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99643Re: Shroud of Darkness - Graveyard (Tag: Arya)

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  • Jennifer Jones
    Jun 2, 2008
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      Ariel did her best to remain quiet while she slipped around to the back
      of the male once he had turned away from the female again to resume his
      insane delussions of grandeur. Tapping his shoulder with a paw she only
      waited a half second before yelling "Lier lier fur on fire!" right into
      his ear and faded away a second time figureing that would get his blood
      boiling with rage. She planned to get him super upset while scaring the
      females all the while until she was ready to swoop in and get the first
      couple of points all for herself and rid herself of cleaning duty.

      --- In Realm_light@yahoogroups.com, "CEPII" <burnthopes92@...> wrote:

      Arya turned her head in surprise, not expecting to see her other
      sister so soon, since she knew how playful Siya could be. "Hehe, back
      so soon?" she teased as she swam over to her sister once again, "I'm
      glad that you can see me; you see, Ariel and I are having a
      competition to see who can scare the crap outta the most people in the
      most terrifying way...winner dumps all their chores on the other for a
      whole week..." she said with a quiet sigh, recalling how unfair the
      wager was.

      "So what'd you have to do this time in order to get rid of her this
      time?" Arya has had a run in with the younger buizel, but she tended
      to show not enjoying playing with her as much, proving to be the least
      favorite of the triplets.
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