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  • Samantha
    Mar 1, 2008
      ooc: Thanks :)

      IC: Estelle sat in the warmth of her tails raising her body
      temperature a little to keep her self warm a faint swirl of dark
      fire enemating from her tails. It served as both a comfort and a
      threat to those who wished her harm.

      She could feel other gazes upon her now, trust her to pick this part
      of the forest, she thought restlessly as she sat she knew this could
      come to a stand off if she kept sitting there and those who were
      watching her carried on watching. She sniffed at the air again
      trying to scent them but still could not they must be down wind of
      her. Standing up she'd finally had enough of this silence she
      decided it was time to make it known that she knew she was being

      Gliding to her feet she looked into the woods and glared "I know
      theres someone there so you might as well come out or are you
      chicken?" she said feistily, she was a tough little thing having
      been abandoned by her mother she had had to be and with her brother
      being such a teaser she knew how to defend herself with both words
      and fighting technique.

      "Maybe i'm just crazy" she muttered to herself inder her breath
      waiting to hear a reply or for someone to come through the
      bushes, "Maybe its being alone thats making me think I feel things
      that aren't there" she mumbled to herself yet again "At the moment
      i'd really like some company" she admitted to herself louder hoping
      by the grace of the poke gods whoever was out there was friend and
      not foe.

      --- In Realm_light@yahoogroups.com, "Jennifer Jones"
      <lil_lady_mew@...> wrote:
      > A bit off in the distance a group of three dog pokemon had been
      > the freshly hunted Tropius although with filled stomaches the
      three of
      > them had opted for a bit of exploreing. Miles being the first one
      > the sense of a nearby pokemon and had alerted his two companions
      > had been slightly interested and now the three rested hidden
      behind an
      > oversized bush for cover. A pair of icy eye's stareing off with a
      > of pure distrust while the other two males simply stared at
      Estelle as
      > she wrapped her tail's around herself both with quite similar
      > The two younger pokemon hiding closely behind Casper who was
      blended in
      > with the foliage like any grass-type might; and he just smirked
      > back at single female in the group. "She is quite lovely huh
      > he teased with a quiet tone while all his attention was primarily
      > focused on Estelle and the other pokemon which the young psychic
      > had warned him of eariler. "Let's wait to see what a lovely little
      > like her is doing out here alone shall we?" he spoke while staring
      > slightly with a grin to observe the deep blush that had spread
      over the
      > face of his female companion and mate.
      > Simply staring at him in disbelief Crystal managed to hold back an
      > to snap back at Casper for his constant flirting with any other
      > which happened across his path. Aware that he was only teaseing
      her she
      > still could not help but feel a bit jealous and hurt that he felt
      > needs to tease her like this when he knew how much it bothered
      her. She
      > could not stay mad at him for long though and after a few seconds
      to be
      > calm she nodded and nuzzled his head tenderly from beneath the
      bush and
      > shifted her attention back towards Estelle. "Leave it to you too
      > choose the young and strange ones sweetie..." she commented back
      with a
      > quiet tone of voice and a faint blush when she realised that she
      was in
      > that 'group' of young and strange ones. Not that she intended too
      > her mate with anyone for even a split second of course.
      > Miles was simply wagging his tail admireing how correct Casper was
      > always in commenting on Estelle's looks. He was soo anxious to
      meet her
      > but did not wish to violet the request of Casper to remain quiet
      as the
      > three watched and waited to find out what might occure. The elder
      > evolution was nearly always correct when it came to issues such as
      > although he did not see what was wrong with this cute Vulpyena.
      She did
      > not smell, look, or feel strange to him anyways and he usally had
      > the talent for telling the type of pokemon that people were since
      > days he had been little. Maybe fate had dictated his evolution
      into the
      > espion he was now and his encounter with Casper and Crystal, and
      now an
      > unknown cute little hybrid his age he could not take his eye's off
      of a
      > second. "Uh-huh... She sure is pretty..." he paused and noticed
      the red
      > streak across Crystal's face and quickly added in, "But noone is
      > as pretty as you Crystal..." he spoke quietly and wagged his tail
      a bit
      > faster when he was rewarded with a tender smile from the female
      > ooc: Their bio's are posted on Raychu if either of you had any
      types of
      > questions. Casper is a Leafon, Crystal is a Glaceon and Miles a
      > --- In Realm_light@yahoogroups.com, "Samantha" <samantha_hawgood@>
      > wrote:
      > Estelle sniffed at the air again she was sure someone or something
      > was watching her. Her ears remained high and alert searching for
      > slightest noise. It was starting to get cold served her right not
      > making a den it was now winter and she was beginning to feel the
      > frost seeping into her paws. She blew on them still watchful
      > to see if her instincts were right and someone really was out
      > watching her. She wrapped her tails around her and settled in to
      > wait.
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