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72286Re: {cb750, d11-e11} Arashi, Blaze, Ashet, & Gaisso {ATTN Sugar Glade}

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  • Stephen
    Oct 1, 2006
      --- In Realm_light@yahoogroups.com, "wynnyelle" <wynnyelle@...>
      > > Rex focused himself and restored the energy he just expended. He
      > > watched to see if the cloysters would still try to go after the
      > > others in the group. "Maybe I shouldn't try that again, those
      > > charmanders seemed worried" thought Rex.
      > >
      > Ashet was terrified of the giant aerodactyl. He remained hidden
      > he was with Blaze and Arashi and prayed that the creature would
      > attempt to find them.
      The giant aerodactyl watched as the pokemon fled to shore, some
      hiding in various places which Rex could only assume he was the
      reason for. Rex stood on his hind legs and spread his 35 foot wings.
      He could feel the morning sun warm them, the light shining through
      them making his veins stand out.

      Though the aerodactyl was warm blooded, his wings transferred the
      heat to the rest of his body quickly restoring his energy with the
      sun's warmth. Thanks to the new found warmth Rex quickly charged an
      agility and released it with a flap of his wings rocketing himself
      towards one of the ampharos rams still fighting the cloysters. In a
      blink the winged beast was upon him.

      Rex landed in between the cloysters and the ampharos (Rainslick)
      with his back towards the ram throwing another cloud of water into
      the air. The red morning sun reflected of the lake and shown on
      aerodactyl's wet skin.

      Rex turned his head to the left looking back at the ampharos locking
      his blood red eyes on him. "Tend to your friends, I will drive them
      back" said Rex in his very deep voice. He turned his back on the ram
      to face the cloysters.

      Rex realized the ram might attack him since he was a
      stranger/predator/threat and since he was a flying type, and soaking
      wet, it would be easy for the ram to shock him into submission even
      if it was worn out.

      Rex roared at the cloysters, which immediately sent a shower of
      spike canons at him. Rex released an agility springing into the air
      over the shower of spikes. Twisting his body in mid air he
      immediately released another agility propelling himself into the
      water in the middle of the group of cloysters.

      His long arm shot out grabbing one of the cloysters on its spike.
      Rex flung it like a basket ball sending it soaring far out into the
      lake. A cloyster smacked Rex in the back with an aurora beam.

      Rex could feel it quickly draining his strength, so he whirled
      around grabbing the cloyster on its spike, he continued spinning his
      body to the right and used the cloyster he just grabbed to smack
      another one out of the water that had just leapt for him.

      Their shell made a loud smack and it sent the one he hit flying like
      a big softball Rex hurled the one he held after it. A burst of
      spikes struck the giant aerodactyl in the side of its ribs. Rex
      roared in pain and anger and threw a fire blast at the attacking

      It quickly snapped its shell shut making the fire blast glance
      harmlessly off it, but when it closed Rex grabbed it with both hands
      and used all his force to smack it into another cloyster next to it.
      The blow knocked both cloysters senseless in their shells. Yet
      another cloyster came at Rex from the front with an ice beam, Rex
      quickly countered with a fire blast and the two attacks neutralized
      each other.

      He released another agility doing a flip over the cloyster behind
      him, landing behind it Rex hit it with a hyper beam only half the
      power of his previous, but it was point blank and it sent the
      cloyster flying forward into the opened shell one that had tried to
      ice beam him.

      The cloyster who he beamed smashed into its open shell counter part
      killing the one that was open by smashing its soft body. Rex spotted
      another spike cannon attack flying at his side. He released another
      agility and seemingly disappeared, the spike only hitting air. Rex
      reappeared standing behind the cloyster that shot at him.

      Rex grabbed it in his left hand and a another cloyster in his right
      hand. He smacked the two cloyster into each other before hurtling
      both far out into the lake. Rex growled at the last cloyster in
      front of him. Before it could react, the giant aerodactyl reached
      forward grabbing it.

      His long claws reached behind the cloyster slicing its joint. Rex
      than bite the cloyster in half having lost its ability to close its
      shell. Rex snorted surveying the damaged he caused and suffered. He
      glanced behind himself to see if that amp was still there.
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