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50391Re: Maelstrom, Vaer, Jothu etc.

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  • Typh
    Jan 1, 2006
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      > "Yeah."
      > Maelstrom felt guilty. Yanne had been a bitch, but she had been looking
      > out for the flock's best interests and now she was bereaved. So were
      > many of the flock, judging by their reactions. They all kept coming
      > over to look at the bodies, some of them wept, others just stared.
      > Ï'm gonna find a place to rest." Maelstrom was exhausted, and anything
      > he tried to say to these ewes would not help them get along any better.
      > If they wanted to know both sides {if they hadn't witnessed it already}
      > they could come to him and talk to him.

      Vaer went to do teh same thing, though without any word. He moved away
      from the battlegrounds and layed down, hoping his side would heal up.
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