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12834Re: Crossing the stream.

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  • JLB
    May 1 9:13 PM
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      "Well this Noc sounds really cool and all." Frita said as he nuzzled
      her. She was the one always hanging around with Sprout.

      > Chirin nuzzled the flaaffy nearest him, thanking the spirits in
      > mind for letting him away with two ewes from a gundah! He had
      > expected a more aggressive stance from the other ram...he was
      > Maybe when this was allover he would actually get to meet him, but
      > for now he contented himself with the company of the flaaffies. He
      > smiled at them and wondered what they were thinking.
      > "Maybe tomorrow we can go to the shore. Once we see Noc..I don't
      > know."
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