowledging his role for the first time, and the ghost shimmered in light then transformed into a black Aerodactyl with sapphire blue eyes. "I was tired of being an immortal ghost, seeing all the ages of this world, I wanted to be with my family, with you, and to eventually die with you so we could be in eternity together. So Thorondor, in his kindness, gave me the body of a Mew…" he said cheerfully, "I just prefer to be as I was in my first life, and Aerodactyl" he said before transforming into a purple Mew with royal purple eyes, "most of the time" he added with a wink.

        The black Mew laughed and hugged Morgrin before looking past him and seeing the 18 foot Glaurung standing with his children and a giant golden eagle as tall as he was. Shyreen held Rex's paw and her, Morgrin and Rex approached the others. "Michael!" said Thorondor as he turned his golden eyes upon Rex, "I wanted to let you know that I have revived your species this day. I freed the Aerodactyl stone army, and all their females were restored as well, even the statues that were destroyed. I will strip Raven of all his supernatural abilities, but Raven will keep his Mew powers, and his island, and so will retain rule of this island, but you and your family and your new army are welcome to live at my lands all your life in peace. Neither Raven nor any enemy will torment you again"

        Rex smiled and nodded, and looking about, saw a great number of Aerodactyl of various colors and sizes perched on the cliff above them looking down at him with kindness. "Thorondor…" said Rex as tears stung his red eyes, "I never deserved any of this. I…I tried to betray you to Raven…aren't you mad?" he said as a tear ran down his black fur. Shyreen came to his right side to comfort him, then Harmony, Lúthien and Michael gathered and hugged him about his waist. Morgrin hovered down to his left and the giant black Aerodactyl chuckled, and tears gathered in his red eyes as he picked up the family in his paws and hugged them close. The golden eagle smiled gently at them, then looked at Rex "No, I am not mad and I forgive you"

        Rex hugged his family back, and brushed away his tears. He was overwhelmed at the kindness being shown him, but was deeply grateful to have such a blessed ending, and a look of curiosity entered his red eyes before he looked up to the golden eagle again. "Thank you Thorondor…and all of you," he said as he looked at his family, "but why are you being so kind to us? To me?"

        Thorondor turned his head and looked at the other Aerodactyl, the sunset, and finally back to the small family. "Is a reason always needed Michael? It is because we are called to love each other. Always."

        The black Mew nodded as if he already knew the answer before it was spoken, "Well then…let us all go home"

        The End

        Thanks for everything Jenn!

        --- In Realm_light@yahoogroups.com, "Steve" <ancalagon700@...> wrote:

        The black Mew nodded slowly in reply. ~Sage is right…~ Michael thought to himself. He would have to show Harmony the discipline she needed, and whether she knew it or not, the discipline she wanted. He tuned his blood red eyes on the grey Mew for what he felt might be the last time, and it filled him with both sadness and wonder to know that someone like Sage managed to become a gentleman despite coming from the Seeker tribe. "Farewell…and thank you" he said before teleporting himself and the twin white kittens he held from sight.

        He reappeared at his lake shore cavern, along with Glaurung, and to his surprise he saw Shyreen, a pristine white Mew with chestnut brown eyes, standing in front of his home. "I buried Sirena with Spirit and Hope, in the mountains with our Mother Theolin…" she said. Michael reflected with pity for Shyreen that she was now the last of Theolin's children, and that both Shyreen's children, Typhoon and Tsunami, and her first mate Falcon, and second Spiritus, had been killed. She was completely alone.

        Yet she still stood strait and held her head high and her neck strait as if not even death or sadness could shake the grace and poise or undue the royalty she held effortlessly in her demeanor. Michael thought she was perilously fair, noble and sad. Beautiful, proud and far off as a snow covered mountain. Michael knew it was not of pride, but because of who she was, a benevolent Matriarch that someone like Queen Jewel could only hope to imitate, but never be, and he thought that Raven was but a fool for choosing Jewel over Shyreen.

        Even now after the death of nearly all her family, she was still seeking only the well being of others and not herself. "Rex…" Shyreen said, looking at the black Mew, "I…" she began then paused and turned as something drew her attention. The black slits in Glaurung's blood red eyes widened in surprise and Michael gasped as she turned to face them again, and out from behind the one foot white Mew, appeared a very small six inch grey Aerodactyl that clung with his tiny hands to her. Being a child, his head was large in proportion to his body, and he had red colored eyes with black slits so he appeared identical to how his Father must have appeared when he was an infant.

        The tiny shy Aero blinked small tears from his red eyes as he looked at the others, then turned and buried his face in the fur of Shyreen's white stomach. She bent down and picked him up so his head went over her shoulder, and she pet his back comforting him as her tail coiled around them both. "Sirena gave him to me after he was born with Lúthien and Harmony. She was afraid that Raven would force him to be a female, or kill him…I have nursed him, though he is finally weaned now" she said with a soft laugh, "I told him who his real Mother was and explained Sirena's passing…she named him Michael after you"

        Lúthien's pink eyes were wide and filled with a sudden joy that she now had a brother, and she wiggled from her Father's arms and went halfway to the Michael and Shyreen, but stopped short. The black Mew kissed Harmony, then set the white kitten down next to him, but held gently onto her paw, and extended his other paw towards his son, "Michael, come here my son" he said to the little grey Aero in the white Mew's arms, but he only looked away and hugged Shyreen tighter.

        The black Mew chuckled and then he began to glow, transform and grow until he was a massive 18 foot tall completely grey Aerodactyl, bent over slightly as he still held onto Harmony's paw. He held out his great paw till it was in front of the small Aero in the white Mew's arms, and he blinked and stared at him for a few moments before wiggling to be let down. Shyreen set him down and smiled as she watched him stand up strait and take a few steps towards his Father's waiting paw, he touched it with both paws and looked back and forth before stepping into the three fingered paw, where each finger was bigger then him.

        The giant Aerodactyl lifted his tiny son up to his face, where little Michael held his arms up and leaned forward to hug his Father's nose "Daddy" he said, in his small high voice. Rex laughed and blinked back some tears, though one managed to escape, and a deep pride filled him at having a son and he thanked Sirena silently before transforming back into a black Mew and hovering back down to the ground. Lúthien teleported and hugged Harmony, then teleported them both to little Michael where she hugged both her twin sister and her brother with squeal. The black Mew hugged the three of them, but was surprised when Michael suddenly teleported himself out of the group and ran as fast as his small legs could carry him back to Shyreen.

        The white Mew knelt and held her arms out towards little Michael as he ran towards her and she held him tight as he hugged her, putting her paw over his head as her tail rested on the ground in a coil around them. "I want to stay with you Aunt Shyreen!" he said. The white Mew gasped and chocked back some tears and Rex felt a great pity for them both as he realized that Shyreen loved his son as if he was her own, and that if he took him away she would have nothing. "Now Michael, you'll have to stay with your Father and sisters now…" she said as a tear fell from her brown eye. "I want you to…" she began to say but paused as she watched the taller black Mew smile gently at her, take a step towards her and held out his paw for her with his palm facing down.

        She blinked away her tears and stood up slowly and placed her paw on the back of his, and allowed him to draw her closer. "I do not want to separate him from you" said the black Mew as he then took both her paws in his, his breath shuddered as he inhaled, than exhaled slowly to regain himself, "Shyreen, I know you have been hurt before and with Spiritus gone, love was taken from you all to quickly, but I tell you now that I love you, and I can see your Grandmother Joy's kindness, your Mother Theolin's selflessness, and your Sister Sirena's high spirit all in you…Sirena proposed the idea of you joining our family as my mate…I was just to…to nervous to ask"

        Shyreen smiled, "two mates would have been too scary for someone as gentle as you, Sirena and I probably would have been the end of you" she said with a soft giggle. Rex kissed her and she returned his kiss before nuzzling her head under him. "And please, call me Michael" said Rex. The 18 foot black Aerodactyl laughed loudly then wrapped his hole filled wings around the family, "Well well! This is more than I had hoped for. And to think Michael…err…Rex" said Glaurung, for the first time in his life calling his counterpart Rex, "I may have to call you that in the future if only to distinguish your son," he said quickly before continuing.

        "And to think, Rex, that Shyreen would want as large a family as you do, fifteen children did you both hope for?" he asked as he gave his large head a tilt, looking with his red eyes at them both. The white Mew blushed under her brown eyes as did the black Mew, "I'm going to kill you Glaurung..." said Rex with a smile and a frown. The black Aero laughed and gave the black Mew a big lick with his forked tongue then took Shyreen's paw on his finger and kissed it gently. "Take care of Michael my dear, he tends to cry if he's lonely" said Glaurung teasingly as the black Mew hissed and smacked the dragon's nose with the end of his metal tail.
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