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23238Re:(Far East J6) Washing up [Attn Valarin+Tika's Players]

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  • Tika
    Jan 17, 2004
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      she felt cold years run down hr face as she rembered all the evil
      thins humans did to her and now they come back and r tring to get her
      and her friends and she put her head down and walked to the bushs and
      sat and cried and said this happens all the time to the pokemon i
      meet we get to be good friends then those stupid humans come in and
      make my friends to slaves and i barly escape and now they r after u
      and i...i...i have to go before anything bad happens to u to and she
      runs off through the bushs tears streaming down and she sits by a
      tree tired to go on and she lays at the roots of the tree and tears
      stream down her face as she watchs a stream wash a leaf down the
      stream and she cries til she cant cry no more and she falls asleep to
      upset to move anymore

      --- In Realm_light@yahoogroups.com, augusta halker <tika_123456@y...>
      > she stares in alarm and shivers and said i didnt know they had that
      weapon at all who knows what else they have lets go quick and she
      holds on to valarin scared to death now and she just wanted to leave
      that area away from humans
      > Edenesque@j... wrote:
      > "Valarin!" Malachite cried in alarm. His flames sparked up in a
      > of blue. He didn't bother to warn Valarin away from the following
      > flame thrower attack since he doubted his icy fire would harm him
      > all. It did, however, freeze part of the net.<<<
      > Valarin used his heavy body to smash through the net. Then he
      turned, all seven eyes narrowing. He unleashed his Icy Wind towards
      the light and shattered it, freezing it over. One hand reached inside
      and grabbed Tika out, the other hand reached for a nearby boulder,
      which he flung at the humans. There was a sharp cry and the sound of
      running feet after that.
      > "That...was not fun."
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