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99635{Realm_light} Re: (bc747, f12) Awakening{Alca & Ankh}

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  • Ace
    May 27, 2008
      Ankh was restless. She wasn't used to sitting still for long. She kept
      feeling the need to do something! Anything! She looked about herself
      for something to do instead of laying here.

      > Anggun awoke a few hours later. She stood up, still very clumsy and
      > unsteady on her feet, although she had improved a little from birth.
      > She took a look around, ~ruu?~ then turned back to her mother and lay
      > down to nurse from her.
      > "Good morning, Anggun," said Alcatraz. Even if she couldn't
      > understand him yet, he still would talk to her, almost as though she
      > could.
      > Anggun turned her head around and looked at him with milk dripping
      > from her chin. ~Arru.~
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