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  • Samantha
    Mar 14, 2008
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      Estelle smiled at Crystal and was about to thank her when Miles lept
      at her palyfully and nipped at her ear. She giggled and fell onto
      her back batting at him knowing full well that if she had wanted to
      fight back properly she would have her brother had taught her to
      defend herself well.

      She bit his ear in return and yipped in pleasure as they played in
      the grass just beside the fighting two.

      --- In Realm_light@yahoogroups.com, "Jennifer Jones"
      <lil_lady_mew@...> wrote:
      > Casper simply sent a Magical Leaf in her direction aimed mid-way
      > her feet so that she would be unable too dive below his attack at
      > while he remained focused on her feet to discover his
      movement's. "Talk
      > is a cheap and worthless commodity young miss..." he added in
      quietly a
      > bit saddened for how neive the young girl was when it came to any
      > of loyality or friendship.
      > Miles barked happily at her answer and stared up at Crystal
      awaiting an
      > answer since he knew that she would be able to convince Casper
      > that she was alright with Estelle joining their pack. "Oh? Polite
      and a
      > lovely young lady... Of course you are welcome to come along with
      us if
      > you wanted to Estelle... We were heading down south anyways to a
      > known as Eternity where Casper claims to have some family..." she
      > figureing that Miles would never cease bothering her if she did
      not and
      > the younger pup did appear to be quite pleasant company. Delighted
      > hearing her response Miles playfully lept at Estelle to tackle
      her, and
      > tried to adoringly nip at her left ear in the process in a light
      > ooc: She is only taunting right? Estelle would only be a year or
      so old
      > by now and you said Tapanga was around her age? They were born
      about at
      > the same time as Faith's kittens.
      > --- In Realm_light@yahoogroups.com, "Ace" <rol_studios@> wrote:
      > Tapanga was stronger than she appeared to be. Her evolution had
      > brought on more strength and she worked herself each day to build
      > her powers. She relied on herself and herself alone. She spat
      > flamethrower though some of the leaves got through it was not a
      > of type weaker to her.
      > "Are you afraid? You keep a distance." Tapanga stood tall and
      > the rest over. "I could take your pack as my own if I wanted to."
      > She had an advantage over both alphas and there...pup? She
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