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12829Re: Crossing the stream.

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  • chirindenryuu
    May 1, 2003
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      --- In Realm_light@yahoogroups.com, "JLB" <king_brahma@y...> wrote:
      > Al moved on to Tonya. Decoda watched his friend while he had the
      > miltank. It was what he had needed and Al hadn't seen him. He
      > settled back relaxed with Harmony as Lenny just stood aside
      > and knowing if he tried for her Decoda would chase him off. lenny
      > was just too small out here to really challenge any of them. He
      > with memories.
      > He even began to try and sort out the things Neboma told him which
      > he was dying to tell since he never got to tell her tale. He had
      > get out on his own soon to try his fortune elsewhere. Maybe once
      > was sure his grandfather was fine he might set out.

      Chirin nuzzled the flaaffy nearest him, thanking the spirits in his
      mind for letting him away with two ewes from a gundah! He had
      expected a more aggressive stance from the other ram...he was kind.
      Maybe when this was allover he would actually get to meet him, but
      for now he contented himself with the company of the flaaffies. He
      smiled at them and wondered what they were thinking.

      "Maybe tomorrow we can go to the shore. Once we see Noc..I don't
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