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  • Blissy...duh!
    Dec 28, 2004
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      Hawk sniffed before circling around a corner. It was too risky! All of
      this! The whole ship smelt of humans. It was virtually impossible to
      tell if there was a human around every corner or not!
      Quite suddenly two scientists emerged from a door to the side of the
      corridor. Hawk leap backwards in mid air and hissed. The two looked up
      for a moment stunned.

      The beast watched the eel moving in the water, writhing with anger and
      pain, ready to tear anything limb from limb. But it had been ordered
      not to and so it stayedm curled up in the water. The beast lifted his
      claws to attack but noticed, out of the corner of its eye, the human
      scientist lift his own hand above the button again. The one that, whan
      pushed had made electricity pulse through the water.
      The freak stopped and moved back away from the dragonair. It hissed
      angrily at him and said something the beast didn't understand.
      "Ah good, you do learn quickly!" The human said. "Experiment 105,
      slash attack!"
      The beast flicked an ear at the human but didn't understand what was
      being asked of it. Electricity shot through the water, and through the
      bodies of both pokemon.
      It pain the beast reached out with his mind, as he had done with
      Mordru. It found the human minds closed and kept on going, its
      mindwaves screeching through the air and causing many scientists to
      through their hands over their ears.
      ~Help me!~

      --- In Realm_light@yahoogroups.com, Carrie Brown
      <lady_dreamflight@y...> wrote:
      > ~Gladly.~ Mordru sent in reply to Hawk. He moved along
      > with the group, keeping as quiet as possible.
      > > "Don't worry....I will..." Naomi said quietly. Sh
      > > growled jsuta few moments after that before looking
      > > around. She was on all fours to stop the noise her
      > > large body would create.
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