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21602Re: Weepsong's visceral pleasures.

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  • I..have a name?
    Sep 1, 2003
      Inferno dropped his singing after forgetting what he was singing
      about. He waved at Weepsong and started approching her. His mind was
      on two things. killing and fucking. He let out a puff of smoke as he
      came nearer.
      "Hello darling. What brings you here?" He said in a friendly-with-
      underlying-evil sort of way. Wasn't she one of the ewes from Run-
      Far's flock? Or was it Far-Run?

      --- In Realm_light@yahoogroups.com, Faithry <faithry@p...> wrote:
      > OOC: It'll be alright. Just don't try to rape Weepsong, and it'll be
      > alright... ehm, I guess. Inferno is rather freaky. 8>
      > IC:
      > Weepsong's head turned. She heard something like singing.. or
      > something like a dog in a blender filled with boiling water that
      was trying
      > to sing. At least the lyrics were simple. The crimson skin of the
      fiery ram
      > clearly identified him as that disturbingly unsafe-to-be-around
      > that had temporarily infested the flock Weepsong had been a guest
      in. He had
      > clearly destabilised further, was Weepsong's opinion.
      > The ewe considered Inferno for a little while. If she could control
      him, he
      > might be useful... perhaps. If she couldn't, the best way to deal
      with him
      > would be to kill or flee him.. and killing seemed best to her.
      > > IC: Inferno wandered aimlessly around. His light covered with mud
      > > allowing him to hide from his prey. He'd already killed two
      > > and bathed in the blood happily before raping the dead bodies. His
      > > crazy mind blocking out memories and thoughts as he humped what
      was a
      > > pokemon once but had been turned simply into a lump of meat. Was
      > > a light out there? He wondered if it was something else he could
      > > hunt, something to take his mind off... No! don't think of it.
      > > "lalala not thinking, not thinking!" He sang to himself hitting a
      > > flipper against his head hard enough to make him loose his
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