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10401Re: In the caves (realm map b9)

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  • raichugirl
    Apr 1, 2003
      --- In Realm_light@yahoogroups.com, "JLB" <king_brahma@y...> wrote
      > "Well some humans like to hunt still. A big hide like mine or
      > especially Claudora's would bring a lot of respect among other
      > humans. That or they would use us for those fights they forced
      > pokemon to compete in." Dunder was glad there wasn;t too many human
      > settlemnets around this area.

      ooc: I'm back *finally*! I hope your goats do okay ^^

      "Mm-hm," Cyan said. "Hm, I wonder how late its gotten?" Riley
      stretched. "Well, let's just get the grub. I bet Caludora's throwin'
      a fit."
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