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99690Re: Shroud of Darkness - Graveyard (Tag: Arya)

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    Jul 2, 2008
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      A split second after Ariel completed her tease, the male whipped
      around, his arm swung out as if to hit something, and when that
      something wasn't there, his face took on a more confused countenance,
      eyes trying to see whatever produced the voice that annoyed him
      so. "Come out you coward! Come out before I make you!" he growled,
      his head scanning left to right slowly, hoping to catch a glimpse of
      the perpetrator.

      His mind quickly running over what had been happening to him, he
      swiveled around as quickly as he could, his body drifting a little
      due to the very light current that was passing through the area. His
      face quickly took upon the frustrated look that had recently been
      present as he couldn't comprehend what was happening to him, knowing
      that none of the females were so quick in order to evade his watchful

      --- In Realm_light@yahoogroups.com, "Jennifer Jones"
      <lil_lady_mew@...> wrote:
      > Ariel laughed when she heard the male respond to her little anticts
      > and grinned proudly that she was upsetting him this deeply. Swiming
      > in behind him again and from the side so he would not see her quite
      > yet though so the females could see her visible paw she giggled and
      > slapped at his fur as hard as she could. "I did silly!" she said in
      > her most teasing tone of voice while allowing herself to fade again
      > before he had a chance to turn and look in her direction. Silentely
      > giggleing to herself at how much fun this was going to all be while
      > she floated around to his rear side again for her final scare trick.
      > --- In Realm_light@yahoogroups.com, "CEPII" <burnthopes92@> wrote:
      > Arya shrugged her shoulders in response, "Heh, I truly don't have a
      > clue, I guess I'll just find a way!" she laughed as she continued to
      > observe Ariel's tactic of continuously confusing the male and his
      > flock of females.
      > Offering up a hearty laugh, the buizel had just finished telling his
      > temporary followers about how he had taken down another pokemon
      > times his size, yet never specified which one, nor any specific
      > details of its looks. He was agitated once again to hear someone
      > calling out his tale to be a tall one, "Who said that!" he said,
      > turning around swiftly, looking at the now confused and partially
      > scared young females. "I don't care which one of you said it, if no
      > one comes forward, I'll punish you all for secrecy!" with such a
      > claim, his punishment could easily pass with the other males, due
      > his ability to twist the situation as if the females were
      > coup against the elders.
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