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34564Re: Fading Blue

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  • Blissy...duh!
    Sep 2 9:30 AM
      "Too many types to remember and all that, weaknesses, strengths,
      makes me glad i'm kinda suseptable to everything and kinda to
      nothing," She said, her eyes half hooded over. Hmm she was quite
      tired after all that walking now...

      > "Yeah..Necra is a mix between the two..fire and Dark type..." Vega
      > said lookign at her.
      > "Beign normal is good too...just don't in fights wit hfighting
      > types....I got to do the same...I pick o na fighting type...I get
      > beaten down...." Vega saighed. "Then we got the advantage over one
      > of the strongest types through....But Psychics liek a Lugia...got
      > that physical strength it wouldn't be smart to go after them..."
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