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36782Re: [Realm_light] Re: Travelling -The Tunnel

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  • Xiangjun Mai
    Jun 1, 2005
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      Soma growled in pain as the Anrioth started attacking
      him and promptly countered them with his own iron

      --- "Jarik ..." <light_of_redemption@...> wrote:

      Sorry @-@ Got distracted over the weekend.
      Jarik saw the incoming waves, and saw Serak still
      bracing himself against the waves. She jumped in
      front of him and blew out a Dragonbreath attack,
      sweeping across the cave's floor and up some of the

      --- Kitty <blissy@...> wrote:
      > Enya whined and a group of the ants fell on her
      > scratching with their
      > many many legs. She struggled to fight back, all the
      > while her head
      > felt like it was spliting open.
      > The sudden bright light that blazed through the cave
      > from the hyper
      > beam confused the anorith, blinding them
      > momentarily. The explosion
      > that the beam created swallowed the blue anorith and
      > the supersonic
      > stopped.
      > Anorith clicked and squealed around her but,
      > unfortuantly Enya too had
      > been startled by the light and red spots danced in
      > front of her eyes
      > and she was unable to take advantage of her foes'
      > weakness.
      > Anorith from all over, when they came to their
      > senses, began charging
      > towards Soma. If the dragonair could release an
      > attack light that they
      > wouldn't need to disarm it first! the closest few
      > used iron tail,
      > lashing around to cripple the serpent.
      > --- In Realm_light@yahoogroups.com, Xiangjun Mai
      > <mai_xiangjun@y...>
      > wrote:
      > > Soma crouched onto the ground just as the
      > supersonic
      > > started echoing off the walls of the cave. He
      > tried to
      > > concentrate and managed to shoot a hyper beam,
      > aimed
      > > for the larger Anrioth. If they did not stop their
      > > supersonic, the group would be close to helpless.

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