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91583Re: (Underwater) Curiosity Always Triumphs! (Tag Dranith)

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  • Jennifer Jones
    Jun 1, 2007
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      Opening her new eyes finally the Ghastly stared out at the sea through
      the eyes of Arya, lifting her new paws in front of her face she smiled
      as she slipped off of Dranith with the aid of the swift current. Maybe
      the big dumb dumb would not even notice she thought to herself while a
      large portion of her focus simply went to suppressing little Arya from
      regaining control of her body. Pausing for a short second to grow more
      familure with actually having to move limbs to swim the ghost began to
      slowly swim off towards the inner graveyard with her stolen body.

      The haunter faded away after the failed lick and watching the strong
      current waves carrying the Octilary off he grinned darkly while that
      female Bruizel faught against the waves and was swimming towards him
      and the inner graveyard. He douted the foolish octilary would notice
      the light Bruizel missing before it was vastly too late to save her.

      ooc: LOL It must SUCK to have your body be possessed. Poor Arya. ^^

      --- In Realm_light@yahoogroups.com, "Teenaged Roc" <callumdranith@...>

      OOC: Sorry bout that Jenifer, hopefully this will be a good excuse
      not to use the rest-sleep talk combo, since

      IC: Dranith felt the lick, yet, due to the fact his neck was already
      rather slimy and cold, and the fact that he had been hit by many an
      electric attack after his trainer didn't factor in thunderpunches (on
      pokemon such as Hitmonchan and Alakazam)/the occasional thunderbolt
      (on pokemon such as Starmie and Rhydon) making his nervous system
      less than peachy, Dranith virtually ignored it. Unfortunately, he did
      not notice the disappearance of the Ghastly.
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