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  • chirindenryuu
    Jun 1, 2003
      "Well...after I became pregnant in the fall I headed back to my mama's flock.
      We lived there again, up there in the mountains in the mountain meadows beyond
      the trees. It gets cold there, we stayed in the valley for the winter. It was
      nice...we went wherever we had to go to get food and keep ourselves warm. We
      told stories and enjoyed ourselves and just kept a watchout like we always
      do...I remember me and Mama would go for walks, and Spicata here went with us
      after he was born."

      Tears were rolling down Cobblehop's plump cheeks.

      "JLB" <king_brahma@...> wrote:
      "What was life like before you became part of that flock?" Impana
      remembered the life before Far-run though she really didn't think
      she would get to have that again.

      > "I hope so too. I pray for her every day." Cobblehop sat down and
      looked at her lap.
      > "you mean Eyomah Sparkledew?" said Spicata.
      > Cobblehop petted her son. "Yeah."

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