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21958Re: Weepsong's visceral pleasures.

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  • JLB
    Sep 8 7:46 AM
      "All I know is he is out here somewhere. I intend to find the one
      calling me." He took several steps back and watched her closely. He
      didn't like anyone too close to him that were of his kind...he had
      only apathy for his kind.

      "Why? Do you really love your son? Or is it just that natural reflex
      to look for him? You know you'll be raising your tail for a ram soon
      then you'll have another lamb on the way. And you'll forget all
      about the other one. Because you'll have a nice fresh little one on
      the way. And if your son is smart maybe he'll survive...maybe he'll
      grow and maybe he'll make something of himself. Maybe he will see
      the truth about flocks and sheep and mother's 'love'." Dori didn't
      give a shit for much after the truth of Haris was out and Leliah
      hated him.

      > "Really? Who called you, and what flock? Do you have any friends
      or family
      > around here?", Weepsong asked, her smile still as sweet as she
      took several
      > steps towards Dori. "You wouldn't happen to want to help a mother
      find her
      > lost son, wouldn't you?"
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